Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Heaven's belong to Handsome

Last night as we all sat on the porch enjoying the cool breeze, Beau Michael, out of the blue says, "My castle's up there!" He sat, pointing up. I said, "Where? In the sky?" He said, "Yes, my castle's up there! In da sky! That's my castle up there!"

Now, you interpret that as you may.

A first for me

Just this past Thursday, I was surprised to come home to an open door, and broken screen in our kitchen window! Yes, our house was broken into, and we were robbed. Thank goodness it was while we were not home, however, my digital camera is missing, as are about 20 of Jack's CD's, and they almost got away with my Picture Mate photo printer. For some reason they left it on my bed, so it is now in police custody for printing. I have not heard anything back from the Sherriffs Dptmt yet. Drew was hysterical, balling, scared to death! And, mind you, don't call 911 expecting emmediate response on this type of crime. My sister called for me from in town, and was told to call the other county police dptmt since I am out of town, so they would not dispatch from her phone number/zip code to me! My neighbor did testify she saw a white 4-door newer toyota type compact car in our driveway, but she thought it was just Grace getting picked up by a friend or getting dropped off. So far, one other house on our block was robbed within days of us, and they got wiped out. Lucky us....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fun at the Park

Here is what Beau calls the 'wiggle walk',
he kept saying, "Mom, I go slow-y!"

One lonely little baby duck

"Here, sissy, I hep you!"

Leah taking off!

Grace, and Beau feeding the ducks.

Today we took a trip to the park to feed the ducks! Jack even tagged along. Leah, now walking, became so excited that she fell over many times on our way to the playground. She was so adorable wandering around, climbing like a 'big girl' all over the stairs. And, Beau, so scared to walk on what I called 'the wiggle walk' bridge. It was so hot they dare not slide down the slides. When we finally meandered over to hill to feed the ducks, Beau ran wild chasing all of them off! I(just like a boy!) I handed him his piece of bread to feed them, and he threw the whole heel at them! Leah, she just kept eating all the little pieces that Daddy gave to her. Thank goodness most of it was still good, but only heels, rather than old and moldy. It was a nice little outing, and eased the tension of our usual task filled days. Oh, how I love watching those little bodies running around the park, giggling in excitement, so happy to be outside!

Priceless are They

Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Mom, see? I got a peanut!"

Beautiful Doll

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My little helpers

This evening, I started cleaning bathrooms, and such going back and forth wiping counter tops, the babies, or should I say Toddlers, were busy with some dolls in the girls' room. Next thing I know I hear something spraying, so I run to the other bathroom and Beau had sprayed air freshener spray all over the counter, the floor, the mirrors...everything! How could I be mad, when all he was trying to do was help mommy?! After I got that cleaned up, I went down the hall, and low and behold, Leah's trail of baby wipes. She's standing there with one in her hand wiping her mouth (she's walking finally!), and on her bedroom floor are atleast 20 baby wipes strung about and out the door! I can't take my eyes off of them for one second anymore!
Kid With Doll Kid With Toy Car

Sunday, July 02, 2006