Monday, September 25, 2006

Ni-Nite Gummy Bears!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Today Leah is 18 months old! Wow does time fly by. I had made an apptmt to take her to Sears for her 18 month photos, and as I was pushing the stroller through the bedding dptmt toward the photo studio, and Beau says, "I don't think I like this place." Then as we turn the corner, and he sees the automotive department, tires, etc... he says, "Hmmm, maybe I do!" It was so funny! Had to be there I guess. Anyway...Leah did a great job this time for pictures, no crying, just happy face! I just can't believe she is almost 2 already!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Nervous Breakdown

Drew is so worried about how she looks when she goes to school, part from watching Grace get ready in the morning I'm sure, and also just because she is a very sensitive person when it comes to being made fun of. If she thinks someone is making fun of her she comes unglued! The other night she missed her bath, it was a sunday, so school was the next day. I had planned to give her one early in the morning, but things got crazy and I forgot. So, we agreed to just put her hair in braids. She was fine with this. Her pants had a rainbow belt, and we have some rainbow fringe hair bands, so I thought, "This would be so cute Drew!" She did not protest, but once I got done, she looked in the mirror and said, "I don't want these MOM! I look kiddish!" I was like, "Kiddish? Your only 6 Drew, not 11 like Grace!" She started balling, kept balling, and was trying to tell me she was not going to go to school unless I took them out. Her hair was already done, I was NOT taking anything out, besides, she looked so cute! She did end up going to school, and last night in the bath said, "Mom, I don't want you to wash my hair 'cause I want my hair to be the same as you did it for tomorrow." Hmmm, she liked it afterall?! In any case, here is a tantrum photo from the morning fit, see the pleading in her face??? Heehee!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Hmmm...Looks like Leah likes Blackberries too!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back to School...YAY!

Next week my girls start back to school, and they are just driving me crazy! As crazy as they make me feel, I stood in the babies window, listening to the girls laughter traveling through the afternoon breeze as they played (and fought) in the pool. It made me think...I won't hear that sound forever. They are all going to grow up and there will be no more summer days with giggling, splashing sounds coming from our backyard. How sad is that?!
Never-the-less, I must get them back in routine of getting to bed at thier bedtimes for school. And, Drew is vehemently protesting me on this! She has creeped her way later and later the past few nights, but tonight I stuck to my guns. She got a book, and went to bed, Grace shortly after her. Then I tackled Beau, read him 2 books, put him to bed, and as I walked by the girls' room, I heard them talking. I opened the door, and reminded them, Drew especially that the purpose of going to bed 'on time' was to go to sleep 'on time' to get ready for school bedtime. She quickly responded, "But, we don't have school tomorrow!" Duh, I know this, she knows I know this. So, I said to her..."I am going to wake you up in the morning, every morning from now until school starts (even after that) and make you get up and ready for school just like it's really a school day, so that's why you have to go to bed on time now!" She had nothing left to say. I'm sure once I left the room, she whispered a little "mom is so mean" to Grace. Oh well. I'm Mom. What can I say?

The Enchanted Forest


Hmmm...I can do that too Mom!

What's a trip to The Enchanted Forest without this shot?

Here...The witches candy cottage, from Hansel and Gretel. Beau was all for running right into that little house once he saw all the candy painted on the outside, but quickly booked himself right back out once he saw the talking witch inside! Ha!