Friday, November 28, 2008

No Title...just fury!

At work, we have had an outbreak over a period of atleast a few months, ongoing, frequently treated...only being MIStreated. Horribly!
They thought it was MRSA. Only, with the appropriate treatment for MRSA, the "rash" was not going away, and new cases of "rashes" were continually popping up.
I have been ever so careful. I have washed my hands till they bled, wiped everything down with antibacterial wipes before touching, or between each patient. Alcohol swabs to clean many things before using as well.
I have been NOTHING but overly zealous in keeping clean, and preventing transferrence to others and myself.
Turns out, however, all along we have been dealing with scabies. Yep! G.D. SCABIES!
This little microscopic bug that burrows into your flesh, and lays eggs. Those eggs get fertilized by a male bug and then hatch, spreading like wildfire, and are highly contagious.
My SON now has a breakout.
I have bagged my work clothing to keep it seperate this past week, but the bug takes 4-6 weeks to show the rash since the rash is simply the allergic reaction surfacing in relation to the hatching of the eggs, and the poop the bugs create. Nice, poop under my sons skin. What a nice thought.
I am furious at this point.
My next 24 hours will be spent applying Elimite cream to every single family member, leave it on for up to 14 hours, not less than 8 hours, then bath everyone... then I must wash the entire bedding for 5 beds, not to mention wiping every surface down with cleaner, clean the tubs/showers, and spray down my furniture and carpet with disinfectant, then CAREFULLY vaccume the floors and furniture.
The word I want to scream into the extreme distance is F*CK...about 1 hundred million trillion zillion times at the top of my lungs with emphasis on the U.
I am mad.
After crying my eyes out to my MIL, I have now composed myself just enough to become numb to the reality of it so that I can complete all of the cleaning necessary to rid our family of this disgusting bug. And, it's all on ME ofcourse.
I was just becoming quite prideful of the fact that I, my husband, NOR any of our children has ever had lice...that's what I get for being proud...I've definitely been jerked down from my happy little cloud.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight...I am obsessed!

So, I am ever so willingly going to admit, that 31 yo very married mother of 4, stood in line for about 3 hours on November 20th to be one of the first to see the premier of the highly anticipated movie TWILIGHT!
Honestly, I'd have had it NO other way. You see, this is a movie one absolutley, without question, must see. I have read the entire saga, and then some. I spent my nights, sitting up until 2am reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I found myself scouring the Stephanie Meyer blog to see exactly what he soundtrack was, to imagine the entire effect. The pics of the movie in the making....REALLY, ALL I COULD GATHER OF EDWARD CULLEN.

What a dream come true for us sallow old Mom's. This saga made me look at my husband and wish he were Edward Cullen himself sleeping beside me night after night, and knowing it never ever would be, brought on a slight feeling of depression. LOL. D*mmit, why can't my husband sparkle too?
I took comfort in the idea that once the kids were in bed, I had so much more to look forward to in reading the Twilight Saga, dreaming of Edward Cullen...after all, he's really what it's all about ladies!

Then, one night as I turned the page, and saw the words, THE END, my breathing stopped, halted, literally for moments. I was so devastated. I have never before felt such an empty feeling over the end of a book! A BOOK!
I wanted to scream!
HOW can it be over?
Thankfully, the movie was still to be awaited, and a 2nd is in the works, I hear. I own the soundtrack, and with it, I received my very own poster of, guess who? Edward....ahhhh!!! Lucky Moi!
Though the movie did not meet MY full expectations, and parts I held dear were missed, or mixed up...I still cannot get over the vision of Edward Cullen himself. He was absolute perfection, eye candy indeed.
As they say...this sexless, wildy romantic saga is very well PORN FOR WOMEN.
Atleast, as close to it as I ever intend to get.
Now, could Stephanie Meyer just keep writing please? There has to be atleast 2 more books to complete this just simply cannot stop with Breaking Dawn! NO NO NO!