Sunday, January 21, 2007

Handsome, holding up his first snowball!


Leah Lou, or as I lovingly refer to her most of the time, LULU, has an extreme shoe fetish. It doesn't matter who's shoes they are, or how hard they may be to put on or walk in, she has to wear them. Here is a picture of her so proud after putting on Beau's dress shoes. Silly girl!

He's 3!!!

Train Cake Topper from

Beau Michael is officially 3 today! At exactly 3:53 am, if I remember correctly. And, he is also fully potty trained to the day, but not night time yet. I don't even have to tell him to go, he goes all by himself, and it is so nice not to be changing 2 diapers at a time every day! We had his birthday party yesterday at the Pizza Parlor. I made him a choo choo cake as he once again requested. He loved it! I wasn't as pleased with it as I wanted to be, but I did not have the time or the know how to use fondant. So, I just iced it and used M&M's to decorate, along with a train and chocolate rocks. He got some new trains to add to the collection: thomas and the jet engine, annie and clarabel, ice delivery trucks, gordon, harold the helicopter (his broke), and travis the tractor, also james goes buzz buzz as well as some wacky track, the fishing dock, and cranky the crane. Then there was ofcourse some dinosaur items: doodle dinosaur (like a doodle bear), a melissa&doug dinosaur puzzle, dinosaur play and store, dinosaur doodle pro, and an imaginext Brontosaurus, a Monster Truck, and a blue camo outdoor set with tent/water bottle/sleeping bag, etc.

He is having a blast playing with his train table today! He goes back and forth, TRAINS to MONSTER TRUCK to DINOSAURS, then back again! I still cannot believe how the time has passed so quickly. As much fun as this age is, I sure wish I could have my baby boy back again!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Bye Baby Boy, Hello Big Boy!

Beau Michael will soon be 3, the 21st of this month. How time flies by! I just cannot believe my lovely little baby boy is now a full blown 'kid', not a baby anymore. With this in mind, I am trying to get him going on potty training, which I have postponed this past few months. I am using a similar system to the one I used for my last daughter. For everytime he uses the potty, he chooses a sticker, and I try hard to find one's that relate to his current interests, such as CARS, or trains. At first he was able to choose a sticker and get 3 M&M's from the 'potty jar'. But, Daddy messed up and gave him a whole custard bowl of M&M's when I was working one night, and that threw that out the window! So, now, once he goes potty on the toilet 5 times, and collects 5 stickers, he is able to choose a prize...which are CARS die cast cars at this point. I suppose I should be giving him gems, or tickets to turn in for the prize....Hmmm, I may have to adjust that a bit. I also let him choose his own underwear, and he chose MONSTER TRUCKS, ( he is so into that new cartoon Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks) telling me all the while, "I will not pee on those monster trucks Mom!" But, he did. And today he did have one accident, but we stuck to pull ups today after that. This evening he did go to the toilet all on his own incentive, not telling me first, but coming to tell me afterward that "I pee'd on the toiwet Mom! I did, I did!" And, he did! All alone, AND his pull up was still dry after hours from the last change. I honestly feel so alien to this, being my first boy and all, but I am finding it so much easier to just let him kind-of explore it all, without hanging over him every hour asking if he needs to pee, and is he sure??? Now, I suppose once he masters this I will have to let him out of the crib too, boo hoo. I still just cannot believe my baby boy is soon to be 3!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Go away cold wet winter!

This cold, rainy winter we are having this year is just such a downer! It is so cold, and wet. We are inside all the time! Not good on my Mommy Brain, taking in all the running and screaming that goes on IN the house this time of year! We need a nice little break, a slice of sunshine to break it all up, and let those kids run around OUTSIDE for just an hour or two of ONE day! I simply just cannot wait for spring!