Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Loss

Drew had her 4th soccer game of spring season today, and unfortunately her team lost. This year she is on a team of some older girls, and the teams they are going up against are made up of girls that seem to have played longer than Drew. This is seeming to upset her, I can see the dissappointment, and frustration in her face while she is on the field. Today, it really showed. She was very short with the coach, and was not playing her best. I try to explain to her it's okay to lose, and that it's not all about winning, as does the coach. But, she is getting to the age that it matters to her, and to friends that she talks to. Specifically a close neigborhood friend, that she has played against a few times, and this little girl likes to really rub it in Drew's face if our team loses. How terrible, for girls this age to be so mean, and spiteful.
Drew is such a very driven player, I just hope that she gets some satisfaction in atleast one of the last 3 games coming up. I know she can do it!

Friday, April 27, 2007

My testimonial

So, I went ahead and orderded some FREE DERM and I am so very happy to say that it's working to heal Beau's exzema! I cannot believe it! I have only used it on him 3 times so far, but it is a miracle cream! I also recieved a bar of soap, and I used it for the first time last night, I love it! I have exzema on my hands, and so giving him a bath is not a dreaded task anymore when it comes to my hands breaking out, since I am using this soap on him, it is also helping my hands! I am so impressed with this product, and highly recommend it to anyone with excema!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am thankful...

...that I have been blessed with 4 beautiful, healthy children. They truly are a gift from GOD. I cannot thank him enough. When I look into thier eyes, I melt. Every giggle makes my heart flutter. I don't know what I would do without them. I dread for the time to come that I no longer have these 'little people' to keep me going every day. What will I do with myself?
...that I have a safe home to raise my children in. I love that my children have a huge yard to run and play in. I love that I feel confident that my neighborhood is a safe place for my children to explore. I love that I have room to plant flowers, and a garden. We are truly blessed to have our own home.
...that I have a faithful, and devoted Husband. I know he loves me unconditionally. I love that I have nothing but trust in him. I thank GOD for this man!
...that I have a job, and that it is a job that I love and look forward to. I love that I work with the elderly. I love that I can see in each and every one of them, my Grandmother, whom I so dearly love, and miss.
...that I have family that live very near to me. I could never imagine having my parents live in a another state or country far away from me and my children. I love that we can just hop in the van, and go to Grandma's house any time we choose.
...that we live within driving distance of the ocean! I love the beach, as do my children! I could never imagine not being able to drive to the beach in a couple of hours or less, or not at all!

I could do this all day...

Friday, April 20, 2007


"I will let nothing hurt you,"
She told the child asleep
And wept because the promise
Was one she could not keep.
"But I will never hurt you,"
She said again and wept,
Knowing it a promise
No mortal ever kept.
"Life has deep hurts," she whispered,
"Which no one can avert.
God help me teach you strength and love
For conquering the hurt."
By Jane Merchant


I finally, with the help of a fellow blogger, added some TUNES to my blog. A few are meaningful, a couple others are just plain fun! So turn on your speakers and listen while you read!


Drew brought home an envelope yesterday containing a letter to my husband and myself. We were wondering what could be up, but thank goodness, it was nothing bad, nothing bad at all. In fact, seems Drew has been indentified as being TALENTED AND GIFTED with emphasis on being INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED. I was so amazed by this! I guess the schools give a test to all students called the RAVEN, and if your child scores above the 90th percentile, they are then added to the list of T.A.G. kids, that from what I understand will be tested more times, and will recieve more opportunity for advancement, she won't be jumping up a grade, but she will be given more challenging work at times. I am so proud of her! Who would've thought? What with the drama last year of her teacher being worried that she was lagging behind...LOOK AT HER NOW!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Something to think about...

This came from my most recent FAMILY FUN magazine:

Stop and Reflect
"The best advice I received from another mom was to imagine that each of my boys has a mirror on his forehead so that I'll always be mindful of what it is he's seeing. Times that I'm frustrated by the thousandth request or fight, I remind myself of that little mirror and check to make sure that my sons are seeing a face of patience and love." (submitted my Nicole Maki of UTAH, FAMILY FUN, MAY 2007, page 93)
I love this!


Here are a couple photos of a huge lot of Beau's past fall/winter summer clothes I plan to ebay in the fall, bottoms are 24m or 2T, tops are mostly 3T. I thought I'd post for any of the blog browsers that may be interested, if you see something that sticks out for you let me know, and I can email you a photo of that piece or outfit alone. Lot of TCP, some GAP, OLD NAVY, carters, levi's, cherokee, sprockets. Most are outfits, 2 or 3 pieces for layering. There are 3 pair levi's, dark/antique, and camo. And, a few pair play pants, in great condition, but I call them 'swoosh' pants, call me crazy, and a pair of fleece pants, don't think they show up in the photos. Anyway...let me know if you want to work a deal!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



Once when Grace was 3, she decided to draw huge mural on her bedroom wall with green red and black crayon. It took me hours to clean it up using a sponge and soapy water! This was way before goo gone or even the magic eraser!

We recently got a 31ft. trailer so that we may begin camping again with all these kids. We got a really good deal, and part of the reason was that it was not clean inside, so it has been my job to clean it all up. There were greasy, dirt smudges on alot of the interior appliances and wall, even doors, and the magic eraser just wiped them all off without any effort! I am so greatful for this invention. It saved me so much time!

It's also great for juice or food stains on your white countertop, which I have in my kitchen. Crayon on the kitchen floor or walls. My front door is white and so either side becomes quite dirty and so I just take a magic eraser to it and I'm done in minutes! This in one invention that every Mom should have!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Daddy took Beau to see a real live Monster Truck today at a local car sales lot. Apparently, it is for sale, but also for advertisement for a new movie 'DUST TO GLORY'.


Beau has exzema, and it seems to be getting worse as time goes by. I give him a bath only every 2 or 3 days, in warm not hot water, and don't let him stay in too long. I use AVEENO lotions and bath wash for kids with exzema, and sometimes oatmeal bath. But, lately it is just flaring up anyway, and I hate putting Hydrocortisone on him since he cries and it stings him so badly. So, last night I was browsing the web and found this website with testimonial that it is the only cure for exzema. The product is called freederm. They make a soap, lotion, and healing cream. I believe a pharmacist created it. I am debating on trying it out, there is a 100% satisfaction gaurantee, so I can get all my money back if it doesn't work. I am a little skeptical, but at this point, I don't know what else to do. I have suffered from exzema my entire life, and don't want to see him suffer as I do. I just may take the risk and try it out!


Monday, April 16, 2007


Leah had her 2 year well check today. She is a big girl! Her height is 36.5 inches, which is in the 95th percentile for her age, but her wieght went out of the charts at 32lbs. Dr. says good thing she is for the most part proportionate, but is sure to be a big girl! So, now they recommend skim milk, no more 2%. Changes every time I have a kid! She also recieved her first of 2 doses of the newly recommended vaccines.
Read about it here:

Preteen Woes

My oldest daugther is nearing the age of 12. It is a very difficult time for me. She entered middle school this year, and over the course of the year has changed a lot. New friends, and more opportunities to be out and about. All the kids her age seem to have cell phones, and it doesn't seem to me that a lot of them are monitored over who they talk to, or when they talk. I refuse to give in to this. I have had this discussion with my dtr many times, she has no need for a cell phone. I will not get one for her. And, another big thing is MYSPACE. Been there with my stepdaughter, not going there with my daughter. However, many parents allow thier 10 11 12 year old children to start an account and post indecent photos of themselves online. It is simply insane! Recently my daughter had a day out of school that the elementary kids didn't. She wanted to go 'hang out' with a friend, whose mom is a bus driver, which meant that she would not be home most of the day. Now, I have 4 kids, which makes me mostly a SAHM, so I rarely ever have Grace at home alone, and if I do, no friends, no phone unless emergency. Well, I did emphasize to Grace she could not go 'hang out' unless a parent was going to be home. Then, I spoke to the Mom, she said, and I quote " Well, I could have them go on the bus route with me when I leave, but it's really up to them" I paused...up to them???? NO IT'S NOT UP TO AN 11 YEAR OLD WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. I may be on the stricter side of todays parents, but today parent's are so non-chalant, so ignorant and blind. I just don't understand it. So, everyday I wonder what she may be learning from these other girls/boys she goes to school with. It is a very stressfull time of parenthood. I am a wreck most of the time. I try to keep it under control, but you are the black sheep when you are the one monitoring your childs phone calls, internet use, etc. in todays world. I have to make a comment on Drea's blog of recent, the clothing they create for children these days is so over the top, I agree! I took Grace to get some shorts and a few tops, and she wears juniors sizes now. It was a nightmare, a simple shopping trip turns into a battle over what she wants vs. what I will let her choose. But, WE HAVE TO KEEP SOME CONTROL. I sure hope I can get through this!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Look at these gorgeous heart shaped flowers, it amazes me how they look just like a heart!

My 8 lonely little strawberry plants!

I am getting really anxious to start working in the yard, and flower beds more, but we keep having this terrible rain and wind and cold! I bought some strawberries this last week, and haven't been able to plant them where I want them yet, since Jack has yet to burn and till the garden. I bought 8 plants, tri-star, supposed to produce well into the fall starting in June. The kids love the strawberries and so this will be great for them to help with. I plan to try out using old coffee grounds in the soil, supposedly it will help to yield larger, juicier strawberries...we'll see!

I was also noticing today that the only plant at this time really flourishing is my 'BLEEDING HEART'. It is gorgeous, it is so full and has many more blooms on it this year than any previously. I just love it!

Friday, April 13, 2007


I came across this great website for Drew to make her own disney fairy. There was an advertisement about it in my latest Family Fun magazine, so we checked it out right away, and made a fairy. It's very easy for her to do, great for girls 5 or older! Take a look at the one I made for Drew...


My oldest daughter is frequently coming home with new website addresses to check out. One that she recently showed me is a pretty cool site where you can sort of make your own e-paperdoll. It's very cute! Great for the preteen aged girls I guess, but also fun for Mom!
You can make your meez animated, dress him/her in many different fun oufits, and there are really great hairstyle to choose from too! Most of the choices are free, but some cost a small amount of coinz which you can earn just by referring friends to the site. Try it out!

I'm mommydearest!


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

Make a Meez

Friday, April 06, 2007


I, as many other mothers do, sell my childrens clothing on ebay. I recently listed a denim baby gap ribbon jumper dress with a white slip dress to go beneath it for starting bid 2.99. It never sold after 2 and 3 times of relisting it. So, finally, I decided I would just list the slip dress starting bid .99 cents, and low and behold, in the final few hours it ended at 15.50 (yay for me!) Does this make any sense?? Why did it sell alone rather than along with the jumper? You just never know with Ebay!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007



I fellow blogger has recently signed up with, and is already making money blogging. I had to check it out, so I signed up too. I am still trying to figure out how this works, but I am determined to get it working, and make some money too! You should check it out: just go to... WWW.PAYPERPOST.COM & sign up yourself! I can't wait to have the extra money coming in!

Dollar Smiley