Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ah, Leah!

The terrible two's are most definitely full speed ahead in this little one! Just in the past few days...she was holding the kids toothpaste in the shopping cart, and her and Beau were in the 'car cart', so sitting right next to eachother, as I was putting groceries onto the counter she wacked Beau in the head with it, not once, but twice!...Then we were at my parents visiting a couple nights ago, and Beau was playing with toy tool box things, with a toy hammer, it's hard, but it's a toy, and once he put it down, she walked right up and picked it up then hit him smack on the top of the head! That girl!!!...Then yesterday as I was cleaning up the kitchen, and also talking to Beau, I see Leah's reflection in the picture window and call her name, she comes running around the corner with a pizza cutter rolling it around on top of her palms! When did she sneak that? AUGGHHH, I have no recollection of her ever even opening a drawer or being in the kitchen with me! Just 30 minutes later as I'm toting laundry to the washer, I go by the kitchen and see my purse on the floor, but cannot find a Leah anywhere! I notice that there are gum wrappers on the floor too, and you know she isn't even two yet, but once I finally found her, she was chewing a piece of GUM!!! I discipline this girl, she gets placed in her crib for quiet time when she gets in trouble, and I firmly tell her NO, but she is so hard headed, so mischevious, so awnery! I just don't know what to do anymore! It's always something, always the one thing or things no other child ever even thought of doing! Why is this???

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Beau Michael has totally regressed to constantly wetting his pull-up or diaper AGAIN! He recently became sick again, and was having alot of loose stools, not getting to the toilet, so we started putting a diaper on him most of the day and night. Now, he makes no effort, even though he is no longer sick, to go potty on the toilet. It is so frustrating to me, and I try to hold back my dissappointment, not making a big deal of it, and today bought a bag of rolos, which are his fave candy, to give him some incentive again. I just don't know what to do. He is 3, and I feel like I have failed in potty training him, any pointers would be great!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Braggin' Momma

Yeah, I've got some super smart girls here...not sure where they get it, ha! Grace brought home an amazing 3.72, 5 A's and 2 B's...brains do not lack in this house! Drew did equally as well, with the teachers comment making my day..."Drew works hard to do her best. Her skills levels and confidence as a student have increased. Drew is a wonderful friend to all and a delight to teach." This is me...BEAMING! Love those girls!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When it pours...

So, finally, in over 3 years, me and Jack got away for the weekend to the coast for our Anniversary. It was so nice, no kids, great weather, just calm, and quiet mostly. However, ofcourse, we were ready to get back home to the kids, isn't any Mom or Dad?
Beau and Leah had been exhibiting cold symptoms, and Leah's have pretty much subsided, but the boy is still ill. So,yesterday, I had some errands to run, and I get them out the door, run back in for something, and run back out to find the boy with his pants down peeing in my flower bed! I figure, atleast he's not peeing in his underwear, right? So, I run back in again, this time as I came back out the door, I see a big turd laying on the ground behind him, poo on his rubber boots, pants, and underwear as he still stands pants down trying to pee in the flower bed! I was horrified! Get that cleaned up, ready to go, "babies" in carseats, and the van won't start! Great! The nieghbor was home, and luckily helped me out. What a day!
Today, we were leaving to go to meet my friend in town, and I forget my cell phone, had to run back home to get it to running late. Beau started to cough like he was coughing up something, but seemed okay, we pick up my friend, next thing I know, he's projectile vomiting in the carseat! Augghhh! So, we ran to her house, she had some hand-me-downs, and got Beau changed, and cleaned up, I assumed this was a gag reflex due to the cold and mucus build up. We get to the store, I got him some sprite, he drops it all over the floor of the store, and ofcourse we weren't even supposed to have a drink in this particular store, so the lady hands me paper towels and takes off leaving me to clean it all up! Then, we suddenly smell poo, and he had diahrrea all out his underwear and down his legs. Took him to the car, fixed him up yet again, get home, and it continues as I am trying to spray off the vomit clothing and carseat outside with the hose. Get him all cleaned up a few more times, and set them up for chicken noodle soup, leave the room for one second, just one second, only to come back to a kitchen floor covered in chicken noodle soup from lovely Leah! I swear this is payback!