Monday, November 27, 2006

Mine Apple!


Mmmm, mine apple!

Sweet little Leah was demanding an apple tonight. I usually cut it up and put her in the high chair, but I gave in, and she was in 'no no' heaven! She sure thought she was something big eating that apple all by herself while walking around! Silly Leah Lou!

Fall Fun

Beau Michael had been begging and begging to go "pay in the weaves!" And so, finally it was dry enough to get out and rake some up for them to play in. Leah just wasn't so sure, she chose to stand back, but Drew and Beau jumped right in!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Gotta Love Halloween!

Every year I try to find the perfect costume for each of my kids. Beau is sooo into Finding Nemo, I just had to have him be Nemo! And, I tell you, boy did he have tons of people commenting on his costume, and he was the ONLY NEMO!
Leah, well, she is still a personality that has not yet fully revealed itself, but I think the Bumble Bee was pretty darn cute! We came upon a house where the lady handing out candy just happened to be Gracie's teacher, and she was also dressed as a bumble bee, along with her dog, and as Jack walked up with Leah, she hollered out "My Daughter!" We all thought that was kinda funny.
Little Drew was Esmeralda from disney's Hunchback of Notre Dam. She was a very good Esmeralda at that, I crimped her hair to make it look wavy. But, after all that trouble she says, "Esmeralda was a stupid costume. Next year, I want to be a Wizard!" Well, okay then...we'll see.
Grace always has to be something 'pretty', ever since she was tiny. Used to be I could not get that girl out of her dress up clothes to even go play outside, or go to the grocery store. She would refuse to even get dressed at Grandma's house if I , heaven forbid, sent pants! So, she ofcourse, was something pretty...
Butterfly 4
Seems that's the thing too for her age of girl. We passed another girl, that looked at Grace,with that jealous stare, (her wings were upside down BTW), and as she passed, she goes, "Huh! Everyone wants to be a butterfly this year!" So much drama! Anyway, all in all, kids made out, too much candy if you ask me, and I will probably, (shh, don't tell) throw most of it away like last year!