Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions Revamped

I guess this is the time when you bust out the New Year's resolutions. I have been seriously thinking on this one. My list is ready:

First on the list is to get this dining room wallpaper peeled, popcorn ceiling scraped off, walls painted, and new wood floor down. This I would like to accomplish by that boys birthday party so we do NOT have to war through the overcrowded pizza parlor for the 4th year in a row!
Then, pretty much the same deal for the kitchen, entry, living room, and hallway.

Ofcourse, the list is going to include my quest for wieght loss. This year though, it is not 70 lbs. to lose, it's 40. I think this is much less intimidating, don't you? 30lb. down, 40 to go.Then I will hopefully be a svelt 125lbs. Did I ever mention I was able to get down to 116 after my first dtr??? Those were the days!

Then, there's also all those unfinished sewing projects looming, stashed away, out of sight to help me feel less obligation to complete them. I think all in all, there are about 10 projects? One, though, I hold most important. A few years ago, and I mean, like 4 or 5 years ago... I had seen a darling quilt that I insisted I must make.
I even have the fabrics to start it up. It was a month by month quilt. If you are unfamiliar, what you do is a block per month, then the 10-12th months you create the edging/binding/back, and put it all together. This particular quilt is called THE MONSTER QUILT. When I saw it, it made me think of the book Where the Wild Things Are . I had planned to line the outer edge of the quilt with a quote from the book. Originally intended to be made for my dtr who was then about 3 I think. Now, that boy is 3, turning 4, and I think it will be his instead. Granted, this resolution surfaces.

Also, I need to be taking the kids, and myself to church. I have gone off and on over the past few years, but I know I should be much more involved. It can only do good things for us.

Last, but not least, tame my temper. Sometimes I just fly off. It is hard to keep up with 4 kids. But, it's not impossible. I think I need to read back over a book that I've had for years...Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with your Family. It's collecting dust when it should be getting some use! I love my children with all my heart, and I do not want them to resent me for being short with them at times. Leah will sometimes say, "Mommy, I sowee for gettin mad at you. I sowee Mommy." Really, I should be the one saying that to her, and I do. Can anyone relate?

Well, I work this evening. Nurses never get a holiday off. I hope you all spend the evening amongst your closest family and friends. Drive safely. And, most of all, have a...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Goody Finds...

Had to make a trip for groceries today. Having these girls out of school and home for a couple weeks sure makes a difference in how much all the kids snack! I swear I cannot keep the cupboards full for more than a few days. Why can't they make super mega (bigger than even costco carries) packs of crackers, cereal, and fruit snacks??? I don't buy chips. We probably go through 1 gallon of milk per 1-1/2 days, and Beau drinks the soy, so that's for 5 of us. Bananas...I buy a large bunch every 2-3 days!

Moving on...

They had some great deals at Fred Meyer today. Not a lot, but a few. I came across some christmas ornaments marked down 75%. They are so pretty, and plastic, gotta love that with little ones! I bought 10 of them! I only paid 62 cents per ornament!

They also had some mark downs on gloves, so I let the girls pick out 2 pair each. These were only 88 cents per pair! The girls are always losing one glove from a pair. I also bought myself few shirts on clearance. Can't wait till the big clearance end of January. That's when I buy up the footed sleeper pj's for the little ones, last year I got 5 pair Old Navy footed sleepers for $10 after additional coupons, and price adjustments. Bring it on!

Let it out!

As a nurse I have always done my best to care for those in my care. It takes a huge amount of compassion, and selflessness. I love these people. I LOVE working with the elderly. I think a lot of this has to do with losing my Grandmother that I was very close to when I was only 12. She died of lung cancer. I visited her when my Mom was caring for her in Arizona before she passed. She was only in her 50's. She actually came back to our area to live before she passed. Her sister, and my Mom took care of her. I was too young to do so. I have always felt some degree of upset about this. I loved my Grandmother so much. We were so close. I still to this day think about her EVERYDAY! In the faces of these elderly people I care for, I see her. I think, 'if this was my Grandma...'
The only time I really get time to have pure quiet to think about anything is when I am driving home from work at night. I often think back over my shift, and what I might have forgotten to do, or what might have happened...but I most always end up tearful thinking about her.
Since my Grandma passed, I have had many times when I would walk into a random area of my home, or when I was young, my parents home, and smell her perfume so if she were right there. This happened once when I stepped out of our house and onto the porch, shortly after she passed. I knew. It was her.
Once a year on her birthday, I travel to her grave site to stand, and just be. In fact, when I was pregnant with that boy, I wished so hard for him to be born on her birthday, but he missed it by 7 days. I miss her so much. I wish so much that she were in my life today, to see my children.
I could take care of her now.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Free Party Invitations...WHOOPEE!

Beaus' 4th Birthday party is coming up soon enough. I usually plan ahead by atleast a month. He would like a monster truck cake this year, I am planning on making it myself. But, I just cannot find any monster truck party invitations in this town! I came across this web site that has completely free printable party invitations, and they have many that are a monster truck theme! ALL FREE! You gotta check it out! I am using the theme to the left. They have a choice of about 3 different colored monster truck ones, or one that is not colored at all, black and white for your guest to color on thier own! Very neat!
His big gift is to go see Monster Jam in February with Daddy. I am trying to get ahold of a Vtech Kidizoom digital camera for him to tote along (under $50 if I can find one). I think it would be great for him to feel 'big' taking pictures by himself when he goes. And, I ordered him an El Toro Loco baseball cap to wear to the show. Fun fun fun!

Don't touch the KONE!

Now that christmas is over, D has been ever so determined to dive into renovations that we have put off since the last two kids were born. Painting, removing 1/2 stripped wallpaper, pulling up carpets, taking down old light fixtures and replacing them, updating the bathrooms, and doing away with old 'popcorn' ceilings. He watched a 'Flip this House' marathon and this has given him an extra burst of energy to get started NOW. I am very excited to make some changes and see some long awaited projects get done. is so hard to do all of this with our work schedules, and the kids running around!
For example, yesterday D went and bought some new light fixtures for our room, entryway and hallway. May I say, BEAUTIFUL LIGHT FIXTURES! I love them! He put 2 up, but we need to scrape the popcorn ceiling before we finish putting up the rest. So...during the time we were cooking dinner, he starts scraping the popcorn ceilings, nasty white stuff falling all over our dining room table and carpet!
Then...the big bomb...rather than use his wet/dry shop vac to clean it all up, he used my new Kone handvac! MY KONE! MY MY MY KONE! He totally plugged it all up. In only 2 uses it is out of suction. Honestly, it doesn't hold much, it's a handvac! But, he clogged it up with that nasty white powder from the popcorn ceiling! I have cleaned the filter well, but the motor better NOT also be plugged up! WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? I swear, he always takes my favorite things and finds a way to ruin them!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flu Bug Arrives :(

Last night I was at work, and D calls me to tell me how Leah woke up from her nap and vomited all down her Island Princess dress in the entryway. OK. I can't come home to deal with it all...and apparently he didn't get the response from me he wanted, so he hung up.
D never has to deal with this, and I guess I just figured he should find a way to deal this time. Not that I didn't feel bad for my Lulu, I did. So, I called him later on to see how it was going, and he told me how she had just vomited all over the carpet in the living room again. Ranted about how sick he was of cleaning up puke, and as he is doing this that boy coughed on him, sending him into a rant. I simply said, "Do not call me here to freak out on the phone when you are taking care of 1 or 2 sick kids, all while I am caring for 20 or 30 sick people!" He hung up on me.
I stopped and got some pedialyte and chicken noodle soup on the way home, and when I got home, I checked the carpet to see how and if he did clean it up good. HE USED A WHOLE BOTTLE OF FEBREZE FABRIC SPRAY! He picked up the puke with paper towels, then dumped the bottle of febreze onto the carpet and scrubbed it with that alone! What!??! He is so clueless. He figures it's antimicrobial, so why not? I always scrub it up with hot water and soap. HE USED NOT A DROP OF WATER! I guess I should be saying, "Thankyou honey for handling it all while I was at work. You did a great job!" But, that just didn't make it out of my mouth.
Mom, can I borrow your shampoo-er???

Missing $ Mystery Solved & Dud Gun

So...I am awoken this morning by the phone ringing. We never receive phone calls this early! I got up, I could not recognize the name on the caller ID. I checked voice mail...what do you know? A Mother to one of Drew's classmates left a message saying she thinks her son has something that belongs to Drew and that she needs to return it. I knew right then...
I called her back, and she tells me that her son came home from school just before christmas with a $20 bill that he said was given to him by Drew. She had told him that he should never accept that much money from anyone at school. So, she wanted to return it to me. I explained to her that it was D's birthday money and had been missing since the last day of school before christmas.
I woke Drew up and we had a talk...
I told her about the phone call, and asked her again if she took the money. She tried to continue lying. Saying she 'thought it was her money'. What? I told her nothing is hers unless it is given directly to her, and told to her that it is for her! I finally got out of her who she gave the remaining money to. Another classmate. I have tried calling that Mother, but still haven't gotten through.
I just cannot believe she did this. Let alone, lied, and lied, and LIED TO US!
So...punishment is: her new gift from 'Santa', the nintendo DS now belongs to Mom and Daddy until all of the money is returned. Only thing is, how can I expect this other Mother that hasn't contacted me to give back to us what she did not take, but my daughter GAVE to her dtr? How does that work?
In any case, I do plan to call her and let her know that her dtr was given money that should not have been gifted to her. You just never know what kind of reaction someone is going to have. I have found in my 12 years of being a Mother, that many other parents do not instill any moral values in thier children, but rather take extreme defense and blame you right back. We'll see how it goes...
Thankyou to the Mom that was ever so honest, and returned the $20. THANKYOU!

On another note:
Beau's much desired shoot gun from 'Santa' will not take the caps that we purchased, and we cannot find any that will work with it. That is without paying a ridiculous additional $20 hazardous materials fee if we order them from Cabela's, which is where D ordered the gun from. What a total bummer for that boy! So, D went and bought that boy a cheap $6.99 cap gun that WILL take the caps that we purchased. Might have to return the original shoot gun.
Also, seems that everthing that takes batteries this year is draining them faster than I can replace them! What is up with that? Augghh!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

D got home about 7am. Woke me up, I was not ready to get up and start. Beau was first to woke up by Daddy, he groggily entered the living room, and did not reveal the reaction I had expected to receive over his gift from 'Santa'. He merely sat there, yawning, staring, rubbing his eyes...Then, Lulu, she too sat there just staring for a moment, then began demanding, "Open it!" Regardless, it was a great christmas this year. Just enough. Not too much, not too little. My house still feels as though I can walk through it without stepping on multiple toys. Girls' being older with 'smaller' request helps that. We did downsize this year. Kids received 2 gifts, one from 'Santa', one from us. And, only a few more between grandparents and Auntie's.
D got me the KONE! I love it! 1st opportunity to use it came up this morning with cracker new obsession! I also received a new tea kettle. My old one had broken, and I have been missing it for atleast a year. It's handy. I love to drink hot tea! Funny: I had gotten D a gift card to this little coffee shop we go to, him more than I lately, $20, put it in his stocking along with his favorite, Almond Rocha candies, and a quad massager (this is mostly for moi!) He started laughing, I had no idea why. Then, I dump my stocking...he had gotten me the exact same gift card, same amount! How ironic is that?
We did the gift card exchange with my family today. Did the same idea, oldest to youngest. My Dad going first, picks a mastercard gift card (Meanwhile...all I can think of is how that could cover the remaining cost of my soon to be purchased stethoscope!) Next, my Mom picked starbucks, D picked blockbuster, then...I stole my Dads! He was mad. Well, not mad, but didn't want to give it up. I assured him it was indeed going to a good cause...right? I mean, I wouldn't steal it if I wasn't going to use it for my new stethoscope. Otherwise, I'd have stolen Mom's starbucks. In any case, D ended up with blockbuster this time. Not bad. As fun as I find this to be, my sister a real party pooper. She see's no point in it. She'd rather buy a gift. Not I. Shopping is too stressful and hard to do for someone, I think. Gift cards make it so much easier!
I had fun. I think we all did. Kids are happy, everyone is happy. It is a very Merry Christmas!
Enjoy some pics below...

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve!

DH has to work. Boohoo! Very odd feeling for a christmas eve. We baked our gingerbread men, kids decorated...let's just say 'Santa' will not be eating the cookies this year, but rather throwing them away! WAY too much frosting, yuck! In any case, they will be gone before the kids wake up in the morning.
Leah made sure to tell Mommy to ask Santa to leave her Dora Mermaid dolly. I assured her I would. And, Beau is staking it out in his room with his flashlight, planning on catching 'Santa' so he can share the cookies with him. LOL. That boy! He says, "If Santa runs out of those shoot guns before he gets to my house, I guess I just won't get anything at all!" Translation: If he doesn't get a shoot gun, he doesn't WANT anything at all! Well, atleast he has his heart set on one single thing vs. everything he see's.
Drew is still trying to figure out, if Santa came early with her DS, then what will he leave for her tonight? And, here DH seemed to firmly believe that she no longer believed in Santa. Grace even had nerve to ask if 'Santa' was still going to fill thier stockings. A little paranoia setting in?
It really sucks to be in that stage of no longer believing I guess.
Ironically, 24 hours of A Christmas Story is on tonight. Beau even became quite interested in watching it with me earlier. Mostly intrigued by the fact that that boy had also asked 'Santa' for a shoot gun.
I took the kids on a little drive through the area to see christmas lights, they had fun. Leah didn't want to come home. Beau just wanted to stay home. We probably drove around for about 1/2 hour, and as I turned on the road to home, what do you know? I ran over a dead skunk, thus filling the van with that awful stench! Beau kept saying, "That stink is makin' me think I'm gonna puke!" Oh, nothing, not even a terrible horrible baby diaper is worse than a car full of skunk! I just hope it mostly dissipates overnight since we are traveling to my parents house tomorrow. What luck, huh?
Just as my Grandma Georgia used to do for me and my sister when we were small, I read 'T'was The Night Before Christmas' to the little ones (the only ones that would listen). We have a pop-up version, it came with a read along cd as well. There is a page where Santa has his bag and it opens up with little paper toys that stick into holes in the page where the stockings are. Beau and Leah loved this! They kept rearranging them. Beau tried to sneak off with the tiny paper train, Leah the paper candy cane. Little stinkers!
Well, off to play 'Santa'...and do laundry.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This one's for my Momma. She's a diehard Elvis fanatic. Gotta admit...he was a hottie!
Oh, and that heavenly voice...melts me to the floor!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa comes early!

Yesterday we traveled to my SIL house for our Christmas get together. It's a long drive. Kids did well, I was amazed that Beau and Leah did not sleep one wink on the way. I made a yummy Gingerbread cake. Dinner was Prime Rib. Yum! Honestly, anything is better than turkey for me.
Something to mention...I could not believe how many compliments I received on how I look. To this day, I have such a hard time taking compliments. I received many on my hair? Go figure. I dyed it atleast 2 months ago, so I think it has mostly faded out, and I have had the same layered cut since summer, I just usually wear my hair in a pony or half back in a clip. Even my BIL said something. I have lost 30 lbs. at this point, I can tell a difference, and I have received comments from coworkers as well. But, it totally caught me off gaurd when my SIL said I look fabulous? THANKYOU! Very much. Makes me feel all soft and cuddly inside, lol.
My SIL has a Nintendo Wii. My kids have never played one, neither have I or DH. She had Beau playing the racecar game. He did pretty good actually. HE LOVED IT! DH played a boxing game with my SIL, and she won every time. Ha! He didn't seem to get that you are supposed to put whole body effort into it.

We went ahead and gave the girls their 'Santa' gifts. Nintendo DS, with carry cases. Drew still believes in Santa, so she will surely be surprised when he doesn't come christmas day again. We did this since we had an early get together with my inlaws, and thier gifts from them were primarily DS games. Blew our cover no matter what. So, Santa came early this year.

What a fake surprised face she makes!

We did a 'white elephant' gift card exchange between the adults. Starting with the oldest, and ending with the youngest (this is Moi!) So, I was able to take anybody elses gift card or choose the last one. I decided to take my BIL's $25 visa card, I want to get a stethescope, and this will pay for 1/2 of it. This made him take my SIL's Best Buy card, then my SIL took DH's blockbuster card, forcing DH take the the last one which was...OLIVE GARDEN! Woohoo! Not a bad trade off afterall. We WILL be going out to dinnner soon! We are doing the same thing with my family on Christmas Day. It's quite fun, really. And, much easier shopping.

Now looking forward to a yummy Mexican Dinner with my family Christmas Day. The works! I am planning to even make dessert empanadas. Only, I'm taking the easy way out. I'm using tortillas, and pie filling. No bake. Just a quick pan fry.

BTW...still haven't found that $41 DH lost!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy 41st Birthday DH!

Today is my husbands 41st birthday! Whoopee! Or...rather, man, has he gotten old! I met my husband when he was, long time ago! I was only 18. We didn't start dating until I was 20, and he was 30. Our first date out was to see a movie, 'Michael', with John Travolta in it, you know? Honestly, I just fell. Hard. Overwhelmingly. I still love that man, but much of the 'spark', may I, has fizzled. I mean, we are much more busy with daily life, raising kids, we don't get time for us. The last time we went out to dinner when we went to the coast for our anniversary last February. I had planned to take him out to dinner last night, but he got called to work, mandatory. So...I just got him a Coldstone Creamery cake, Rasberry Triple Truffle. He loves anything Chocolate and Raspberry together. It even had red velvet cake! And, I made him one of his favorite things for dinner, Enchiladas.
Now, to the main reason I started this post...minds wander...
He had gotten a card from his Dad yesterday with 41 dollars in it. He had set the money on the counter near his wallet last night, and left it. This morning when I got up to wake Drew, Grace already gone, I still saw it there. After Drew got up, and I got her all ready, I laid back down since the babies were not yet awake. Drew watched some T.V. and then left for the bus after coming in to tell me goodbye. Shortly after, the little ones were hollering for me. I got up, could not tell you if I saw the money at that point, I didn't even pay attention.
About an hour later, DH is getting ready to go finish some random christmas shopping, exchanges and he goes for his wallet, MONEY GONE! Just disappeared. We looked everywhere, he searched his wallet, his pants, his coat. I looked in the kids rooms, in the christmas tree, and even the garbage. I hate to accuse my Drew of taking it, but I had to call her at school. I had to ask. I did, and she insisted she did not take it. Drew is a very good kid. She is a hyper child, and challenging at times to extremes, but she typically does not lie. So, I said, "If you remember, or think of it, it really has to come home with you, Daddy needs it."
She said ok. I even had the teacher check her backpack and coat. Although, it could be in her pocket, I suppose. Anyway...still can't find it. She was the only one in the kitchen between the time I saw it, and the time we noticed it was missing. I know it's not a lot of money, but it's missing. And, it was obviously taken by one of the kids. I think Beau and Leah would reveal themselves, with excitement over 'finding money'. You know? In any case...still searching...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meth+Pink Color+ Strawberry scent=Pop Rocks?

Meth being marketing by drug dealers to our children in the appearance of pop rocks?! This is simply outragreous! What next?

NOT so Wordless Wednesday...

That boy has done nothing but talk about getting a real boy gun for christmas. He looks at the ads every week and points out the one that is like the one he wants, then holds on to that ad for days, even sleeps with it. He watches hunting shows with DH, and is always talking about 'the gun that man had!' He could tell you the difference between a deer, elk, and caribou. No pause to recall. I have not a problem with his asking for a "boy gun". I know his desire stems from watching Daddy get ready to go huntin', and watching shows with Daddy about huntin'. Not a desire to shoot at people or regular old things laying around.
But, all I keep thinking about is the movie, A Christmas Story . It is a classic! I keep seeing Ralphie in the pink bunny suit holding his Red Ryder. Oh, and the that quote, "You'll shoot your eye out!" It just makes me laugh. Boys are such a completely different species all together from girls. I am learning this as I go with Beau.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Day of Lethargy

After washing the comforter 2x, finally using a toothbrush to lightly scrub in orange degreaser/cleaner, most of the ink came out. I have obviously been way to determined to rush back to normal life after this surgery. I did not get all my laundry done last night as I had needed to do, partly due to the unexpected comforter mess. About midnight, my stomach started feeling sick, luckily I have a prescription for Phenergan, post op, and I took one. 25mg. Probably should have split it in half, 'cause I totally crashed! I slept without moving one inch all night along till my alarm went off to get the girls up for school. I heard nothing! I haven't slept that great since...well, since before I had kids?!
I say the 25 must have been too much, 'cause even once the little ones were up and enjoying thier cartoons, I sat down on the couch to rest, and I fell asleep, occassionally they would wake me to ask for juice, cereal, etc. But, they played as they usually do, only better today for some reason, and I kid you not, I did not really wake up until 1pm! I felt so bad. So terrible, but I must have needed it. I have been going and going, and I should have rested longer than I allowed myself to post op. I have a bad habit of this. I am such a busy person, I can't stand being lazy. It bugs me no end when my husband spends a full morning sitting and watching T.V. I hardly ever sit down at home until late at night.
This was a much better day. Kids were great, they laid down for a nap about 2pm. DH woke up from sleeping after his graveyard, and we watched 'A Haunting', then he laid back down for a little nap before work again, and I fell asleep again for an hour!
Girls got home, did homework without reminders, played. Kids were wild tonight! Running, jumping, begging for music to dance! Leah has confiscated her pink/white candy cane christmas ornament, she loves it. She knows it's not real, and hasn't tried to eat it, but she insists it goes with her everywhere, and sleeps with it too.
Now I am too wide awake to go to bed, and so, I have wrapped almost all the gifts, but need some boxes for a few. I have all the laundry done, and I am now going to go watch repeats of my fave show, 'Scrubs'!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lacking the Energy to Deal

A 2 and 3 year old not wanting to take a bath, especially NOT wanting to wash thier hair...Add a few drops of food coloring for fun! They will strip and jump in in NO time at all! Amazing. I gave in to fighting it, what harm can a couple drops of blue food coloring into a bath do? None. Sure takes the fight out of bath time. Thanks to that. I have absolutely no energy left to fight tonight.
Somehow, this even turned onery little ones into completely loveable little angels. Leah..."My feelin's are so happy!" lol. How cute is that?
Then, Beau just isn't getting why Santa isn't here yet. This became even more of an issue when Grace set out the presents that she had for everyone. Somehow, Leah picked the one that is indeed intended for her, without any hint and began opening it! Try taking a half open present away from a 2yo...Did I say I had no energy left to fight tonight? I really don't...
Beau insisted on calling Santa himself. Apparently, he has some questions that need some answers, and Mommie's answers just aren't cutting it! So, we called grandpa Santa, and Beau had quite a long conversation...
"Santa, how come you aren't here yet?"
"Santa, do we have to wait for you to be here to open our presents?"
"Santa, why are you bringing presents to all the children?"
"We will make you some cookies Santa, and I was thinkin' I would eat them with you, and me and you could have milk together!"
Grandpa Santa must have answered all the questions correctly, because Beau came away quite satisfied. Silly boy!
Then, Leah somehow completely jacked up Daddy's surround sound...I plead the 5th...I think I will just hide when he comes home in the morning to watch T.V., the scream will probably be heard 'round the world...and I desire not to be anywhere nearby when it sounds off!
And...I discovered that Leah had taken a ball point pen to Drew's pink comforter. Augghhh!!! Why, Why, WHY??? I have washed it, with citrus powered spray 'n wash, in HOT WATER, it's not coming out. What will take scribbles of ink pen out of a comforter?!? So frustrating. I am so tired, and I cannot sleep until I know that pen is out of the comforter now. Energy still very limited. Not dealing well.
Do you ever have those days when you just want to scream at the top of your lungs, with lack for any better word, "F#*! IT ALL, I GIVE UP!"
Sure you do. Come on, admit it. Have you ever seen the movie Waiting? I swear sometimes I feel, and think the way one of the waitresses talks behind closed doors. If you ever see the movie, every time she leaves the floor and enters the kitchen, she blows. Yeah, sometimes all THAT goes on in my head.
This song could express some of my neg energy tonight...just me venting...dark I know, but LET ME VENT!

On a lighter note...lighter indeed...I bought myself a new Glade Plug-In's Scented Oil Lightshow! Lovin' it. Soothing? Indeed it is! Very light scent, not overpowering at all. Kids love the light show! Worth the whole $5.99!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Virtual Gingerbread House

We haven't yet make our annual gingerbread house, but I came across this site on another blog. A ton of fun, and mess free! Create your own Virtual Gingerbread House here. My dd Drew had a blast!

The Sweetest Boy

I finally got DH to take down all of the kids' ornaments last night from the attic. You would've thought it was christmas! lol. They went crazy! Each has their own collection, and Grace having the most, had many 'princesses' so Leah was in princess heaven! She ooh'd and ahh'd at every single one. DH was even surprised at how much fun they had just decorating the tree. They were so wound up, it was crazy!
I kind of had the idea of making the tree look more sophisticated this year, more fancy I may. But, honestly, the kids just love to look at all of thier little knick knack ornaments, and spend tons of time talking about them and pointing. Forget fancy! Someday...
Once all the kids were finally in bed, except that boy, we were laying down on our bed with the boy between us. He was oh so happy, in a very loving mood after all the fun. He grabbed both mine and DH's hands to hold and said, "I love Daddy, and I love Mommy!" , smiling. DH said right at that moment, "You know, we could never get a divorce. Don't you? We never could."
Like I ever want to. But, yeah, I know what he was thinking. One of those moments when you see just exactly why it is so important to work a marriage out for the kids. They need both of you. Mom, and Dad. Not just one. Priceless...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Done shopping...Christmas ornament arrives!

I finished up our christmas shopping today. I am usually all out in the crazy traffic, but this year I have mostly avoided it all. And, my patience is not where it needs to be yet, still feel a bit sore and tired, so I was very short. But, at the same time, people were just plain rude and nasty today! I nearly got rear ended when some guy came up behind me as I was backing out of the parking lot. I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY, HE JUST CAME BARRELING DOWN THE ISLE OUT OF NOWHERE! I honked my horn, and if he had been nearer to my side of the van, I probably would have flipped him off! Bad, I know, but I was that upset!

Once I got home, though, I quickly ornament arrived from Sher, my christmas ornament exchange partner! I was so anxious to see what it was. I have collected Marilyn Monroe memorabilia since I was 13, and my favorite color is red. Sher knew this, since I had told her, and my ornament incorporated both of these! I LOVE IT! Hard to see, but there are tiny rhinestones, one above on the black bow, and one beneath the picture. Great addition to my collection.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the mend...Olive Kids Giveaway at DEREVIEWS

Two days post-op, things are going very well! I have 4 very small laparascopic incicsions to the right of my torso. Dissolving stitches. DH cannot get past the fact that one of the incisions goes right through my belly button. I thought he was going to faint when he realized that one! lol. My kids have been great, the big girls helping out. The little ones being careful when they sit by or on Mommy. Drew is my little worry wart, she took it hard. She just wasnt' accepting it well. In her mind, I guess, she thought I was very very sick and that I might have to go back to the hospital. She is the only one that I had to sit with and share a body book explaining in picture exactly where my gall bladder was and how it was removed, etc. etc. etc...
Turns out my gall bladder had some scar tissue, from previous inflammation. And, the stones, I am told, were BIG. I have the option of bringing the stones home at my 2 week post op appt. Kinda gross, but I think Drew will want to see, and I'm sure DH will too! I might even post a pic...gross, but hey, some people have NO idea what one looks like.
So, I have made it all the way through 'The Secret Life of Bee's' and WOW! is that a book you must read! I love it! I would read it all over again. I purchased it at the book bin, so now my Mom will be reading it and even my 12 yo is interested. I am now starting 'The Mermaid Chair', not as interesting yet to me as the 'Bee's', but I'm just getting into it. With all the pain medications I have been taking, I sit to read and my eyes blur over, it makes it really hard to read much. I have also been watching a ton of movies...sick of that now!
In any case...I am on the road to mend, and will be back to work already tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just wanted to say...

To all of you that have sent a prayer my way. I truly and sincerely appreciate it. I'm sure all will go well tomorrow.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Morph Me!

Okay, this is silly, but fun! I know me looking like Adriana Lima is insane to even think, but the closest pair up was Marcia Cross, you know, from Desperate Housewives? I just didn't think that was gonna work! Aside from that, most of the matches were asian women, nothing wrong with that, but I so do not look asian! I do think Marcia Cross is absolutely beautiful, though.

All in a day...

I was finally sitting down to read The Secret Life of Bee's, and Beau comes running, "Mom, Weah colored all over herself with brown and pink!" I, ofcourse, jump up and run to see what he's talking about. Leah had gotten ahold of some markers, and decided to color her hands, nails, and lower arms pink. Scribbles all over them! She must have known she did a no-no, 'cause the next thing I know she was trying to wash it all off with baby wipes, saying, "I gotta get it off! It's gross!" I did not say this to her, btw. I simply told her she has to write on paper, not her hands.

Leah was invited for a little playdate recently. Beau had a complete and utter breakdown about this. They are really never apart from eachother. If I take one grocery shopping with me, they act as if they've been apart for days! He balled a bit, then came the "Why don't you ever let me play with my friends?" WHAT FRIENDS? He's only 3, we have no one around us with a boy that is his age. His cousins all live atleast 45 minutes to 1 hour or more away from us. But, once Leah was back home, he was back to normal. What will they do when one starts school?

One of our neighbors had wonderful little drop in christmas cookie decorating party today. The kids were really excited to go. Late night last night, but they were doing okay ( I thought) . I figured we could decorate cookies for an hour from 2-3, and then I'd lay them down for a nap afterward. Honestly, my two little ones spend much more time at home, casual with Mommy, than the other girls did. Sometimes, I wonder if this is the best thing for them. I know they were tired, but here's what went down. All the kids washed hands first, then picked one cookie at a time to start decorating. Beau was no sooner 1/2 way into decorating his 1st cookie he puts his hand down the back of his pants and blurts out, "My ass-crack is itchin'!" What? I was horrified, but luckily no one heard him say it clear enough, but I knew what he said. This must come from Daddy...BAD DADDY! We wash hands again, and then he starts licking the knives that he is spreading the frosting with, which were intended to be reused by each child. He did this not once, not twice, but 4x!!! I just didn't know what to do. Then, he found a balloon to toss around while the girls finished thier cookies, and Drew started to try to play with him, and he started to yell at her, and say "If you don't give it back to me, I'm gonna hit you!" I sternly said, NO YOUR NOT! I was so embarassed. And, honestly, no matter how many times I apologized, each time something else came up! He had been asked by one person how old he was, he told her. Then later, the Grandma asked him, he must have thought he had already spoken to her, 'cause he blurted out "I TOLD YOU, I'M 3!" I quick reprimanded that boy, telling him she had not asked him yet, and how is he supposed to talk to people? He said, "Nice." Okay...he knows. I told him to try again. This time..."I'm three." Very calmly. AUUGGHHH!!!! I really wished I could have vanished at that moment. I should have seen it coming. They went to bed at 11:30pm, when their bed time is usually 8 or 8:30. And, I should have given them a nap before we went to anyone elses home. Especially someone that doesn't typically spend time around my children. How completely upsetting this was. Makes you wonder if they will ever invite me and my kids ever again...

Leah was such a silly one last night. She changes her pajamas atleast 2-3x till she is satisfied that she indeed looks as much like a real princess as she possibly can. Oh Leah! This sometimes drives me completely insane! She has a few of hand-me-down night gowns that are fancy. She rotates through all of them, and once they are all dirty, she insists on finding them again, she even knows to go to the dryer to check if it's been washed yet. She is princess obsessed!

I keep thinking about this surgery and becoming slightly paranoid. I know all will most likely go just fine, no problem. But, something always creeps into my mind, and makes me anxious. It's not like I'm going in to have a cesarian, and bring home a baby. I'm going in to have one of my organs removed for good! It is just so wierd to think about. And, I just pray the pain is not too bad. And, more than anything, I pray that nothing goes wrong. So, here I am. Pre-cholecystectomy, age 30, Wife of nearly 8 years, Mom of 4, Nurse of nearly 5 years, with my new haircut (wanted it done before I am bedridden in the coming week). I won't be having this smile on my face for many days to come, I'm sure. But, I do have a couple good books to read while I'm down... The Secret Life of Bee's & The Mermaid Chair...aaaahhh!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Faves~Christmas Carol

Occasionally, I participate in Mommy Community's Friday Faves. This week, it's christmas carols.
I definitely remember going out one christmas with my Mom, and Aunt and a few cousins to carol through town, and to a local nursing home where they loved hearing us sing. You would not catch me doing this now, however. Luckily, there is an abundance of people from churches and such that do visit the nursing homes and carol. Unfortunately, it is so inconvenient for the nursing staff, at least at my job, to work around these huge groups of carollers. Although it is a nice thing to do, and the residents do so look forward to this, for the most part.
As far as my favorite christmas carol...Oh Holy Night. I love the Celine Dion christmas CD. I love her voice, it's amazing!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Yesterday, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile came to a local grocery store for the day. I took Beau and Leah to see it. They got to climb into it and look around, and then the drivers handed each of them a weiner whistle. LOL. First time I've ever seen it either. I remember wishing it would come to my town, as I child. Something fun to have seen, I guess, for little ones.

Getting closer...

The anxiety is setting in STRONG! My surgery is coming up next monday. Most of the time I think of it, and blow it off, no big deal, I mean, I've had 2 cesarians, can't be any worse than that, right? But, the past day or two, I have had increasing paranoia about the whole thing. I can't fall asleep at night thinking about it. Being a nurse does not help the matter. I know exactly what they are going to do, but I keep thinking of where they will be cutting into me, the whole bit of being put under by anesthesia, the risk of infection, the pain afterwards... And then, my heart starts to race, and I feel like I'm gonna have a panic attack!
I hate being disabled in any way. I will be down for atleast a few days afterwards, and my family keeps acting like I'm going to be completely crippled. I hate having someone waiting on me. I just pray that all goes well, and I am back to my normal self ASAP.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Storm coming...

Blogging quickly as I sit here waiting for the inevitable power outage due to the nasty storm we are having this evening... (candles already lit!)

Took the kids to a free childrens holiday festival of sorts, they got to see Santa and there were some crafty things to do. Ran into a very old friend from sophmore year high school, I swear she does not look any different! She with her one little toddler, and me with my 4 trailing behind me!

Kids had fun. I personally do not really like those things. This one wasn't so bad. No rude people, just cheerful ones. Very bad Santa however, I didnt' take a pic. Beau and Leah had already seen Santa at the mall a few days ago. Leah had run right up to him and given him a big hug! I was shocked. But, Beau did all the talking, for Leah as well. He keeps telling Santa he wants a "big cowboy shoot gun, you know, like that silver one the cowboy has?" And, according to Beau, Leah wants the crash-ups. He speaks for her as she sits with shy eyes, speechless in Santa's lap. I kinda think it's his way of securing all his wants.

Must be a full moon, girls' were at eachother throats tonight! All over which TV show the other wanted to watch. I hate this. I really do. They kept at it, Drew balling, Grace mocking her...sent them both to bed early, no more TV tonight for them! Drew had the 1st 'nervous breakdown' she's had in a long time tonight. Nothing can calm her when she gets like this. Over tired, SO OVER DRAMATIC!

Well, off to try and finish laundry before the power shuts off!