Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I did my best, but 4 never cooperate at the same time!

Little Leah Lou "Who", hee hee!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Sick Son

The girls have been out of school for almost a week now, and it is sooo crazy with all 4 home ALL DAY. And to top it off, Beau woke up at 6am puking, as did Drew following at 8am. I don't know what is going on...Beau recently had a bug, seems he's really getting the brunt of it all this year. When I persisted, the doctor finally performed a stool culture, he was having so much diahrrea over a 2 week period, and it came back C. Diff (+), which is not good. Clostridium Difficile is a bacteria, normally found in the bowel, but when a person has very strong antibiotic treatment, or is immune compromised, it expresses it's presence through constant watery, mucous-filled stools, and usually the affected person is outwardly, expressively VERY ILL. Which he was not, he was eating, playing. He was not on any meds, nor to my knowledge was he in any contact with anyone that had C.Diff, and our Nurse Practitioner said she had NEVER seen a case in a child. We have brainstormed that, maybe, if she tested every child that came in with chronic diahrrea, they too, may show positive for C.Diff, but there's no telling since she doesn't test them and only did for Beau since I persisted. He was on a 10 day regimen of Flagyl 4 times a day, and let me tell you, that was real fun! HA HA, not really laughing. I had no option but to crush it, no liquid form available, and the best thing that worked for many days was peanut butter, but then he found out the taste, and was able to identify it in anything I gave him. And I tried soda pop, milk, chocolate milk, jelly, sprinkled on mayo in his choo-choo sandwich, pudding, jello, and icecream. It is so strong and terrible tasting that he just simply would not take it most of the time, so I am VERY fearful that it may be a possibility that he never really got rid of the C.Diff in the first place leading him to be sick again today, and for who knows how much longer. Please say a prayer. The Lord is always healing, and my son just cannot take much more of being so sick. I just adore him, it pains me to see him so ill.
I love you Beau Michael, My Son, My Handsome, 'My only one'!
Blow Kiss
I Adore You

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh, the things they do and say...

I sing this song to Beau, and sometimes he even asks for me to, it goes, 'Beau Michael, My son, He's handsome, The only one!' So...the other day I was blowdrying my hair to get ready for work, and as I turned off the blowdryer, I heard that boy telling his sissy ever so matter-of-fact like, "NO! I'M A SON! I'M THE ONLY ONE! I CAN PLAY BASEBALL! I CAN BE A ROCKET!" Whoa! Look out world!

We finally got our christmas tree up and decorated just yesterday, and Leah will just not leave it alone no matter how many times I tell her NO! Little stinker! She repeatedly removes the bulbs, which to her are 'balls'. So, tonight, I was putting in some laundry, and I hear Beau yell, "MOM?! THERE'S A MESS! WEAH DID IT!" I am honestly thinking, book thrown on floor, cars tipped out of basket, then I enter the living room, and there before me are 2 completely shattered christmas bulbs! And, Beau is sitting right on top of it all. My guess...Leah removed them, no doubts, and they were playing chase as usual, and they stepped on them. Every year, less bulbs make it back to storage than the year before!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Goin' to see Santa

Last night we went to "Christmas Land", and the babies had a blast. Leah, who is in love with teddy bears loved the 'Teddy Bears Picnic' scene, and there were model trains galore for that Boy. The big girls have been so many times that they like to go since it means it's christmas time, but they really aren't so thrilled about the scenes anymore. Beau was so excited about the trains he stood there for a good half hour, and the man controlling one of them even stopped one right in front of Beau and made it toot it's horn, which just thrilled that Boy! There was even a Thomas with Annie and Clarabel trailing behind him. On one side, as a train passed by, Beau said, "That's a Diesel!" And he was right!
At the end there is always Mr. and Mrs. Claus. And I never in a million years thought Beau or Leah would go up to him and sit on his lap, so I left the camera at home...low and behold, Leah actually cut in front of some other kids to get up to Santa, I had to keep reminding her to 'wait her turn', and she's say every few moments, "My turn???" Then, when it was her turn, Beau decided he would only go up to Santa if they went together, and THEY DID! Santa pulled both of them up onto his lap, and Leah just snuggled right up to him, and Beau emmediately spouted out, "I WANT A BOB HOUSE AND A BIG BENNY!" Santa then asks Leah what she wants, and she just looks at him and lays her head down on his shoulder, not saying a word, and Beau looks at me, "MOM, I THINK SHE WANTS A BABY!" Then he turns to Santa, "SHE WANTS A BABY!" Everyone around giggled, it was so cute! After they were off of his lap a lady offered to take the picture and email it to me, but they were already headed down the steps, and another child was on his lap. I won't forget the camera next time though!


Monday, November 27, 2006

Mine Apple!


Mmmm, mine apple!

Sweet little Leah was demanding an apple tonight. I usually cut it up and put her in the high chair, but I gave in, and she was in 'no no' heaven! She sure thought she was something big eating that apple all by herself while walking around! Silly Leah Lou!

Fall Fun

Beau Michael had been begging and begging to go "pay in the weaves!" And so, finally it was dry enough to get out and rake some up for them to play in. Leah just wasn't so sure, she chose to stand back, but Drew and Beau jumped right in!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Gotta Love Halloween!

Every year I try to find the perfect costume for each of my kids. Beau is sooo into Finding Nemo, I just had to have him be Nemo! And, I tell you, boy did he have tons of people commenting on his costume, and he was the ONLY NEMO!
Leah, well, she is still a personality that has not yet fully revealed itself, but I think the Bumble Bee was pretty darn cute! We came upon a house where the lady handing out candy just happened to be Gracie's teacher, and she was also dressed as a bumble bee, along with her dog, and as Jack walked up with Leah, she hollered out "My Daughter!" We all thought that was kinda funny.
Little Drew was Esmeralda from disney's Hunchback of Notre Dam. She was a very good Esmeralda at that, I crimped her hair to make it look wavy. But, after all that trouble she says, "Esmeralda was a stupid costume. Next year, I want to be a Wizard!" Well, okay then...we'll see.
Grace always has to be something 'pretty', ever since she was tiny. Used to be I could not get that girl out of her dress up clothes to even go play outside, or go to the grocery store. She would refuse to even get dressed at Grandma's house if I , heaven forbid, sent pants! So, she ofcourse, was something pretty...
Butterfly 4
Seems that's the thing too for her age of girl. We passed another girl, that looked at Grace,with that jealous stare, (her wings were upside down BTW), and as she passed, she goes, "Huh! Everyone wants to be a butterfly this year!" So much drama! Anyway, all in all, kids made out, too much candy if you ask me, and I will probably, (shh, don't tell) throw most of it away like last year!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Grace and Drew both had Parent/Teacher Conferences for me to go to yesterday, and I am so very proud to say that both of my school age daughters are pure geniuses. I am not being biased, I am only telling the truth. Grace, my dear, has 5-A's and 2-B's thus far, bringing her GPA to an amazing 3.7 WOOHOO! And, Darling Drew, well, she has blossomed into your average 'read almost anything tossed' at her first grader. So much for last years drama about her lack of progress with reading. I must say, it was so good to hear such wonderful news. I mean, I know my girls are smart, and capable, but to see the enthusiasm in someone else's eyes, and to hear it in thier voice when speaking of MY childs progress in school felt so good. Gracie's teachers think she is something special. Very intelligent. And Drew's teacher adores her too! I sure hope the rest of the year continues on like this.

Love 2 B Mom

Tonight Drew had soccer practice and so I stayed and let the little one's play at the nearby park/school playground. They just take off like rockets! A big fleet of Geese were flying by, and it was really close, Beau looked up and yelled, "WOW! EAGLES!" Leah kept saying "beebee's! beebee's!" Which is her way of saying 'birdy'. It was too cute!
Later on, after we were home, and they'd had thier bath, we were reading some books. I had gotten them the new Maurice Sendack, his very first pop-up book, it's halloweenish, and I wasn't quite sure the little ones would understand it, but Leah picked right up on it! There is a baby that enters a haunted house, and as he goes through the different rooms of the haunted house he comes upon a different monster, but he is not scared, he is looking for his mommy, so each page shows him either sticking his binky in the monsters mouth, or unwinding the mummy, etc. But all the way through, there is a bubble for the baby, he is calling, "MOMMY?" Ofcourse, I am reading this to them, and Leah is like, "OH NO! Where's sha Mom? MOMMY? A Mommy go? Oh, der Mommy is!" I was so shocked to have her understand what was going on in the book, a book with so few words at that. I think I had to go back through it about 4 times they liked it sooooo much!
Another one we got was, 'I SAW AN ANT ON THE RAILROAD TRACK', more for Beau, than Leah, ofcourse. It was a realy witty rhyming picture book, and he loved it.



Tuesday, October 24, 2006


FINALLY! I finished painting Beau's room. It is a 'Finding Nemo' theme. But, he also is really into dinoaurs right now, as well as trains and planes. So boy! He was so thrilled to see it all done. So glad I am done! We now have dinosaurs crawling up the wall, fishies swimming, airplanes hanging from the ceiling, and choo choo trains everywhere!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beau Michael...My Son

Today was Drew's day to go to the pumpkin patch with her classroom, and for whatever reason, she decided not to take the usual backpack to school, leaving behind her rubber boots and plastic bags. I had to get ready and take them to her before the bus left for the patch, so I decided to go visit my Mom at work since it was early and the babies were already in the car. When we got to her work, she was on break, so I went to find her, and we sat with her for a bit, then on our way back to the office, she began talking to the grounds-keeping lady, who was all bundled up in her rain coat, rubber boots, and hood. Beside her was her 'tractor' of sorts, towing a small trailer for debris she was cleaning up. After my Mom stopped talking to her, and we were a bit closer to the doorway, Beau Micheal says, with alot of thought in his face, "But..." then he paused, looking at us all funny, his nose scrunched up, "...where is her sheep?" I had to laugh. It was kind-of embarassing really for him to have thought she was a sheep herder or something. But, I guess the attire was fitting. My gut laugh for the day!

Cow Pig Pony

The Carousel

My FAVORITE~The Sea Horse

Beau 'kissing' the Cow

THE Carousel
So, it was yet, the girls' 4th day of thier 4-day weekend (I was going crazy!) and I had been wanting to take them to this Carousel for some time. I had heard about it years ago, when Drew was merely 2 years old, but had never taken the kids. It really is a sight! A ticket booth sits in the corner, and they have an old fashioned popcorn popping machine with a handle like a stroller, on wheels. I rode free, only because I had to hold Beau and Leah, even though they were buckled to the horses, on either side of me. Both started to slip, and within seconds Leah was saying "All done! All done!" But, we stuck it out. It was some fun for a rainy day!

The Pumpkin Patch

We found this great Pumpkin Patch this year! It was right down Beau's alley. They had a quarter scale train, which took us out to the patch of pumpkins, he loved it! All the kids had fun, but he just could not get over the train! As it dropped us off, he ran back, running along the track watching it leave, we had to call him back! The main attraction was the train ride, but the kids were able to pick a small pumpkin as well. They certainly aren't no carver pumpkins, but to the kids, they are perfect!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Simply Disgusting...

The other day, as I was exiting Target, and walking to my car WITH both Beau and Leah on either hand, I suddenly heard, "THAT'S RIGHT BABY! I SWEAR I'M OLD ENOUGH!" I looked over real quick, and sitting on a bench were a few girls that could not have been more than 12 or 13 years old, hollering at what I then realized was a man atleast in his 20's who was also walking to his car. They continued yelling, "TURN AROUND! LOOK AT ME! AREN'T YOU GONNA LOOK AT ME, BABY! I SAID I'M OLD ENOUGH!" I was nothing short of stunned by thier behavior! I mean, how appalling is that??? All I could think of was my 11 yr. old spending a few hours at the mall with a friend, and ending up doing exactly what I had just witnessed! It sped through my mind, pure horror! I just hope and pray I have instilled in her to be above that type of behavior. And, also to steer clear of any other girl, that may exhibit that behavior. Lord Help Me!

The Jungle

Everyday, Beau asks me, "Mom, can I go dig in the jungle? Can I? Can I, Mom? Can I go to the jungle?" Well, let me tell you what the 'jungle' is. It is this tremendously large tree in our front yard. Jack, recently, cut back the branches on the bottom, so that I could fill in under the tree with dirt and plant some of my columbine seeds ( since they are supposed to enjoy acidic soil). you can see, I may never be able to do so...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Go Drew!

She was so excited when it was her turn to throw the ball in!
That's my girl! Positioning the ball to kick a goal!

Drew has made a total of 4 goals in her first 3 games, and is doing such a good job staying on the ball. So much so that she tries too hard to play goalie when she should be on the ball guiding it to the opposing teams goal! She definitely has defense down. That's my Drew!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mine Giggles!

I took the kids to the video store to rent a movie tonight. Ofcourse EVERYONE wants thier own movie, Beau is grabbing Bob the Builder off the shelf, Drew has Aladdin, and Leah is holding the Wiggles up to me while Grace hands me Herbie. I quickly let them know I am NOT renting any more than 2 movies at time. Well, ends up if you rent 3 newer releases, it's only 9.99 this week, and for each of those rentals you get a free movie from the kids older releases. So...we decided on Doogal, which was okay, but not that great...Aquamarine which we have yet to watch, and I rented Lake House... you gotta love Keanu! Beau ofcourse sticks to Bob, and Leah to Wiggles, and so as the lady is checking us through I take the wiggles from Leah to hand to the lady scan, and she starts screaming... "MINE! MINE GIGGLES! AAHHH MINE! GIGGLES!" It was so cute. The lady said, "We've had few like her!" We got home, and she refused to put it down. I had to take it from her and hide it so I could get her to bed. I feared she would chew up the outer cover, and then I would own yet another Wiggles movie.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ni-Nite Gummy Bears!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Today Leah is 18 months old! Wow does time fly by. I had made an apptmt to take her to Sears for her 18 month photos, and as I was pushing the stroller through the bedding dptmt toward the photo studio, and Beau says, "I don't think I like this place." Then as we turn the corner, and he sees the automotive department, tires, etc... he says, "Hmmm, maybe I do!" It was so funny! Had to be there I guess. Anyway...Leah did a great job this time for pictures, no crying, just happy face! I just can't believe she is almost 2 already!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Nervous Breakdown

Drew is so worried about how she looks when she goes to school, part from watching Grace get ready in the morning I'm sure, and also just because she is a very sensitive person when it comes to being made fun of. If she thinks someone is making fun of her she comes unglued! The other night she missed her bath, it was a sunday, so school was the next day. I had planned to give her one early in the morning, but things got crazy and I forgot. So, we agreed to just put her hair in braids. She was fine with this. Her pants had a rainbow belt, and we have some rainbow fringe hair bands, so I thought, "This would be so cute Drew!" She did not protest, but once I got done, she looked in the mirror and said, "I don't want these MOM! I look kiddish!" I was like, "Kiddish? Your only 6 Drew, not 11 like Grace!" She started balling, kept balling, and was trying to tell me she was not going to go to school unless I took them out. Her hair was already done, I was NOT taking anything out, besides, she looked so cute! She did end up going to school, and last night in the bath said, "Mom, I don't want you to wash my hair 'cause I want my hair to be the same as you did it for tomorrow." Hmmm, she liked it afterall?! In any case, here is a tantrum photo from the morning fit, see the pleading in her face??? Heehee!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Hmmm...Looks like Leah likes Blackberries too!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back to School...YAY!

Next week my girls start back to school, and they are just driving me crazy! As crazy as they make me feel, I stood in the babies window, listening to the girls laughter traveling through the afternoon breeze as they played (and fought) in the pool. It made me think...I won't hear that sound forever. They are all going to grow up and there will be no more summer days with giggling, splashing sounds coming from our backyard. How sad is that?!
Never-the-less, I must get them back in routine of getting to bed at thier bedtimes for school. And, Drew is vehemently protesting me on this! She has creeped her way later and later the past few nights, but tonight I stuck to my guns. She got a book, and went to bed, Grace shortly after her. Then I tackled Beau, read him 2 books, put him to bed, and as I walked by the girls' room, I heard them talking. I opened the door, and reminded them, Drew especially that the purpose of going to bed 'on time' was to go to sleep 'on time' to get ready for school bedtime. She quickly responded, "But, we don't have school tomorrow!" Duh, I know this, she knows I know this. So, I said to her..."I am going to wake you up in the morning, every morning from now until school starts (even after that) and make you get up and ready for school just like it's really a school day, so that's why you have to go to bed on time now!" She had nothing left to say. I'm sure once I left the room, she whispered a little "mom is so mean" to Grace. Oh well. I'm Mom. What can I say?

The Enchanted Forest


Hmmm...I can do that too Mom!

What's a trip to The Enchanted Forest without this shot?

Here...The witches candy cottage, from Hansel and Gretel. Beau was all for running right into that little house once he saw all the candy painted on the outside, but quickly booked himself right back out once he saw the talking witch inside! Ha!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Wow, does a year "fly" by fast! Beau Michael was 1 1/2 last summer when we visited the airport during the Art & Air Festival, and this year he is 2 1/2. He didn't seem so awstruck this year as last, but nonetheless, he LOVED seeing the "ay-pane's" flying above, taking off, and landing. And he just could not believe it when he could actually touch them! He was kinda scared to, like he thought someone would come walking up and say, "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" or something. But, he did it anyway. I tried to get him to smile, but he was so serious! He's growing up way to fast!

Family Photo

Just us! Well, atleast 5 of us. Grace was with my sister getting school supplies, and we took a drive up to my SIL house to visit. My MIL took this picture for us. I hate how fat I look, but overall, the picture is a good one, and the first one we have of Jack and I with the kids.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sweet Leah Dee when she first came home!

Little Leah Lou posing pretty.