Monday, December 26, 2005

Dance Baby, Dance!

Leah got this adorable toy for christmas from my MIL. It's called "dance baby, dance!" There is a little monkey on it that spins and dances as the music plays, and a mat to trigger the music as she steps on it. For the first time christmas day, she started dancing to the music after we got this all put together! It was so cute! She pulled up, and started shaking her leg like Elvis!

Choo-Choo Heaven

Our nieghbor so generously loaned us thier sons old Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set for Beau to play with. I was so gracious. Not that he is in NEED by any means, but what a nice thing for someone to do!

Day AFTER Christmas...

Well, never made it to get kids photos done for christmas as I usually do. So, today, I took them out back, and took a picture of them sitting on a log that has been overgrown by ivy and this is what I wil send out in christmas cards. It's not too late yet, is it? OOPS! I never mailed out any cards either!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

What a Christmas Morning!

I went to bed last night, expecting only to rest my eyes, then rouse to "play Santa". 3:30 this morning I awoke, jumped up realizing that I had not stuffed stockings nor placed presents under the tree. So, I quickly got out of bed, and did just so. Then, I realized I we had not left out any cookies for Santa, so I quick thought of something, and drank some milk and left the cup out next to the empty plate. On my way back to bed, I then realized that all the batteries to the camcorder, and digital camera were DEAD! SO DEAD! So, I had to round up the chargers and get batteries charging for morning. By the time I got back to bed, Jack's alarm went off to get up for work, (yes, he had to work on christmas!) so I got up as he showered, made him some breakfast, and went back to bed. Leah then woke, so I fed her, then as she was falling back to sleep, I could hear Beau crying from his room, so I just got up, and stayed up. He was sooo whiney, over tired, late night christmas eve, and early rise. So, he was not quite too thrilled with opening presents(not even one's specially wrapped in choo choo paper!)...Grace had to wake up Drew or we would never have gotten around to opening gifts, and when she opened the first present, she started balling..."I didn't get a gameboy, I asked Santa for a gameboy, why didn't I get a gameboy?" Grace said, "Drew! YOU asked Santa for so much things, he can only choose one thing on your list!" Then,the next gift was a gift certficate in a box, so very light, like an empty box, as she removed the wrap from that box, she exclaimed with tears running down her face, "I JUST GOT A BOX!" I had to laugh! She got over it, and the day got better, but I am so exhausted. Thank goodness it's all over...till next year that is.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Friday, December 23, 2005

To My Man

So, recently, my husband butted in while I was posting in my blog. He asked to read, I said, fine, you go ahead, and let him sit down and read awhile. To my dismay he came away from the computer stating I was a "B", and that he should start his own blog. Apparently he had some wild fantasy that my blog was not about the normal, daily things that happen to me, but rather a blog of professed love for him, and never ending praise for "all the things he does". Don't get me wrong. I LOVE THIS MAN, SO MUCH IT HURTS! But, my average day does not consist of much interaction with him, rather, my very demanding and all consuming children. So, I must give him something to read, to understand just how much I feel for him, should the occasion occur that he reads my blog again...
My Love
Changing Color Heart

Jack (and I say that affectionately with very little sarcasm), I love you more than I could ever love a man. YOU make my life complete. To me, you are the most handsome fish I could have EVER reeled in! YOU gave me 3 beautiful, amazing children for which I could never be more thankful. In them, I see you every day. If ever a day came that you did not arrive home after work as expected, should some unfortunate event take you away from me, I would die inside. I am not perfect, I know this. I will try harder every day to let you know how I truly feel. I am sorry for all of the angry words that I have said. I am sorry for always trying to push you to make the decision that would be mine. If we had nothing, I would still love you. I love you forever, and always.
I Love You More

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sick of Kids

I awoke yesterday with what seemed like the start of a mild cold, but today it is a full blown head cold! I feel miserable. Yet, everyone still expects that I 'hold the fort down', and act happy as ever. I feel terrible! SOOO terrible. I have taken tylenol 3x, with no real relief, my head is pounding, and my nose is stuffy, my throat sore, and a hoarse, nasty cough, along with occasional forceful sneezes. I hate this. I am usually not the one that gets sick, but I failed to avoid it this time around.
Because I feel so horrible, I had the girls go to bed tonight at 9:30. They just about had a heart attack right there in front of me, "but it's not a school night!" SO WHAT! That's all I could stand to argue back. They are undoubtedly mad at me, but I just cannot handle anymore fighting, no more noisy T.V., and I am not going to be getting up to make sure they turn off the T.V. in a few hours from now. They are in bed, but they did not get there without some rebellion. And, what does Daddy do, but come right in after me, and say, "You can stay up late tomorrow, Mommy will be at work!" So, they respond, as I'm listening in from the bathroom, "Mommy works tomorrow? Good!" Nice. That makes me feel wonderful. Now I just want to cry.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

He's a Big Boy now!

Today, I turned Beau Michael's crib into a toddler bed. He was so excited for me to finish so he could just climb up into his bed. Once I was done, and I showed him that he could get in and out all by himself, he did just so, climbing in, and sliding out, "up...down....up...down". Shortly afterward, he was way overdue for nap, so I made him his ba-ba, and he got into bed, and I said, "you stay in your bed, naptime!" He nodded yes. So, I came out here to my room, and started picking up toys, etc. then next thing I know, I hear some rustling in the cupboards, and here comes Beau, with a bag of cheerios, and sits on the couch! "Ba-ba, gone!" Ha! I chased him back to his room after taking the bag of cheerios, which made him scream, but he did stay in bed this time, and napped quite a long nap. He is now in bed for the night, only 1x up, for 'more ba-ba'! Not bad for the first night of newfound freedom, huh?
Boy In Bed

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas is here!

I get my children an ornament each year that somehow signifies an event that occurred in the past year, or something they really enjoyed. Beau just loves airplanes, so for his 2nd christmas, I got him this adorable little biplane. He won't leave it on the tree!

I just love the sparkle of white christmas lights on a dark winter night!

My son is also a 'choo-choo' fanatic. These are the first words out of his mouth each morning, and they continue ALL DAY LONG!

My Sweet "Lela" ~ 9 months

Crying 1

T'was a bad day today.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good vs. Evil

I have debated upon blogging this. A rather horrible part of my life, in my opinion. I have nearly lost my mind, and my husband! My stepdaughter is no longer living with us at this point. A tremendous trail of events lead to this. We found notes, web pages she created (all parents out there, beware, her sneaking out, running away, attacking my husband & scratching him till he bled. She has been nothing short of pure evil in this house. We are both at a loss of what to do, and so she is no longer in our home. I am sick of sacrificing the happiness, and attention that my 4 children so greatly deserve! However, her crack head mother continues calling our home, multiple times during the day, making threats, blaming US for the events of the past year, when everything she is saying could not be farther from the truth. I just cannot understand how a Mother could lead her child to a life of drugs, dishonestly, hatred, anger, irresponsibility, and mischeviousness. How could a Mother choose drugs over her child? How could she stand to live? She has turned my stepdaughter against my husband, her own father, all for her own satisfaction. I fear the person she will become having been in, and raised around all of this drama. But, I do know, that I must go on, MY children need ME! And, I cannot allow them to be slighted by my preoccupation with all of this. I will not let this affect them like it has affected me, and my husband. We were near divorce, so very near divorce so many times this past year due to dealing with the problems created by this Meth Mom, and her daughter. Satan back down!!! I will not let you use them to destroy MY family! The love we have for eachother through God will win this one!

Friday, December 16, 2005

And he speaks...TOO MUCH!

I just could not wait for this boy to start talking, and now I am thinking I should not have been so eager for him to start! He is never, and I mean, NEVER quiet anymore. One good thing is the binky has taken a backseat more often than not. But, my home is now so full of noise at all times of the day, my brain is frying! If it's not Leah crying, it's Beau screaming "CHOO CHOO", or Drew begging for something to eat, whining to play with somebody, or Grace retelling what happened on some TV show that, quite honestly, I just could care less about, (sorry Grace!).
It is quite cute however, how they say things at this age. He says "neenee" for binky, "hush", "lee-la" for Leah, "pop", "pease?" for please, "pay" for play, "mam" for Grandma, "Gayce" for Grace, "dew" for Drew, "baf" for bath...the list goes on and on, I wish I could think of it all right now.
I do just adore that boy. Man, do they have it right with the 'planes, trains, and automobiles'. I have watched Thomas the Tank Engine's greatest hits so many times I know the songs by heart. And, did you know that Alec Baldwin is one of the narrators? I now stop everytime I see a choo choo train, or truck in a store. Something I never did before in my life. I love this new part of me that wants to join in as my son pretends to be the choo choo train, or run through the house pretending to be an airplane, arms stretched out. He is so amazing. So, beautiful. SO BOY! I just love it! ♥♥♥

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I'm hiding, I'm hiding, and no one knows where,
For all they can see is my toes, and my hair.
And I just heard my Father say to my Mother,
"But darling, he must be somewhere or other."
"Have you looked in the inkwell?", and Mother said, "Where?"
"In the inkwell.", said Father, but I was not there.
Then, "Wait!" cried my Mother-
"I think that I see him under the carpet.", but it was not me.
"Inside the mirror's a pretty good place."
Said Father, and looked, but saw only his face.
"We've hunted,"sighed Mother, "as hard as we could,
And I AM so afraid that we've lost him for good!"
Then I laughed out aloud, and wriggled my toes,
And Father said, "Look Dear, I wonder if those toes could be *Beau's.
There are ten of them. See?"
And they were so surprised to find out it was ME!
♥This was a poem in an Child Craft book that was handed down to me from my Mother, who recieved them from her Mother. This stuck out in my memory once I took this photo of my son, "hiding" beneath a stool. I added his name to it. It's such a cute poem!♥

Pretty in Pink

Morning Mowhawk

Leah awoke the other morning with a mowhawk, it was hilarious! The girls giggled till Drew about pee'd her pants, and insisted that I take a, here it is!

Mmm,mmm, good!

Little Leah is an absolute monster when it comes to eating. She is still under the spell of the booby, and refuses to eat much more than baby rice cereal. The doctor informed me that she must have more than rice cereal and said to just mash up real good, whatever it is I made for dinner. So, I have been doing that. Tonight, I made macaroni&cheese, green beans, and chopped up some vienna sausages for the babies. She loved it! Green beans and all! Crazy baby!

My Incredible Boy

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A House without Handsome?

My adorable little man is spending the night with "PaPa" tonight. It is sooo much more empty feeling in this house without him. It is not quiet, Leah keeps the volume up, but it most definitely is strange feeling. By 8pm, both Grace and Drew were saying, "I already miss Beau, he's so fun to play with!" And, I keep expecting his little body to come running out to me yelling, "Mama! Ba-ba! Hug!" I just adore him. I guess I should be enjoying my one baby night, after all, Leah is sleeping in her crib vs. my bed! I am enjoying the freedom, there's just something about that boy that makes me feel whole.
I Love You

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Funny Forward

Women's Ass Size Study
There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their asses! You may find the results pretty interesting:
A. 85% of women think their ass is too fat...
B. 10% of women think their ass is too skinny...
C. The other 5% say they don't care, they love him, he's a good man and they would have married him anyway.

My Little Army Crawler

I am way overdue posting this! (Sorry my sweet Leah!) November 22nd, exactly on the day she turned 8 months old, Leah began to crawl!!! Well...not really crawling I guess, but more like an army crawl, she uses her arms to pull herself across the floor. This week she also started to pull her legs up, but not quite to a normal crawl yet. Regardless, she is already thinking she can pull herself up onto whatever she wants to, but she just hangs there crying until Mommy rescues her! I don't like it that she is already almost a toddler! I want to keep my baby forever!♥♥♥

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Disney on Ice

Today I took the kids to see Finding Nemo on ice. It was amazing! As soon as he heard the music, Beau's head turned and he was at attention the entire time. They used the movie voices, and some of the scenes on a big screen to mimic the dentist, and ocean, it was very well done! I was very impressed. Well worth the cost of tickets. We were only about 5 rows back at that! Great seats.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Coat War

The weather is getting much cooler around here, and I got both my girls nice, warm, pretty coats for the winter. Well, they call them 'fatty coats', and are quite stubborn about not wanting to wear them. "It's NOT cold Mom!" Um, YES IT IS! Sorry, but not letting my girls stand outside waiting for the bus in thier shirts, no coat, for 10-15 minutes, (since they fear NOT waiting that length of time OUTSIDE will ensure that they miss the bus).
Today, it came to a head. Drew was very angry with having to wear her coat, and she started balling her head off as soon as I put it on her. She carried on, and on, sat out on the porch crying, tears falling. I got the camcorder and started taping her fit, which made that much more angry. I came back inside, and just moments later she came in, and said to me, "Mommy, I'm just gonna stay home. I don't want to go to school." I looked at her..."What? No, you are going to school! Get back out there!" She started balling louder and louder, I pulled her back inside to make tell her to stop throwing her tantrum, meantime the bus arrives, I quick send her back outside, "NO NO NO NO, I CAN'T DO THIS...I CAN'T DO THIS...I'M NOT GONNA GO TO SCHOOL!" Balling, yelling, hysterical...and believe it or not, the girl stood there in the driveway refusing to move, refusing to get on the bus, and sure enough, missed the bus!!! I was furious! Needless to say, she took a nap today. What a stubborn child!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What does this mean?

I keep having this strange dream. It really freaks me out. I had it when Beau was a baby, and now I'm having it again. In my dream, there are some strange people standing outside his window every night, looking in at him sleeping, and somehow opening to window, making him very cold, so he wakes up, I go to check on him, and I see them in the window trying to get in to TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!!! I get very upset in my dream. I just don't understand it. Why would I dream something like this? Maybe because he is my only boy, and I am worried about something happening to him, which would then leave me without a son. FOREVER! In any case, I WANT IT TO STOP!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leah said Mama today!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Walking Miss Evie

My life is ever so busy with babies, and ball games, and chores that I just do not have the time to spend training our Evie. Our home is just not big enough for her to be inside, and there are too many baby things around for her to chew up. Not to mention the terrible muddy puppy footprints that would be all over my house if she were let in all the time. So...we have made the decision to give her up to another family that has more time, and no babies! I know this is the best thing for her, but somehow I just feel so terrible about it. I have been the one that she has taken to most, and the one that has spent the most time training her, even though I haven't been able to spend enough time doing so. She has learned to heel so well that I can take the babies in the stroller and have her walking alongside without a single struggle, or tangle of dog leash in stroller wheels. I very much enjoy that. Walking her is somehow a vent, or relaxing time for me. The babies are at thier most calm, and it is so obvious that she enjoys being at my side. I will truly miss her!

Ebay anyone?

I recently started posting some of Beau's old clothes that I just could not stand to part with as he grew, on ebay to see if I would get any bids. Well...I am! Out of 16 posts, I have 7 bids! Woohoo! With 5 more days left, I hope the bid amounts increase, but if it turns out to be a flop, I'll just stop. It's kinda fun, and this way, I know the things I so treasured of his will go to yet another person that desires it almost as much as I did.

Bad Mom!

Today I took Leah in to the doctor to have a funny lump checked out on her belly. It's just below the right rib cage, and turns out to be a sebaceous gland that is expected to grow till it eventually is big enough to come out, (kinda like a zit!) which I believe will be by surgical removal. Strange, hopefully it doesn't get any bigger. Right now it is quite small, but able to be felt if she is undressed.
Anyway...while I was at the doctors office, turns out I missed making Leah's 6 month vaccination apptmt! What a horrible Mom I am! I felt so terrible, but they said it was fine, and gave them to her today. Then as I was packing up the babies, we got to talking "flu shot". So, the babies both ended up getting a flu shot as well. Beau was first, poor thing, he had no idea what was coming, but quickly recovered. Then as he watched Leah being put down on the examination table once again, and he realized that she was gonna be getting one too, he started yelling, "NO! NO!" What a protective big brother! Next time it's all the girls...that'll be a real whine festival!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Parts of my day...

Today we got a late start, I had to run some errands, so after Drew was home from school and Beau woke from his nap I rushed out the door since it was already 1pm. I promised them McDonalds since I had to get going in order to be home before the other girls got off the bus. We got to McD's, the kids hardly ate and ran off to play on the climbing structure. Beau found a little girl his size and just stood there giggling at her, and pointing at me saying, "Mama!", then giggling some more. He is so adorable! He was showing me off! What a wonderful boy!

We went to the shoe store to look around since Drew's feet are already growing! Once we walked in, Beau ran, ecstatic, pointing at every shoe he found, picking them up and bringing them to me to see. It was as if I had just taken him into a candy store, he was sooo excited! The minds of little ones...

Tonight, as we were making our dinner, the power shut off. It quickly came back on, but with Darrin gone to work, I am NOT about to end up in the pitch dark with 2 babies to care for, so we all raced around lighting candles, and no sooner did we get 4 or 5 of them lit did it shut off again! The kids let out a scream...Drew the loudest, ofcourse. So, I got out the big box of "just in case" candles, and we now have a candle in every room, and 3 in each big room. Now we're ready for it!


Clapping Hands
Last saturday was Drew's last fall soccer game. They one once again, and she scored 3 of the goals! My husband had to be the one to go this time, I had to remain home with babies due to severe downpours. Apparently as she was approaching the goal at one point, the other team put a girl in front of it, and Drew stopped short enough to kick that ball high up in the air over her shoulder and into the goal anyway!!! Absolutely amazing! I am one proud Momma! This girl is the one! The focused, coordinated, driven athlete I thought she would be. Can't wait to watch her this spring!

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Time to be Greatful

I just thank the good Lord ever so much for blessing my life with 4 healthy, beautiful children. There is not a day goes by that I do not realize how lucky I am.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Devil or Angel?...Devil, definitely!

Drew was most definitely the devil portion of her costume from last night, today! She was so nasty this morning asking for what she wanted, no, demanding what she wanted. "Mom, go make me breakfast!", "Mom, you have to get out my clothes!". And when she was just sitting there, I told her to go straighten up her bed, and brush her teeth, she fought me to the death! She sat there, refusing to get up. I said, "Well then, I guess you get to take a nap today after school!" To which she ofcourse responded, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Hee-hee! She kept on with her nasty self till it was time to exit the door and wait for the bus, so she earned herself nintendo, and playstation restriction. (this just devastated my little ritalin child!)
Once she got home from school, she greeted me ever so sweetly at the door. "Hi Mommy! I love you!" Yeah, butter me up so I won't make you nap...I reminded her she was to take a nap..."No-o-o-o-o! Please let me stay up, I'll be the angel!" This polite plea quickly turned to "NO! I'm not gonna! I'm just gonna go play on my bed!...I'm gonna make a mess if you make me take a nap!...Your a mean mommy!"
Finally, with the threat of Daddy's belt, she backed down, laid down, and passed out! She slept for what must have been atleast 3 hours. Too much fun the past few days, and TOO MUCH CANDY!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Goblin cupcakes I made for Drew's Kindergarten Halloween Party!
Sleeping a Caterpillar
My handsome little Stunt Driver

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Papa! You owe me five dollars!

Drew had a soccer game yesterday, not the nicest of days, but not the worst either. As we were getting ready, Grace exclaimed, "EWWW! I don't want to watch her game in the rain!", to which Drew retorted..."Why not? I'll play in the rain!" and giggled. We got there a little late, I have too many people to get ready! I finally got a camcorder battery and was going to record this game, then Daddy could see her play too since he was at work. It wasn't raining yet, as the game started. Before I could get the camcorder out, the game began, and Drew scored a goal right off! This set the tone for the rest of the game. She coming, faster and faster, right on target, and she ended up scoring a total of 5 goals! Even though by the games end, it was just pouring down rain on all those girls. These 5 goals were the only goals scored by either team the entire game! She was so thrilled by the 4th, that she started jumping up and down! I had her give me a high 5! She was beaming, glowing, thoroughly excited! As was I! My little soccer girl!
After the game, they slap hands, and say "good game " to the other team. Little Beau had to join in the fun, he ran out there holding his little hand up to have them slap his hand too, and he followed in line. HA!
On the way home, I asked Drew, "Did you like playing in the rain?"...she replied, "YEAH! I loved it, it was so much fun!"
I am so proud of her!
Thumbs Up

Mommy's Little Helper

I sat Beau down this morning with a bowl of dry cheerios to watch Bob the Builder. Shortly after I walked away and started feeding Leah her cereal, he came running in with an empty bowl saying "OH NO, OH NO", and put the bowl on the counter top. Then, the next thing I knew, he was getting into the garbage under the sink, I hadn't connected the 2 just yet, then I realized, beside him was his CAT dump truck full of the cheerios he had spilled, and he was taking them by handfuls and placing them in the garbage can! Too cute! I laughed, he laughed, what a wonderful boy!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hot Mama???

At work last night, a male coworker said to me, as I was walking down the hall away from him..."Victoria...sooo pretty, but sooo married!" I laughed, "NO! I'm just fat!" I must assume he just being fecetious. I will admit, it does feel good to hear that from someone after having 4 kids!

Breakfast & Bathtime Buddies

2nd to Mommy

Leah has taken to Grace very well the past week. She will lift her arms out for Grace to take her, then she cuddles up against Grace's neck and quite quickly falls asleep! It is amazing. I now have a reprieve, and does Daddy when I am at work.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I see skies of blue, clouds of white...
and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

Shadow! Let go!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My loves...

Beau Michael Joseph Dye, you are the twinkle in my eye.
Leah Dee, you are the gleam.
Drew Marie, you are not quite what you may seem,
but you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Gracie Mae, you amaze me,
with your kind, and deeply caring ways.
I love you all with all my heart

Monday, October 24, 2005

Booby Biter

Leah is back to her own little self again! No fever, no puke, no "ragdoll". She is now wild and crazy, and seems to find it quite funny to bite me as she nurses. She will look right up at me, and smile, then bite me, not nurse, just bite! I am glad she's back to normal, but I am ready to strictly bottle feed!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ducklings vs. Fawns

Drew had one of her last few soccer games last saturday, and once again, unfortunately, her team lost. I felt so bad for her, even though she probably has no comprehension of the win/lose ratios. This game was against the team that one of her friends, and also our neighbors daughter, is on. She wanted so badly to beat them. Not out of mean-ness, but to show "Nichole" that she can be better I guess. Drew comes out of nowhere and heads straight for that ball, dribbles amazingly well toward the goal, but either the other team intercepts it before she kicks it in, or she misses slightly. With time, she will improve, she's only 5, and I am pretty sure these girls are all 1st year players. I just know she can do it! I know she can be a winner! She already is to me!

Just a Virus

Leah continued with a fever through today, and was acting, as my husband said, "like a rag-doll". So, I took her to urgent care, and they did an RSV test, CBC, checked her O2 saturation, listened to her lungs, and checked her ears and throat. Ends up, she just has a virus that should get going on it's own pretty soon. I dream of a full nights sleep! She is not sleeping well, clinging like a monkey to Mama, and Beau is waking every night as well. I am sleep deprived!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Poor Baby

Little Leah was quite the fuss-butt last night. I had a real hard time getting her to settle down for the night. She had felt warm to me, but Jack said, "NO, she's fine!" So, I gave her tylenol anyway since she's been teething. As soon as we laid down at about 11pm, Beau woke up screaming due to the dogs barking outside his window. Then no sooner did I lay down after getting Beau back to bed, did Leah wake up. I fed her, then laid her back down, she started coughing, so I picked her up, and just as I sat down into the bed with her on my left hip, she puked all down my shirt, and pajama pants. She was crying, and also covered in her own vomit, so I tried to rustle through my dark closet, trying not to wake Jack, (he had to work dayshift today.) I found some more PJ's, but every time I set her down, she screamed bloody murder, so I had to walk, covered in vomit to the other end of the house and change as she screamed laying on the bathroom floor. She never did sleep well all night. She woke multiple times, ate a little, remained warm, so I dosed her again with tylenol. This morning when she woke, I was amazed to see that her diaper was completely dry, the last time I had changed it was after she vomited. So, I watched for her to fill her diaper, and she finally did by 10am. But, she has remained ill all day. No more vomiting, but continues with a fever, very solemn, and quiet, cuddly, and sleepy. Poor thing! I sure hope it passes quickly.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jack came home the other day with a canine costume for Evie. It is a "shark eating man" costume. This morning he decided to try it on the babies before it was used for the puppy. You gotta laugh!