Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I did my best, but 4 never cooperate at the same time!

Little Leah Lou "Who", hee hee!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Sick Son

The girls have been out of school for almost a week now, and it is sooo crazy with all 4 home ALL DAY. And to top it off, Beau woke up at 6am puking, as did Drew following at 8am. I don't know what is going on...Beau recently had a bug, seems he's really getting the brunt of it all this year. When I persisted, the doctor finally performed a stool culture, he was having so much diahrrea over a 2 week period, and it came back C. Diff (+), which is not good. Clostridium Difficile is a bacteria, normally found in the bowel, but when a person has very strong antibiotic treatment, or is immune compromised, it expresses it's presence through constant watery, mucous-filled stools, and usually the affected person is outwardly, expressively VERY ILL. Which he was not, he was eating, playing. He was not on any meds, nor to my knowledge was he in any contact with anyone that had C.Diff, and our Nurse Practitioner said she had NEVER seen a case in a child. We have brainstormed that, maybe, if she tested every child that came in with chronic diahrrea, they too, may show positive for C.Diff, but there's no telling since she doesn't test them and only did for Beau since I persisted. He was on a 10 day regimen of Flagyl 4 times a day, and let me tell you, that was real fun! HA HA, not really laughing. I had no option but to crush it, no liquid form available, and the best thing that worked for many days was peanut butter, but then he found out the taste, and was able to identify it in anything I gave him. And I tried soda pop, milk, chocolate milk, jelly, sprinkled on mayo in his choo-choo sandwich, pudding, jello, and icecream. It is so strong and terrible tasting that he just simply would not take it most of the time, so I am VERY fearful that it may be a possibility that he never really got rid of the C.Diff in the first place leading him to be sick again today, and for who knows how much longer. Please say a prayer. The Lord is always healing, and my son just cannot take much more of being so sick. I just adore him, it pains me to see him so ill.
I love you Beau Michael, My Son, My Handsome, 'My only one'!
Blow Kiss
I Adore You

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh, the things they do and say...

I sing this song to Beau, and sometimes he even asks for me to, it goes, 'Beau Michael, My son, He's handsome, The only one!' So...the other day I was blowdrying my hair to get ready for work, and as I turned off the blowdryer, I heard that boy telling his sissy ever so matter-of-fact like, "NO! I'M A SON! I'M THE ONLY ONE! I CAN PLAY BASEBALL! I CAN BE A ROCKET!" Whoa! Look out world!

We finally got our christmas tree up and decorated just yesterday, and Leah will just not leave it alone no matter how many times I tell her NO! Little stinker! She repeatedly removes the bulbs, which to her are 'balls'. So, tonight, I was putting in some laundry, and I hear Beau yell, "MOM?! THERE'S A MESS! WEAH DID IT!" I am honestly thinking, book thrown on floor, cars tipped out of basket, then I enter the living room, and there before me are 2 completely shattered christmas bulbs! And, Beau is sitting right on top of it all. My guess...Leah removed them, no doubts, and they were playing chase as usual, and they stepped on them. Every year, less bulbs make it back to storage than the year before!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Goin' to see Santa

Last night we went to "Christmas Land", and the babies had a blast. Leah, who is in love with teddy bears loved the 'Teddy Bears Picnic' scene, and there were model trains galore for that Boy. The big girls have been so many times that they like to go since it means it's christmas time, but they really aren't so thrilled about the scenes anymore. Beau was so excited about the trains he stood there for a good half hour, and the man controlling one of them even stopped one right in front of Beau and made it toot it's horn, which just thrilled that Boy! There was even a Thomas with Annie and Clarabel trailing behind him. On one side, as a train passed by, Beau said, "That's a Diesel!" And he was right!
At the end there is always Mr. and Mrs. Claus. And I never in a million years thought Beau or Leah would go up to him and sit on his lap, so I left the camera at home...low and behold, Leah actually cut in front of some other kids to get up to Santa, I had to keep reminding her to 'wait her turn', and she's say every few moments, "My turn???" Then, when it was her turn, Beau decided he would only go up to Santa if they went together, and THEY DID! Santa pulled both of them up onto his lap, and Leah just snuggled right up to him, and Beau emmediately spouted out, "I WANT A BOB HOUSE AND A BIG BENNY!" Santa then asks Leah what she wants, and she just looks at him and lays her head down on his shoulder, not saying a word, and Beau looks at me, "MOM, I THINK SHE WANTS A BABY!" Then he turns to Santa, "SHE WANTS A BABY!" Everyone around giggled, it was so cute! After they were off of his lap a lady offered to take the picture and email it to me, but they were already headed down the steps, and another child was on his lap. I won't forget the camera next time though!