Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movin' Along..

I am sooo exhausted!
I woke up so groggy...these extra shift are really getting to me.
This week I have been on one crazy rotation since Friday:
Swing, Day, Day, Swing, Day....then today it's Swing, and tomorow Noc. The 3rd Day, and tomorrow Noc being shifts I accepted on Sunday, and Yesterday, last minute kinda. I just hate to say no when they are scrambing to find someone, and if I can do it, I will. This will make 3 OT shifts this period.

During this time, we had one resident pass. I was the nurse on that wing the night before he died, and the sons had come in quizzing me on how long I expected it would be. I never give a definite answer to that, I just can't. You never know when someone is going to die. There are signs that I look for, but not all exhibit them. Some live on the edge of death for weeks, while others take under 24 hours from onset of decline.
However, I stated that it could be as soon as 24, but there is no telling for sure.
That was at about 10pm the 25th, and when I went to work Sunday the 27th, it was posted this resident died around 11pm the 26th. I was shocked at how close in estimation I was.
No matter what, it is always sad when someone passes, I never forget any of them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm CrOoKeD!

So...had my 1st therapy session today in regards to my painful ankle. Just an eval, but found out some interesting news. Other things that I have been experiencing for months are seemingly related all to ONE thing.

I had those babies, and did not want to let them grow. I carried them way past the toting age, on my LEFT HIP. In doing so, I somehow 'shortened' my pelvis, by tilting to the left. My pelvis is crooked! This has caused me left hip pain/discomfort for awhile now. Also, right lower lumbar discomfort, and most recently the right hip and calf pain. I now seem to pronate when I walk, on the R, compensating for the L hip discomfort, causing an uneven gait.

Funny how it all relates, huh?

I never wanted to get checked once I started having the L hip pain. I mean, I had just had my g.b. out in december, and the last thing I wanted was to deal with more appointments, or bills.
But, now I am glad I finally gave in.

My pelvic bone on the L is higher than the R, it can be pulled back down. But, I also have to work out some muscle tightening that resulted as well.
I'm not sure how many sessions of therapy this will require, but thankfully, I can schedule my appointments right before my shift at work since we have a therapy department willing to work with me.

I am being instructed not to wear flip flops...NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS???!!!
I LOVE my flip flops...
Rather, they want me to wear something called Chaco, you can see them HERE.
As for my Dansko's, I have been told NOT to wear them either, but rather wear a tennis shoe for awhile, and then think about buying Keen shoes...a highly supportive tennis shoe, which you can see HERE.
If only I'd let those babies down to walk more often!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

He thinks I'm cRaZy!!!

So, needed a trim, took Grace to get one too, and you know, something in me just felt a little WILD, and so I gave in and went for something a little different this time...

I am SOOOOO loving it! It is so sassy, easy, and light! Great for this humid heat we are having, and so fast to get ready in the morning for those dayshifts I keep getting scheduled for...Only, D loves the boring, long, straight hair I always have, and so he was NOT pleased when he saw me initially he said I was CRAZY! "What is it with girls and cutting thier hair shorter and shorter?", he said.

But, after a bit, he looked at me and said, " really look different...I think I like it!" I think he likes it better than he even expected to. A little change has brought a bit more enthusiasm from DH. Who'd a thunk it?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yet another recall...

This cute little toy is on a new list of recalls at Target stores. Little Leah received this on her 2nd birthday, and she still has every piece, and LOVES to play icecream store with it.

According to THIS, I am to take this toy back to Target and receive a $10 refund. All due to the velcro wooden cherries on top posing a choking hazard for small children.

I am at a dillemma on this since I can no longer find anything similar, and my children no longer put anything in thier mouth. I don't think I'll take it back! What's $10??? This is an adorable little wooden, painted sundae set. All pieces velcro together to create the banana split appearance.

What would you do???

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm in a MOOOOOD!

I am in a funk...2 dayshifts, got a NOC tomorrow night...trying to keep my head above water with kids and all the housework.
I think I don't need to work this much after this month!

In any case...a whopping $3.82 brought that boy a entirely new fascination with the water hose...I think I have a couple great little helpers for watering the garden and the flowers now. Hee hee!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lots of boo-boo's, Lulu's 1st Haircut & A Yummy Breakfast

This morning was so nice and breezy, so cool, got some windows opened up to let it in to our humid house!
The boy woke up first, and was 'cold', so he climbed into bed with me, and we cuddled in the covers a bit, talking about our day, what we should do, and what we should have for breakfast. He was somewhat of a grumpy bumpy boy, but quickly began to giggle :)
I made the kids French Toast with Texas Toast, and my yummy saigon cinnamon from costco, as well as the vanilla my Dad always gets me from Mexico. Also, made some bacon, Leah LOVES bacon. The kids ate like pigs! They loved it all! Leah kept repeating over and over, in sing song...'I loooove bacon!" And, ofcourse, with a full belly came a ever so sweet, "Mommy, I love you!"

Grace had a friend stay over last night, and I love to try to figure out a way to scare them. Last time I happened to time it just right, by pure coincidence, I started banging on the trailer window while they were watching a scarey movie. Well, last night, they came in to use the bathroom once more, and I ran out as they were in the house, hid in the trailer, and waited....They came back, all cocky, talking loud, and sat on the couch, then I ran out, screaming, they nearly passed out! It was hilarous. I LOVE pulling one on Grace!

With all the time we are spending outside, the litle ones are ending up with band aids allover thier bodies...well, exaggeration, but really, owie after owie after owie...
D got out the quad the other night, and as Leah went to get on with Grace, her leg touched the HOT exhaust pipe, and I didn't know this until last night! She had a bad burn, and he never told me! I doctored it up as much as I could for being an old burn, but it was through epidural layer, blistered, I am very worried she will have a terrible scare from it. It looks terrible!
The boy somehow got a cut on his right big toe, a deep one, and today he has already fallen down and scrape his left knee up real good. I hate my kids looking all beat up, but I guess that's just what happens sometimes...

Due to working a bit more, D was in charge of evening time with the kids, and he was mostly letting them swim, and play outside, which is fine, but he failed to bathe any of them for days, over a week! Their hair was soooo stinky, and Leah's fine curls at the ends were fried! So, last night, I gave her her first little hair cut. It is a bit of bob. But, it gives her just the right amount of sassiness to somewhat add to her bubbly personality even more...I LOVE IT! Took a few pics to share...enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A few hours away...

This hot summer weather had the kids in the pool nearly all day, and my floors a mess of grass clippings and wet footprints!
It's making me crazy!
I feel like I'm mopping EVERY DAY!
Last night, I went out to eat with a friend, Angela, we had been wanting to go to a new restaurant in town called
Carino's Italian Grill . It was YUMMY!
We started with some very delicious bread, and salad. I ordered Spicy Chicken and Shrimp, it had this rich spicy sauce, mushrooms, green onions, red peppers, with penne pasta. It was so rich I had to take 1/2 home, D ate the rest.
And, ofcourse, I had an italian soda, strawberry with cream, my favorite!
We had about a 40 minute wait to get a seat, so we browsed at Old Navy clearance. I found a couple cute tank tops.
I haven't seen Angela in a few weeks, and since then I have gotten a bit of a tan from swimming with the kids, and weeding, etc. She looked at me, and said, "So, is that REAL tan, or is it spray tan?" Ha!

*Prior to going, D really gave me a hard time. He made sure I knew he was jealous, whatever you want to call it. We hardly do much without the kids except go to work. And, we just can't afford to go out to eat a ton like some couples. We'd rather be home anyway...but, I need time away some times. I don't give in much, and often I get this terrible guilty feeling for it, but I need it. I need time with friends once in awhile. He just doesn't get it. He was single in his 20's...I was going to nursing school, and popping out babies in my 20's. He has got to stop making me feel guilty!!! AUGGHH!!!
When I got home after being gone only 3 hours, the little ones came running, "Mommy! Your home!" Jumping up and down with big smiles and giggles, then on to begging for icecream. As if I had been gone for days! Drew pinned me, and said, "So, where WERE you?" More like, 'Mom, WHO SAID YOU COULD LEAVE WITHOUT US?'
You can tell I don't do much without the kids...
Well, gotta prep for nearly a week of dayshifts, and a graveyard in the mix...good thing the graveyard is time and a half...I'm just not used to it at all!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tons to tell!

Busy busy week here! I have been working what seems like a TON! I took on some extra shifts this month, since D said to, although he will deny that...making me a full time Nurse this month only. But, I will definitely appreciate the EXTRA money coming in next month from it. I will be lagging in hours next month due to soccer camps starting, and camp trips planned.

I am in dire need of a new washing machine, and a dresser, so one or the other or both will be purchased soon with my extra earnings. Nice to have it coming, with 2 time and 1/2 shift also.
Kids got back from a short trip with my Mom. It was so wierd to not have them here so many days. Glad to finally get them home. A few surprises though...Grace, being 13, seems to think she has a newfound increase of independence in her decision making. None of my cousins that they visited have children her age, they are smaller, Drew's age and younger. So, apparently she was treated more like an adult than I would allow at home. They have a pool at thier house, I told Grace to take her suit, she refused. Well, she took $40 of earned babysitting money with her, and when they all went to the river, she decided to buy a swimsuit. Only, it was not something I would EVER allow her to wear. I try to emphasize modesty, regularly. My dtr is only 13, not 16 or 18. I put my girls in either one piece, or tankini/boyshort style suits. NO bikini's. Especially not for my teen right now.
She bought the suit that in her words, 'I chose the one that would cover me most but didn't cost a lot of money Mom!' Ummm...I don't think so. She bought a red/white polka dot skimpy forbidden bikini. The top was strings with small triangles to cover her ta tas, and the bottoms where small hipster style bikini bottoms. NOT SOMETHING I WOULD EVER LET HER GET. But, she bought it, wore it to the river while there, and wasn't gonna let me know she had it.
I, being the intuitive Mother I am, started wondering what she wore to the river she spoke of swimming in. I was very upset about her purchasing it, in my opinion, she wasted her money. She knew better, and so...I took the suit telling her she will NEVER wear it ever again. She thinks I still have it. I can't return it, it's been worn 2x at least. I won't donate it. I won't save it for years from now. It disgusted me, and it was pure disobedience. I simply took it, dug around for my sewing scissors, and cut that suit into dozens of tiny little scraps.
She also had this idea she needs to, and should be allowed to wear make up now. We discussed mascara before she went on this trip with my Mom. I had told her, clear mascara only. No color, and definitley NOT black. She comes home with a tube of black extreme volumizing mascara. I confiscated this as well. She keeps insisting she NEEDS it. It is now in the trash. Another disobedient act.
I love my dtr. I know she is growing up, but she is trying to grow up way too fast! I am not trying to baby her, but what I am trying to do is keep them kids for a while longer than most parents do. I see so many young 11 12 13 yo girls running around with tons of make up on. It's so disgusting to see these young girls trying to look as if they are adults already. It's just not what I will be okay with. I do not think I am doing wrong by her. I just want her to be modest with her body, love herself for her natural beauty, and have self confidence without thinking/feeling she has to mask who she truly is for others to think she is beautiful.
She IS a beautiful girl. But, she is just that still, a girl. NOT a woman.
D felt I over reacted by cutting the suit up, but I think I needed to make a huge point, not to be forgotten. If she wants the freedom to purchase clothing with the money she earns, she also has to show me some maturity, and responsibility by making wise choices. This was not a wise choice. Enough drama...
Took the kids to visit cousins yesterday. Needed to visit my Melbamoo! Had fun. She babysits now, decided to quit her full time job this year and stay home. Good choice I think. Our kids grow up so fast, it's such a pity to have to miss it.

She is babysitting her new little nephew, whom I did not know was there when I arrived. He is only 3 months old, and sooo sooo sooo cute! I loved holding him. Leah never see's babies, we don't know anyone with a baby, and she is my last, so we won't have another one in our house.

I made sure to let her see this baby, so I held him out to her, and said, "Leah! Look what Mommy got! A baby!" She was busy playing kitchen at the time, and looked up, startled then started saying, "NO! I DON'T WANT IT! GO 'WAY! NO!" I was so shocked at her reaction. She absolutley refused to look at or hold the little guy. She acted scared. I tried to show her again, she asked, "Where did it come from?" Mel told her,from his mommie's tummy. She looked at him a bit, still not wanting anything to do with him, then started playing a bit more. As I continued holding him, and visiting, she blurted out to me, "GO PUT HIM BACK!"
I had to laugh. I mean, how crazy was her reaction? I just did not understand her not liking a baby. She plays with her dolls a lot, she has seen babies, not held them, or really been around them more than seeing them in passing at the mall or such. But, to be scared of or so openly disliking him?
After a bit, she finally warmed up, and came over to me, started telling me he needed a diaper, and a ba ba. She eventually asked to hold him, and wanted to feed him his bottle.
On another note: I am seriously considering a new tattoo. I have one to my lower back, but my idea this time is to get all of my childrens names in small script running together around my ankle like a little ankle bracelet. D says it will hurt terrible, and doesn't want me to do it, but I really want to. What do any of you Momma's have to say? Good or Bad idea?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Day at the Beach...Happy 4th!!!

What a beautiful day it was today! We got to the beach, it was overcast, a bit of rain, but by 1pm it was 70 degrees and sunny!
Leah had a blast! We went to the Marine Science Center where she was able to touch a starfish, sea anemone, and sea urchin, but she refused, go figure...she only stared at them and kept asking what thier names were. Very inquisitive.
We got some salt water taffy, which btw, I must say, the flavor I now love is Buttercream. It tastes just like real buttercreme icing...mmm mmm mmm!
Got D some oysters, he loves them. In the shell, and out.
Played on the beach a bit, the tide was coming in quickly, but Lulu was able to play awhile. She lost interest fast in building a sand castle. When she attempted to stand and let the waves come to her feet, she became very scared since it made her rock a bit.
She loved the tide pools, and grabbed handfuls of sand, tossing them into the water.
It wasn't long before she had a melt down over not wanted to walk the beach to look for agates, and a big walking stick. I wanted to write her name in the sand and take her picture with it as I try to do with all the kids, but she refused to have the patience for me and began screaming, "I don't want no more pictures!!!" Well, then, little miss lulu...Enjoy the montage!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just one Little Lulu?!!

So....after working 5 days straight, not being able to be home with my kids, my Mom takes 3 of them away from me for the next week!

I miss them, and I need some time with my laughing boy!

But, honestly, I will say, it is soooo much more calm around here with only one sweet little Lulu to care for, and play with.

We went to the riverfront festival this eve, shared an elephant ear, and she climbed on a few inflated playthings for a bit. She had fun. It was so easy to deal with just her. I was almost, dare I say? BORED!

I let her eat oatmeal for dinner, and she passed out on the living room floor with a movie in hand that she had just picked moments earlier. It was so cute!

Tomorrow we are headed for the beach!

It's the 4th, but I am 3 kids short, and D will be sleeping for a NOC shift, and my sissy are spending the day near the ocean waves, making sand castles, and searching for agates. Ahhh!

I plan to take along the rebel and try to get a few fun shots of Lulu on the beach. I'll share my shots tomorrow night!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who am I...REALLY?

Lately, I have been pondering many things. Who AM I? I keep coming to this.
At work I am all together, focused, organized, accomodating. My mind is totally absorbed by my work.
At home, I'm more lax, a completely different person I think.
I don't open up to many people. I prefer to be called Victoria by anyone that I work with, or is a mere aquaintance vs. long time friend or family. And, I've found, I really dislike it when someone at work does decide they have the right to call my Vicky. It's a bit too personal.
My husband calls me that, my parents, sister.
I do my best to put forth my best side, and do good toward others.
What blows my mind, is that I continually come across people that are determined to disrupt my calm.
People that have nothing better to do than start sh*t, then sit back and watch as it unfolds. I AM SO SICK OF THOSE PEOPLE!
I want nothing more than to do my best job providing care as a nurse, be the best wife I can be, be the best Mom I can be and raise my children to be amazing people. More and more, I like my husbands ideas about how he wants to live.
Off in a log cabin away from everything and everyone.

Anyway...Leah is here at my feet saying how she has green eyes, and that "You have green eyes too mom, 'cause you ate you dinner!" Gotta go!