Saturday, April 29, 2006

Woo Hoo Drew!

Drew was an animal today on the soccer field! She scored 4 goals, and 2 of them were straight shots just about from the middle of the field! She did amazing! And, won another 4 "golden" dollars from Papa!
Good Job Drew Marie!
Clapping Hands

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've been selling some items on ebay, mostly the kids old clothing, and recently came across a buyer that is just insane! She left me negative feedback when I did nothing wrong. She harrassed me via ebay messages, and personal email for what seemed like over a week! And, she had the nerve to blame me for harrassing her! I was in shock. Her problem was with the shipping time. listings state that I only get to the post office a few times a week, I am a busy mom! And, she did not alert me to any urgency in needing the item. However, she left me negative feedback, and lied, stating the outfit was faded. Well, it's not! The type of fabric was simply lighter than she must have expected. I did not misrepresent the item at all! There were many bidders, and she jumped in at the last moment, and won...she saw the photo, photo was perfectly accurate. Anyhow...I feel the need to alert all you ebay sellers, Mom's selling your childrens clothing on Ebay...BEWARE THE BIDDER BY THE NAME "RAIDERFANBYMARRIAGE" ...she will burn you! Below is just one of the many threatening and nasty messages I recieved from her in the past 2 weeks:

"Ok this transaction is OVER I have left the feedback I felt necessary. But to humor myself I am going to respond for the LAST time.....
You are obviously DENSE because you can't seem to comprehend what I have sent to you in previous emails.
For 1.... I stated that I see under a different name because unlike you I prefer to keep business and personal transactions separate. 2 The $51 dollars included the $11 that was sent to you for the horribly faded outfit. The separate outfit that I purchased cost $40 (add it up dear soul....) my kids attend private school where they wear a uniform. For the month of April they are allowed to dress outside of what is usually permitted as a fundraiser. How dare you tell me what to donate, again you must be really dense or just PLAIN STUPID because how could I donate the $51 to the school when $11 of it was paid to you? For the record as a parent I donated $500 tot he fundraiser wearing green earns money from outside vendors and businesses. Why am I explaining myself....enough said! Now I suggest that you MOVE ON, suck up the negative feedback. It was HILARIOUS that you attempted to change your ebay name. Nice try I have alerted all of the clothing groups to the switcharoo, remember you are being watched!!!!


Oh and next time use spell AND grammar check "unsatisfied" isn't a word, dummy!

So long sucker!"

And, she still thinks she has the last word!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This morning I made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. Beau is a very difficult one to get to eat breakfast lately, and so I thought, hmmm....maybe I can try to make a choo choo pankcake! And, yes, I did, and it actually turned out looking like a choo choo, atleast, Beau quickly identified it! He loved it! But, my entire effort was to get him to eat, and my mistake, he would not eat the 'CHOO CHOO'!!! I even put strawberry cool whip on the pancake to simulate steam! (Maybe it was the Barbie plate! lol)

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Little Kicker

Spring Soccer started a couple of weeks ago, and so far, for the record, Drew Marie has scored a total of 7 goals in 3 games! Not too bad! That girl can rund accross the field faster than alot of the other girls. And, boy, can she kick that ball! She is amazing! I am so glad I placed her in soccer at this age! She is a natural!
Soccer Girl

Boy Crazy!

As I've said before, I simply adore this boy of mine. But, the bigger he gets, the more I struggle to understand the ways of boys. He has so much more energy than the girls, and is so much more onery. The other day I just had to comment to my husband as he arrived home from a 12 hour shift at work, "This boy is so boy today, I'm glad I don't have any more!" My husband ofcourse laughed out loud, and said, "GOOD! That's what I like to hear!" What he likes to hear that is, is that his son is driving me crazy! He wants him to drive me crazy! He lives for it!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Money 3 My husband recently joined his friend in this "new" website, he is what is called an IMA. I guess the idea is that this website, which finally goes full board in August, will pay IMA's for customers using this website, 'MADE BIG' to do thier e-shopping through. Instead of just going to ebay, or any other store websites, if you go to 'MADE BIG', my husband will get a percentage of your purchase. It's quite complicated to me still, but you can click on my side bar, on the MADE BIG link to see what I'm talking about! You can even sign up yourself!
OH, and once you join, you can play the daily lotto to win $1M, and earn coins that turn into cash as you do so! The least you can do is check it out and see what it's worth to you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Little Climber!

The other morning as I was making the babies breakfast, I went to get Leah and put her in the high chair, but found her sitting high upon Pooh Bear, which was placed on a chair. How those chubby little legs got themselves up so high I do not know!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Chubby Chocolate Girl

Sweet Leah Dee after eating her first chocolate bunny!

My Easter Beauties....and Handsome!

Leah and Beau, each having a 'Coca Cola' at Grandma's House!

Ahh! What beauty before me this Easter Day!

A boy and his Choo Choo Train Basket!



WoW! What a day! Jack woke me up as he was leaving for work so I could wake up enough to get around, and be ready to hide all those easter eggs before the troops awoke and came running out to see if the easter bunny did in fact leave them a surprise! And, I did very well hiding them I must say. The girls only found 11 of 18 and came in, I sent them back out in PJ's, and after another 2o minutes they came in still in search of the last one. I had put one in the tree, and told them to look higher! They figured it out. Drew was so enthusiastic, so 'ready to go'! It was so much fun.
Beau was the first to wake up, and I had hid his 'THOMAS' eggs all over the living room, all 6 of them, and he found 1 first thing as he entered the living room and started playing with his train table. Then it was on! I had to help him out, but he soon figured out the whole idea, and just wanted to do it 'more, more, more'! He loved his choo-choo train easter basket, and Leah loved her stuffed chicky. I did well, again!
We got around, went to church, and then had lunch at my Mom and Dad's. Yummy tacos! The kids ran around like crazy, especially Beau Michael, and played catch with Papa, oh, and Me too! As soon as that boy walked into Grandma and Grandpa's house he spotted his easter basket from them, which was a police car and when you push the button on top of the sirens, it says, "back away from the basket". He loves it! They all got another round of chocolate easter bunnies, which Drew ate half of as soon as she could, then had a nervous breakdown as it was time to go. "Mom, don't you see how much I love Grandma!? I can't leave without her!!!" Sob after dramatic sob. Time for a nap! Just a little too much excitement for one day!
Easter Tug

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Week (in short!)

Church with babies, 1st time back, Beau had breakdown, "Beau sad!", Leah did fine! Great service....lunch with MIL, and some easter shopping!
Babies up at 7am, girls off to school by 8:30am, babies breakfast, naps, my shower, Drew home at noon from Kindergarten, off to town to exchange her too small soccer cleats for larger ones, stop at grocery store for milk (1%, 2%, whole, and lactose-free!!!!)
Mom's Bday, picked up some flowers, cupcakes to take to her at work. Home, babies down for naps, NOT!, off to take Bday present to Mom at work, quick stop, Grace to volleyball practice by 5pm, home again, cook dinner, Grace home at 6pm, wind down time, baths, bed for babies, Drew, Grace....once everyone is in bed, Jack working, so I do laundry!
Lazy morning, Doctor apptmt 1:30p, work 2:30-11pm
Apptmt with personal trainer at Go Figure, 10am, I'm late, she's late, I'm late for Drew getting off bus! Pick Drew up at school after route is done, and bus driver drops her off, home for lunch, babies naps, off for "me" time, got gas for lawn mower, vaccumed out van (which was hideous!), cook dinner, eat dinner 6pm, (what took me 1hour to cook, is consumed by all within 15 minutes) Leah covered in mashed potatoes, Beau decided to catapult mashed potatoes from high chair onto oven door, ugh! BATH NIGHT! Clean up kitchen, kids to bed!
Girls catch bus at 8:30am, Storytime at library 10:30am (after marathon breakfast, shower, clean up!) MUST be home for Drew by 11:40am. Lunch time, time??? Need to weed, finish laundry. No other plans!
Kids will go to school like every day, I work at 2pm. Stay home all morning, I'm sure.
Drew Soccer at 11-noon, Kids easter egg hunt at church, not sure if we can make it. Jack works, I'm on my own again!

Mom...Choo Choo? Choo Choo, Mom?

Beau Michael is more of a train fanatic than ever! Every time I say we are going to go to town he says, "Mom, Choo Choo? Choo Choo, Mom? Choo Choo Ding Ding? Choo Choo tracks?" Ding Ding meaning the rail road bars as they go down when the train is coming. I think he knows the exact route which has the choo tracks, and those that don't. He will even get upset if I go the way that does not have the choo choo tracks! As we are leaving down town, we have to pass the train station, and every time he starts yelling, always so excited, "MOM CHOO CHOO'S, MORE CHOO CHOO'S!" He anticipates this passing the entire ride to town! It so funny. I just love his fascination with trains!

Easter is Coming!

Easter is quickly approaching, and I still am not prepared! I am usually a very organized, think-ahead person and have easter baskets made 2 months before hand! I am still searching for my decorations! I can't wait to dye easter eggs, and make our giant easter bunny cookie. Beau is gonna just love hunting for eggs! Me and my MIL found him an adorable choo choo train plush easter basket when we were shopping at Target. We also found a snoopy candy train, and a Nemo hollow chocolate fish. And I found some real cute Thomas the Tank engine easter eggs to hide just for Beau. I can't wait to see his face! I think for dying eggs this year we are gonna try something from one of my Family Fun magazines, tye dye eggs, by just putting the eggs into a strainer, and dripping vinegar and food coloring onto the eggs as you shake them all around. It's worth a try, something different anyway. Ofcourse, we plan to go to church. But, no real plans yet for dinner. I just haven't even thought about it. I guess I should get going on it. Jack works so I'm on my own! How am I gonna do it all???!!!

Painted Head

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bye-Bye Binky!

The other day, I talked Beau into putting all of the binky's in a bowl to place on the porch for the 'binky fairy' to take away, and I told him he would get a surprise in the morning. Well, Daddy could not stand the crying, so he insisted Beau get one back for bedtime only. He went to sleep then, and the next morning, when he woke up, we checked on the porch, and the 'binky fairy' had indeed taken the binky's all away and left him a Hot Wheels car. He was so excited, and talked about it all day! (An idea I got from watching SuperNanny :) !) Ever since then he has done extremely well without a binky all day long. If he has a "breakdown" and begs for binky, then he knows he must lay down in the crib for a brief period of "binky time", which hasn't lasted much longer than 10 minutes, and then he gives binky back, and runs off to play! It's working out much better than I had expected it to. I wonder how much longer it will be before he will give up binky all-togther?!!