Friday, November 28, 2008

No Title...just fury!

At work, we have had an outbreak over a period of atleast a few months, ongoing, frequently treated...only being MIStreated. Horribly!
They thought it was MRSA. Only, with the appropriate treatment for MRSA, the "rash" was not going away, and new cases of "rashes" were continually popping up.
I have been ever so careful. I have washed my hands till they bled, wiped everything down with antibacterial wipes before touching, or between each patient. Alcohol swabs to clean many things before using as well.
I have been NOTHING but overly zealous in keeping clean, and preventing transferrence to others and myself.
Turns out, however, all along we have been dealing with scabies. Yep! G.D. SCABIES!
This little microscopic bug that burrows into your flesh, and lays eggs. Those eggs get fertilized by a male bug and then hatch, spreading like wildfire, and are highly contagious.
My SON now has a breakout.
I have bagged my work clothing to keep it seperate this past week, but the bug takes 4-6 weeks to show the rash since the rash is simply the allergic reaction surfacing in relation to the hatching of the eggs, and the poop the bugs create. Nice, poop under my sons skin. What a nice thought.
I am furious at this point.
My next 24 hours will be spent applying Elimite cream to every single family member, leave it on for up to 14 hours, not less than 8 hours, then bath everyone... then I must wash the entire bedding for 5 beds, not to mention wiping every surface down with cleaner, clean the tubs/showers, and spray down my furniture and carpet with disinfectant, then CAREFULLY vaccume the floors and furniture.
The word I want to scream into the extreme distance is F*CK...about 1 hundred million trillion zillion times at the top of my lungs with emphasis on the U.
I am mad.
After crying my eyes out to my MIL, I have now composed myself just enough to become numb to the reality of it so that I can complete all of the cleaning necessary to rid our family of this disgusting bug. And, it's all on ME ofcourse.
I was just becoming quite prideful of the fact that I, my husband, NOR any of our children has ever had lice...that's what I get for being proud...I've definitely been jerked down from my happy little cloud.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight...I am obsessed!

So, I am ever so willingly going to admit, that 31 yo very married mother of 4, stood in line for about 3 hours on November 20th to be one of the first to see the premier of the highly anticipated movie TWILIGHT!
Honestly, I'd have had it NO other way. You see, this is a movie one absolutley, without question, must see. I have read the entire saga, and then some. I spent my nights, sitting up until 2am reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I found myself scouring the Stephanie Meyer blog to see exactly what he soundtrack was, to imagine the entire effect. The pics of the movie in the making....REALLY, ALL I COULD GATHER OF EDWARD CULLEN.

What a dream come true for us sallow old Mom's. This saga made me look at my husband and wish he were Edward Cullen himself sleeping beside me night after night, and knowing it never ever would be, brought on a slight feeling of depression. LOL. D*mmit, why can't my husband sparkle too?
I took comfort in the idea that once the kids were in bed, I had so much more to look forward to in reading the Twilight Saga, dreaming of Edward Cullen...after all, he's really what it's all about ladies!

Then, one night as I turned the page, and saw the words, THE END, my breathing stopped, halted, literally for moments. I was so devastated. I have never before felt such an empty feeling over the end of a book! A BOOK!
I wanted to scream!
HOW can it be over?
Thankfully, the movie was still to be awaited, and a 2nd is in the works, I hear. I own the soundtrack, and with it, I received my very own poster of, guess who? Edward....ahhhh!!! Lucky Moi!
Though the movie did not meet MY full expectations, and parts I held dear were missed, or mixed up...I still cannot get over the vision of Edward Cullen himself. He was absolute perfection, eye candy indeed.
As they say...this sexless, wildy romantic saga is very well PORN FOR WOMEN.
Atleast, as close to it as I ever intend to get.
Now, could Stephanie Meyer just keep writing please? There has to be atleast 2 more books to complete this just simply cannot stop with Breaking Dawn! NO NO NO!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

All About the Boy

Things just don't seem to be getting any easier as the weeks progress. I am nonstop going going going! I barely get the time to sit and really RELAX.
Only a couple more weeks of games, thank god!
Then, atleast, we can get back to normal evenings, with time to prepare decent meals, bathe the kids routinely, and spend more time helping with homework. As well as get some much needed yard work done in preparation for the winter months.
This morning was one of very few that I did not have to be somewhere. I decided to browse the T.V. channels, and came across a movie that I had not seen, and was just starting. 'DARK WATER'. It was very interesting, and for me, that means a lot, I don't waste my time on T.V., and so it really has to hold my attention to get me to sit still long enough to finish watching the whole thing. And, what do you know, the boy noticed my attention going toward something other than his precious self, I think I had even blocked his voice out somewhat when I finally heard him saying, "Mooooom, can you heeeaaar me? I'm taaaaalking in whaaaaale!"
Well, yeah, THAT caught my attention. I was like, "What? You mean, like on finding nemo, like Dory?" He smiled and laughed, I laughed. It was quite funny. Quite a bit of thought went into that one, to get my much desired attention away from the movie. That boy just cracks me up!

Much to brag about, the boy, not to neglect those girls, it's just that there is something about that boy. Even others notice it, he's so intriguing, so smart. I have to attend seminars bi-weekly now that the tots are in a preschool co-op. I went to one this past monday, and we spoke about boundaries, and discipline. I am no stranger to that, but some of the parents are, and only have the one child in preschool, and some a baby or one on the way. We started talking about sibling rivalry, and undesirable behaviours, which turned into talking about some of the traits we see in our children. Which one is more aggressive, submissive.
Well, Leah is definitely a bit more aggressive when it is her and Beau, but niether are aggressive at school. Beau wants to talk a lot, but both are very kind to others. So, I spoke of this, that Leah tends to be the aggressor when it is just her and Beau. Yet, Beau seems to more submissive with her, not all the time, but more often than not. He hates to see others get hurt, and is very sensitive to others feelings. If he wants Leah to stop something, and he yells at her, but she starts crying, then he emmediately stops, and will say sorry, and tell her it's okay.
What I'm getting at is, the teacher says, that he shows empathy. That it is unusual to see a child with empathy at his age. Most children, she says do not develop that until the age of 7 or 8, especially boys, and that it is very hard to teach a child to have empathy. It felt good to hear her say this about my one and only son.
I have always emphasized the need to be kind toward others, and that it is important to apologize. I don't force them to stand and say, "sorry", if I did, as most children, it would not be heartfelt, it would be a hollow apology, but leading a child to know when they've hurt someone and how to fix it is very important, I think. I want my son to be strong, to grow and be able to defend himself well, and not be a 'weenie', but I also want him to care, to be kind, and think of others, not just himself. Maybe it's the nurse in me, but I think I am achieving this with my son. I must be, if others are noticing this in his behaviour.
One day last week, at the indoor play park, a girl about 5 yo, was playing near Beau, she had fallen off a slide toy, and was crying, blaming Beau for pushing her down. But, I watched it all, and the girl had been on a soft mat that was suspended loosely across a plastic ladder/slide. I asked Beau what happened, and he said that he leaned on the mat, and it fell down, which should be expected, it was only a mat with the girls full weight on it. In any case, he had a very sad look on his face, I knew he did not hurt her, that it wasn't his intention to make her fall. A few minutes later, I saw him following her around, saying, "I'm sorry you got hurt, are you okay? I didn't mean to make you fall. I'm sorry." Not only was he saying this, but he was trying to look her in the eyes when he was doing so, trying to see her face, and her reaction. It was so sincere, so important to him that she accept his apology. It was SO SWEET!
I like to think I am raising a boy that will be a man with character. A man that every good girl wants to marry one day. Not some heartless, selfish, un-caring person. If I can achieve that with my son, I will consider myself a very successful, and rich woman.

Putting oneself into the psychologic frame of reference of another, so that the other person’s feeling, thinking, and acting are understood and to some extent predictable. A desirable trust-building characteristic of a helping profession. It is embodied in the sincere statement, “I understand how you feel.” Empathy is different from sympathy in that to be empathetic one understands how the person feels rather than actually experiencing those feelings, as in sympathy.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Just another Manic Monday!

I had a helluvatime getting up this morning. 2 loads of laundry to deal with, 2 school lunches to make, and at 6:30am I am simply the most useless person ever!
I am not drinking coffee in the morning as I used to, EVERYDAY or more. I am really trying to make myself just drink water at home. But, no matter what, that just doesn't wake me up!
I met my friend Angela at Curves, and we had a great work out time together, I am really enjoying that tiny window of time I have without the tots. I miss them, but I get so much done. I no longer have to grocery shop with kids in tow. I can organize it all around the preschool time, and still get a quick 1/2 hour work out in 2-3x/week at curves, ( not including my eliptical time at home, on 'off' days)

I took my 75-300mm lens back today. I will NOT miss it. I am so disappointed, but I will just save now for the one I really want. The Tamron 28-300mm, or maybe the Canon 85mm, not sure yet. But one thing I do know, is that I plan to buy a Holga, which I can come across for under $20, and make my own Holga lens to fit my SLR. I came across a do-it-yourself instructional post to make your own Holga lens from an old Holga camera, to fit your SLR. I am so excited to do this! I am reading a book right now, 'The Year of Fog', and the lady in the book talks nonstop about her Holga, I had to look it up to see what it was. The photos taken with it turn out amazing, dream-like, milky, soft, just simply amazing! See a pic I found on flicker below...taken with the Holga. Still, it does not at all show the amazing range of color a Holga can capture. I can't wait to try it on my Rebel!

On another note...I took the tots to the park after school to play since the indoor park is closed, and it wasn't raining. The cutest little girl ran up to play, and started talking about how old she was, and asked Beau how old he is. He held up 4 fingers, and then she said, "Well, I'm more than than that, I not almost 4 1/2, I'm 4 5/6ths...."LOL, is that the cutest thing or what? She made me laugh. Beau now insists he must grow, much faster, so he can get 4 5/6ths like that girl!
When we got home, being so cold today, I made them hot cocoa and gave them each 2 cookies that I had made yesterday. They ate one cookie, drank 1/2 the cocoa, and then Leah proclaimed...."Mom, I done, I only ate one cookie, it's too much sugar!"

Well, I am off to clean, do some more laundry, lay tots down for a nap, and get ready for work!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Let Down

Last month, I bought the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III lens. I was so excited for the possiblities of use that it would afford me. I was looking foward to being able obtain amazing capture of the kids' soccer from across the field. I wanted to take pictures of the moon. The sun, hummingbirds from far off.
However, I was highly disappointed in that I simply cannot get this thing to focus properly. The photos come out terrbly blurry, or faintly so, but never crisp and clear as I had hoped for.
I am so upset, but I have come to the conclusion that I must return it. It was not even worth the 199 I paid for it, even thinking I was getting a good deal at the time.
I will just settle for my kit lens, which has done me some good many times. And, I will have to wait and watch, and debate on my next lens purchase. Defintely be more careful of what I purchase next time.

Friday, October 03, 2008


is something I simply do not have anymore. Just to keep up with the basics, I function on an average of 4-5 hours of sleep. I AM MOMMY...I AM TIRED!
Beau and Leah have started preschool, and I co-op 1day/week. That leaves me 2d/wk that I can go work out as I planned.
All this before, the madness that ensues with either work, afternoon/ evening soccer/ volleyball practices, and all day saturdays spent at the soccer games.
As much as I want to get the kids back to church on sundays, it is the ONLY day I do not have to go anywhere, and I am having a hugely terrribly time getting myself to GO!
My thirties are really draining me of my energy, and drive.
In any case, here is a darling pic of the Tot's on the 2nd day, not the 1st (oops!), of preschool. They are loving it!

And, I joined them in a local Indoor Play Park for those nasty rainy days. I only have to help set it up 8 days/year, on top of co-oping at the Preschool every wednesday, working 2-3d/wk, and performing the tasks of a taxi driver daily.

In this chaotic mess, I somehow find time to make dinner 1/2 the week, but have been giving in to quick, easy, 'fast' food much more often than ever before. BAD BAD MOMMY!

As I had feared, Leah is already coming down with a cold. I hate to blame it on going to school, but there was a sniffler wednesday, I noticed! I hate the idea of my children being exposed to germs, and illness. It's inevitable, but still, I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL!

I received my annual job performance evaluation this week, on Wednesday I signed it. Last years, was amazing, but this years...well, it's ABSOLUTELY STELLAR! I have 'proficient' in every category, and nothing but praise expressed. I am so pleased I could scream! It makes me feel so good. I do my best, and I love what I do, I could never ever fully explain just how much I LOVE my job. And, it feels so good to have someone notice your effort, and devotion.

Here is just a sample:
"Victoria is a valuable asset to our team of professionals! She ensures that the care of the residents is paramount. Her friendly, professional attitude makes her very successful in any nursing position she fills, especially the Unit Charge Nurse positions!"

Ahhhh! Music to my ears :)


Now, I desperately need to post, finally, a review for GLOVES IN A BOTTLE.

Months ago, I received a generous sample bottle of GLOVES IN A BOTTLE hand lotion.

I have used it off and on, mostly at work. I occassionally have breakouts of eczema on my hands, especially this time of year. Dimethicone, a skin protectant, is always helpful to prevent a breakout with how much I have to wash my hands, being a Nurse. Dimethicone is just one of the ingredients in Gloves in a Bottle. Here is a list, taken from

Purified Water (Aqua)
Purified water or deionized water is water that lacks ions, such as cations from sodium, calcium, iron, copper and anions such as chloride and bromide. This means it has been purified from all other ions except H3O+ and OH-. Deionized water is similar to distilled water, in that it is useful for skin care where the presence of impurities may be undesirable.

Film Forming Agent
Dimethicones stay on or near the surface of the skin. Not only are the molecules too big to physically enter past the upper living cells — they associate with the upper layer of drying skin — but they also cannot penetrate cell membranes due to their large size. They evaporate quickly after helping to carry oils into the top layer of epidermis. From there, they may be absorbed by the skin.Dimethicones form a barrier layer on the skin which must be renewed as the skin sloughs off. Dimethicones form a protective layer which helps prevent transdermal water loss — a very useful characteristic for many products. Silicone gums provide instant shine to hair. Dimethicones act to help seal moisture into the outer layer of skin, which helps prevent many kinds of damage.

Stearic Acid
Stearic acid is one of the useful types of saturated fatty acids that comes from many vegetable fats and oils. It is a waxy solid. The term stearate is applied to the salts and esters of stearic acid. Stearic acid is a saturated fat that's in some plant foods like chocolate. It's very stable in storage. A relatively large percentage of stearic acid consumed is converted to oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat). Stearic acid is used to form margarines, shortenings, spreads, and as a cream base for baked products. Even though stearic acid is a saturated fat, studies have suggested that it has little effect on blood cholesterol levels, because such a high proportion is converted to oleic acid.

Glycerin Humectant
Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colorless, thick liquid which freezes to a gummy paste and which has a high boiling point. Glycerin can be dissolved into water or alcohol, but not oils. On the other hand, many things will dissolve into glycerin easier than they do into water or alcohol. Glycerin is also highly "hygroscopic" which means that it absorbs water from the air.Example: if you left a bottle of pure glycerin exposed to air in your kitchen, it would take moisture from the air and eventually, it would become 80 per glycerin and 20 percent water.(Note: While people say this softening is the result of the glycerin attracting moisture to your skin, there is heated debate as to whether or not the glycerin has some other properties all its own which are helpful to the skin. Summed up, the current thinking is "We know glycerin softens the skin. Some people think its because it attracts moisture, but there could be other reasons.")

Cetyl Alcohol
An emollient and secondary emulsifier, cetyl alcohol is derived from naturally occurring fatty acids from coconut oil. It is a secondary emulsifier that thickens or adds body to lotions. Not to he confused with drying, ethyl alcohols.Cetyl and stearyl alcohols together create a cetearyl alcohol that forms an occlusive film to keep skin moisture from evaporating and gives skin a velvety feeling.

Isopropyl Myristate
Isopropyl myristate is used as an emollient and lubricant in preshaves, aftershaves, shampoos, bath oils, antiperspirants, deodorants, and various creams and lotions. It is an emollient and lubricant that reduces the greasy feel of products by replacing other, oilier ingredients. The ester of isopropyl alcohol and myristic acid. It spreads very easily and promotes a dry feeling, which is often used to reduce a greasy feel caused by the high oil content of other ingredients.

Stearyl Alcohol
Stearyl alcohol is found naturally in various mammalian tissues and is readily converted to stearic acid. Stearyl alcohol is an 18 carbon straight chain aliphatic alcohol often used as an emollient to prevent drying and chapping of skin. It is often used in creams and lotions as an emulsifier, thickener and pearlizing agent.The Expert Panel of the CIR (1985) has reviewed this ingredient and found that as of 1981 it was "used in 425 cosmetic formulations at concentrations ranging from less than 0.1 percent to 50 percent". It is still widely used today in numerous cosmetic product categories. This panel has concluded that stearyl alcohol is "safe as currently used in cosmetics".

pH adjuster
Triethanolamine, often abbreviated as TEA, is an organic chemical compound which is both a tertiary amine and a tri-alcohol. A tri-alcohol is a molecule with three hydroxyl groups. Like other amines, triethanolamine acts as a weak base due to the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom.This ingredient is used as a pH balancer in cosmetic preparations in a variety of different products - ranging from skin lotion, eye gels, moisturizers, shampoos, shaving foams etc.

Xanthan Gum
Despite its rather alien-sounding name, xanthan gum is as natural as any other fermented corn sugar polysaccharide (corn syrup) you can name. The United States Department of Agriculture ran a number of experiments involving bacteria and various sugars to develop a new thickening agent similar to corn starch or guar gum. When Xanthomonas campestris was combined with corn sugar, the result was a colorless vicious liquid called xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is used in dairy products and salad dressings as a thickening agent and stabilizer. Xanthan gum prevents ice crystals from forming in ice creams, and also provides a 'fat feel' in low or no-fat dairy products.Another use for xanthan gum is the stabilization and binding of cosmetic products. One advantage of xanthan gum is that a little goes an incredibly long way. Cosmetic manufacturers add a very small amount of xanthan gum to their cream-based products in order to keep the individual ingredients from separating. Xanthan gum is also used as a substitute for wheat gluten in gluten-free breads, pastas and other flour-based food products. Those who suffer from gluten allergies should look for xanthan gum as an ingredient on the label.

Hypromellose(Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)
Film Former
Hypromellose solutions were patented as a semisynthetic substitute for tear-film. Its molecular structure is predicated upon a base celluloid compound that is highly water soluble. Post-application, celluloid attributes of good water solubility reportedly aids in visual clarity. When applied, a hypromellose solution acts to swell and absorb water, thereby expanding the thickness of the tear-film.Hypromellose augmentation therefore results in extended lubricant time presence on the cornea, which theoretically results in decreased eye irritation, especially in dry climates, home, or work environments. On a molecular level, this polymer contains beta-linked D-glucose units that remain metabolically intact for days to weeks. On a manufacturing note, since hypromellose is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin, it is slightly more expensive to produce due to semisynthetic manufacturing processes.Aside from its widespread commercial and retail availability over the counter in a variety of products, Hypromellose 2% solution has been documented to be used during surgery to aid in corneal protection and during orbital surgery.

VP/Eicosene Copolymer
Film Former
VP/Eicosene Copolymer is a polymer of vinylpyrrolidone and eicosene monomers. It has reported used in the following product types: sunscreen spf 15 and above (106); mascara (24); facial moisturizer/treatment (14); anti-aging (12); lip gloss (12); other products with spf (8); brow liner (6); baby sunscreen (5); moisturizer (5); sunscreen below spf 15 (5)

Steareth 21 (or fill in the number) the number indicates the degree of liquidity from 4 (thin) to 100 (solid). It is an emulsifier- substance that keeps two or more components of a product from separating. This mixture is called an emulsion.

Phenoxyethanol is an organic chemical compound, a glycol ether often used in dermatological products such as skin creams. It is a colorless oily liquid. It is a bactericide (usually used in conjunction with quaternary ammonium compounds), often used in place of sodium azide in biological buffers as 2-phenoxyethanol is less toxic and non-reactive with copper and lead.It is also used as a fixative for perfumes, an insect repellent, a topical antiseptic, some dyes, inks, pharmaceuticals, and in organic synthesis. It is moderately soluble in water. It is also listed as an ingredient for many United States vaccines per the Center for Disease Control.

I have greatly appreciated the generosity of Pete Grimaldi for sending this to me for trial. I deeply apologize for my delay in posting a review.

However, as with SkinMD, I am very pleased with this product, and distributed a few of additional pockets size samples to fellow nurses at work. They also expressed much pleasure with this lotion. Outside of using my triamcinolone for extreme breakouts on my hands...I am using the Gloves in a Bottle routinely, keeping it in my purse so that it is always with me.

Order your own bottle HERE.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little OCD are we???

The boy has taken what seems to be a turn toward a little thing called obsessive compulsive disorder.
I definitely try to instill in all the my children the necessity to be clean. Handwashing is very important. Making thier beds daily, placing plates in the sink after dinner, etc. etc. etc.
In the past, and now again lately, I have also awarded them 'gems' for completion of chores, tasks, extra help. The boy really loves this idea. He has done amazingly well. Much better than the girls. Go figure!
And, I know I should just simply be thanking my lucky stars for a child that is such a gem himself...
He makes his bed every morning without a word from me.
He gets dressed all by himself, and brushes his teeth, BEFORE BREAKFAST!
He gets his shoes on, and is ready to play within a 1/2 hour of rising.
AND...he washes his hands twenty million , trillion times each day! No, what I really mean, is 500 gazillion, billion, get my drift?!
Yeah, my son is becoming absolutely obsessive about washing his hands. we went to the park. First thing, he ran to the faucet near the fountain to wash his hands, BEFORE PLAYING! I told him, ' No, stop, you are gonna get dirty anyway from playing, just wait till we are leaving.' He was not having it. So, he washed his hands. He may have played for about 3-5 minutes before I saw him running back over to wash them again. This went on for the entire 45 minutes that we were at the park.
If he were still only 2 or 3 years old, I would have put it all on the idea of his newfound independence, being able to 'play' in the water, vs. actually washing his hands. But, no, he was using soap each time that I brought from home just in case they needed to potty, knowing this park had no soap in the restroom.
I gave up. He wasn't hurting anything, so why bother stopping him, right?
On the ride home, I noticed him looking his hands over and over, flipping them over, palm, etc. Then all the sudden he blurted out, "I HATE HANDS!" I said, "Why?" He said, " I hate hands,'cuz they just keep gettin' dirty over and over and over!"
Okay, that is true, but he had just washed his hands!!! Not once, but probably 10 or more times! AT THE PARK!!!
D says, I need to get a 'handle' on this. I say, it's a phase that he will undoubtedly outgrow, and I would much rather have him at the very least compliant with cleanliness in preparation for pre-school vs. a kicking, scratching, knock-down, drag-out fighting boy when I told him to wash after potty. Right? I mean, can a child really truly be over-obsessing with handwashing to a fearful extreme at the age of 4???
I think, I'm just gonna let it ride, and not put too much energy toward it, my mind, it may cause an increase in the obsession should I forbid him such a thing.
It's like night day with him and Leah...
A handwashing obsessed boy, and then little Leah who will put anything she might find on the ground or otherwise, in to her mouth, thinking everything she finds simply must be candy!

Friday, September 05, 2008

I like to call these...PURE LUCK!

Took the kids to a local butterfly farm of sorts, Wings of Wonder. It was amazing. I captured these two shots, no flash allowed, on the TV setting of my Rebel. Ofcourse, I had to edit, however...just look at the amazing color of the Blue Morhpo! Just breathtaking if you ask me. Such pleasure is knowing it was you, yourself that captured the image so perfectly!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What I've been up to...

Working a TON! Some nice pay to follow, hoping to save for this lens . Something to wish for anyway...
In my spare time, trying to capture the beauty of my sunflower patch! They only last so long...
Aren't they beautiful?

Also captured this at the Art & Air Fest...amazing edit with Picnik!

Oh, and Little Leah informed me today..."Mom, you know what I wanna be when I grow up? I wanna be a girl batman!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Berries & Big Nasty Bugs!

We took the kids blackberry picking last night. It was still steaming hot, but we had to get out of this house. Atleast out at the greenway, there was a breeze.
They are so crabby from the heat, and late late bedtimes due to the made for a very high stressed family outing. Leah threw a fit because Beau had the bucket, then Beau had a fit because Leah had the bucket...on and on, etc. It was becoming very clear we should have stayed at home, and simply sent them to bed for a nap.
We filled each bucket about 1/2 full, and headed back to the car. D stopped to pick a few more berries near the car, and it looked to me from behind that his tag was sticking out of his shirt. I got a bit closer, and I notice a huge preying mantis on his upper back!
Being the kind wife that I am...what did I do?
Well, ofcourse before I could tell him, I had to get close and take a picture, right?
Than, I stepped back, and very calmly stated, "Darrin, you have a preying mantis on your back."
Now, D is a big man. He is 6ft. 2. I never see him get scared of anything, well, there was one time he screamed like a girl in the shower over a spider...
He began hopping around, shaking, and going crazy over getting that thing off of his shirt!
He hollered for me to flick it off, but there is NO way I was gonna risk it getting on ME!
I refused to do so!
So, he kept shaking, turning, hopping a bit, IT WAS HYSTERICAL!
He was so mad at me for not helping finally did fall off, or jump off on it's own.
Afterwards, he said they bite, and from what he's heard, it hurts pretty bad.
Hmmm...had me itching all over for awhile hoping nothing was creeping around my back, or hair.

We got home, and I made some delicious blackberry cobbler...the kids loved it, and D had 2nd's. Nothing like a blackberry cobbler on a hot summer eve.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What was he thinking???

D took the boy with him to town yesterday to run some errands. He stopped at Joe's, and apparently thought it okay to buy that boy a pocket knife like Daddy, since they were 'on sale!'
I was horrified when I saw that boy come running in with a pocket knife in his hand.
His words..."A boy needs a knife."
A. boy. needs. a. knife.
A 4yo boy NEEDS a knife?
So, here is the look of pride I caught when that boy was holding his new pocket knife.

I told him that it must be kept shut unless Daddy is helping him. He was more than eager to comply if that meant I would let him keep it. I also told him if he cut anyone, they would have to go to the hospital, and that I would take that knife from him forever.

D had it in closed position, the boy wanted to carry it around, and took it on the porch with him. Moments later her comes Drew, running..."MOM! BEAU CUT HIS FINGER WITH THE KNIFE!"

I was panicking...He had figured out how to open the blade, and cut his fingertip, small but bleeding enough to have him hysterical! I put his finger under the faucet quick, and he kept hollering..."I DON'T WANNA GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" After a bandaid, and an ice pack for comfort, I looked at D and asked, again..."WHY DID YOU GET HIM THAT KNIFE?"

D's response..."I told you. It was on sale."...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just A LOT of Randomness

As I was sitting waiting for report from the day LN yesterday, I felt the need to pray for the evening to go smoothly, for the strength I needed to perform my job to the fullest...and I tell ya, it's a good thing I did.
I was doing great, we had 3 admissions, but had help with all of them, and got all but one assessment done before 8, started charting, then realized I needed to make a phone call regarding orders that were not recieved.
As I was in the middle of talking to a Doc, I see another LN I was working with leave a post it in front of me...saying, 'Rm#???, fall, head injury'...
And, indeed it was. I got off the phone right away, and found that the injury was more than I could take care of, so started the process of shipping pt. out to ER.
As I was still preparing the paperwork, and E.M.T.'s were arriving, I had another pt. expire.
With a few more mishaps following, I was unable to leave for atleast an extra hour overtime.
It was crazy!

Before work, I had another apptmt. for therapy. I am so amazed at what they do. I never imagined the type of things they truly do for people. My scarring from cesarians, and my chole are keloid, it is a very nasty scarring, thick, and the therapist I saw yesterday works on breaking some of that up since it attaches to the muscle and will cause problems with your posture. She also worked with my ankle more than my pelvis, and so far, I haven't had any more pain in my ankle. My hip still bothers me a bit. I am very impressed!

This morning the boy was up and dressed bright and early! We headed out to check the flowers, he's been keeping track of the dead ones that need 'cuttin' for me in my flower pots...only he's cutting the live ones. What can I say, he's trying to help Mommy!

We took a peek at the strawberry bushes in the garden, and found quite few red ripe strawberries! He went to work picking all he could see. He insisted we needed to put them in a cup with cream, and make strawberry shortcake. So, we did just that tonight. Strawberry shortcake for all but Daddy, with only strawberries from OUR garden. He was quite proud.

Today I took the kids to the pool, girls took off on thier own, playing basketball in the water with boys. Grace was so dreamy eyed afterward I wanted to vomit! I just simply DO NOT promote, nor look forward to this phase of her life.

I stuck with the tots, dare I say, they are growing so fast, I really need to stop referring to them as 'the babies', 'tots', etc...

Anyway...The boy had a blast, I've said it before, I'll say it again..THAT BOY IS A FISH!
Lulu, she just barely got into it, mostly hung on my leg, and held my hand. But, she did a great job at letting me know when she needed to potty, and did so on the toilet vs. in the pool.

Tomorrow I go sign Beau and Leah up for Preschool through our college co-op, and get Grace registered for Volleyball. Then, I'm on for 2 NOC shifts, with soccer team meetings each night before work for Drew and Beau, gotta find out the coach and practice times.

I am SO not ready for the madness to begin again!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I was long overdue in tossing out the old highchair. It sat in my dining room like a permanent fixture for the past 5 years. Seems like forever... I enjoyed the availability of it's use for my 3yo Leah whenever I made such dinners as spaghetti, hoping it would deter her from making a much larger mess as would inevitably ensue should I place her at the table on my cream colored table cloth. was time. I just simply did not expect the reaction that came from that tiny little 3 was like a monster was unleashed when she realized we were leaving her beloved highchair at Aunt Missy's house. And, it only became worse when I tried to explain to her who was now going to use it. She no longer wanted anything to do with THAT baby.

It looked a little something like this:

Only with a little more UMMPPPH! if you know what I mean. I was surpised she didn't throw herself across the folded up highchair and refuse to leave. There was no trading, or bartering, no convincing her it was needed somewhere other than our home.

Oooohh, the drama I have created in simply trying to keep my babies, babies a bit longer...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playing with my Rebel

In viewing some other blogs, I am stockpiling some photo ideas. I recently purchase Photoshop Elements 5.0 on ebay for around $30, but I think I need 6.0 to do what I want to do. I'm watching one with starting bid $10 right now. With XP no longer sticking around, I think I have a great chance of getting 6.0 cheap, new.
I tried some RAW settings on my Rebel last night, and I love how it allows for better editing options.
Here is one I played with last night...Tungsten.

With the GOOD, always come a little BAD

We left late morning Tuesday to head over to camp. D decided he'd better have the trailer tires checked first, so we stopped on the way through town. Turned out, we had to buy 4 new trailer tires, NOT PLANNED FOR. It took awhile, so I took the kids down the road on foot to feed them, they were 'starving' always.
Once we got to camp, we found our trailer batteries were dead. As in, unchargable, DEAD. D ended up having buy 2 new batteries on top of just putting new tires on the trailer. Granted, poor planning, I think we should have gotten these things done last year, or early this summer vs. day of camp trip.

The first evening was beautiful, kids were sooo dirty. I think, the dirtiest all trip. They started building a fort in the trees, Boy was makin' dust with his beloved truck.
At bedtime, Leah had a screaming, 'exorcist' style fit about the dark of night. We had to leave a flashlight on all night for her to sleep. She still woke um-teen times, leaving me a walking zombie the following day.

To top it all off, we awoke to a horrible rain/thunder/lightning storm day 2.
Now the dirt there is so dusty, not like sand, but just like fine powder. It flies, it sticks, it is a mess. Add a little rain, it turns into this thick wet paste which stuck to thier shoes like glue. Our trailer got dirty real fast! My anal side was freaking out!
I had to let go, and deal.
Once it all cleared, we took kids down to the lake to swim, play. They loved it!
But, on the way back to camp, we found D's right rear tire was going flat on his truck. He decided to go ahead and drive it to LaPine to get it fixed. Unfortunately, it blew, the ENTIRE THING JUST BLEW. He was stuck. Fortunately for cell phones, he got help and they gave him a temporary spare tire. But, this tire would not get us home the following day with trailer.

D had to make another trip to get the real replacement tire. There went my new washing machine!
Turned out the tire had some sort of recall, and he paid only a fraction of the price. That helps. But, really, how many more things could go wrong in one trip? As D kept saying, "This stuff is supposed to happen to 'bad' people, we aren't bad people." I don't know that that matters.

Kids probably won't even remember the mishaps, and I know they enjoyed every minute of camping. The boy took his 'truck' and drove it everywhere, loving the terrain, bumps, hills, slopes all around us. He heard an eagle, which thrilled him. Saw blue herons, tons of dragon flies, and butterflies. I think the butterflies hatched, as we were driving, there were hundreds, thousands flying about, there was no way to avoid some of them getting splattered on our windshield. It was amazing...Something I would have loved to get video of. They were truly just EVERYWHERE.

We had a little raft, to cross the river in. My sister took Grace over, looked like a breeze. She then took Drew over. Then, I took Beau. BIG MISTAKE. I hate feeling like I'm out of control. I just felt like I could not row well, then once we got over the river to the falls, Beau started freakkin' out, the water being SO clear, you could see everything, he kept hollering, "OH NO! LOOK! THE DROP OFF!" My pulse started racing, I was losing it. He was freaking as I was struggling to turn the raft around. I WILL NEVER DO THAT EVER AGAIN. I would not be one to do any white water rafting...NO WAY!

Through multiple rain/hail/thunder/lightning storms random daily, the kids still had fun. It was beautiful once the storms subsided and gave us a few short hours of amazing sunlight, and warmth. I already miss it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Camp Trip Prep

Getting ready to go camping...
D should be back from Montana anytime now, and I am trying to get all the clothing, and linens to the trailer. Still need to mop out the trailer, and make the beds.

The boy had no tennis shoes to fit him for camping. Last pair I bought him was apparently a size I took him today to get a pair, sale and coupons...HE WEARS A SIZE 12!!! He's only 4 years old!
Holy Cow! I could not beleive it. No wonder he kept telling me his shoes hurt his feet. I swear it hasn't been that long since I bought them though. He had to have a pair for running around camping. Got him a little pair of Avia runners. He picked them out. to finish folding last load of laundry, pack my bag, and get busy with finishing duties...
If I'm lucky, we may get to pick up my new dresser today too, if D gets back in minutes.
I found one to match our mission style bed, it was $449, regular $749. I am so stoked to finally have a nice new dresser that I picked out. In the past we have had gimme's. Slowly but surely I am building my own style...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

We went to the Zoo!

My cousin came and stayed the weekend, so we could make a trip to the zoo. It's pretty much an all day thing, we left late, but we got there about 1, had to shuttle over, and didn't leave until around 6:30pm...we closed the zoo down! I have never before done that.
Kids had a blasted time! All Leah wanted to do was see the giraffe...cute!
We checked out the newer Dinosaurs Trail, and that was an absolute hit with all! Boys loved it! The T REX was HUGE! The boy had to take a second look to realize it's size.
The thrill ride was incredible, and they loved riding the train. We bought the whole package. Figured, if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it all!
Only, we did miss one area, not a big deal, though.
Enjoy a couple of my favorites for the day...
Don't mess with the Rex!
Finding Fossils
Brushing a Goat

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movin' Along..

I am sooo exhausted!
I woke up so groggy...these extra shift are really getting to me.
This week I have been on one crazy rotation since Friday:
Swing, Day, Day, Swing, Day....then today it's Swing, and tomorow Noc. The 3rd Day, and tomorrow Noc being shifts I accepted on Sunday, and Yesterday, last minute kinda. I just hate to say no when they are scrambing to find someone, and if I can do it, I will. This will make 3 OT shifts this period.

During this time, we had one resident pass. I was the nurse on that wing the night before he died, and the sons had come in quizzing me on how long I expected it would be. I never give a definite answer to that, I just can't. You never know when someone is going to die. There are signs that I look for, but not all exhibit them. Some live on the edge of death for weeks, while others take under 24 hours from onset of decline.
However, I stated that it could be as soon as 24, but there is no telling for sure.
That was at about 10pm the 25th, and when I went to work Sunday the 27th, it was posted this resident died around 11pm the 26th. I was shocked at how close in estimation I was.
No matter what, it is always sad when someone passes, I never forget any of them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm CrOoKeD!

So...had my 1st therapy session today in regards to my painful ankle. Just an eval, but found out some interesting news. Other things that I have been experiencing for months are seemingly related all to ONE thing.

I had those babies, and did not want to let them grow. I carried them way past the toting age, on my LEFT HIP. In doing so, I somehow 'shortened' my pelvis, by tilting to the left. My pelvis is crooked! This has caused me left hip pain/discomfort for awhile now. Also, right lower lumbar discomfort, and most recently the right hip and calf pain. I now seem to pronate when I walk, on the R, compensating for the L hip discomfort, causing an uneven gait.

Funny how it all relates, huh?

I never wanted to get checked once I started having the L hip pain. I mean, I had just had my g.b. out in december, and the last thing I wanted was to deal with more appointments, or bills.
But, now I am glad I finally gave in.

My pelvic bone on the L is higher than the R, it can be pulled back down. But, I also have to work out some muscle tightening that resulted as well.
I'm not sure how many sessions of therapy this will require, but thankfully, I can schedule my appointments right before my shift at work since we have a therapy department willing to work with me.

I am being instructed not to wear flip flops...NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS???!!!
I LOVE my flip flops...
Rather, they want me to wear something called Chaco, you can see them HERE.
As for my Dansko's, I have been told NOT to wear them either, but rather wear a tennis shoe for awhile, and then think about buying Keen shoes...a highly supportive tennis shoe, which you can see HERE.
If only I'd let those babies down to walk more often!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

He thinks I'm cRaZy!!!

So, needed a trim, took Grace to get one too, and you know, something in me just felt a little WILD, and so I gave in and went for something a little different this time...

I am SOOOOO loving it! It is so sassy, easy, and light! Great for this humid heat we are having, and so fast to get ready in the morning for those dayshifts I keep getting scheduled for...Only, D loves the boring, long, straight hair I always have, and so he was NOT pleased when he saw me initially he said I was CRAZY! "What is it with girls and cutting thier hair shorter and shorter?", he said.

But, after a bit, he looked at me and said, " really look different...I think I like it!" I think he likes it better than he even expected to. A little change has brought a bit more enthusiasm from DH. Who'd a thunk it?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yet another recall...

This cute little toy is on a new list of recalls at Target stores. Little Leah received this on her 2nd birthday, and she still has every piece, and LOVES to play icecream store with it.

According to THIS, I am to take this toy back to Target and receive a $10 refund. All due to the velcro wooden cherries on top posing a choking hazard for small children.

I am at a dillemma on this since I can no longer find anything similar, and my children no longer put anything in thier mouth. I don't think I'll take it back! What's $10??? This is an adorable little wooden, painted sundae set. All pieces velcro together to create the banana split appearance.

What would you do???

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm in a MOOOOOD!

I am in a funk...2 dayshifts, got a NOC tomorrow night...trying to keep my head above water with kids and all the housework.
I think I don't need to work this much after this month!

In any case...a whopping $3.82 brought that boy a entirely new fascination with the water hose...I think I have a couple great little helpers for watering the garden and the flowers now. Hee hee!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lots of boo-boo's, Lulu's 1st Haircut & A Yummy Breakfast

This morning was so nice and breezy, so cool, got some windows opened up to let it in to our humid house!
The boy woke up first, and was 'cold', so he climbed into bed with me, and we cuddled in the covers a bit, talking about our day, what we should do, and what we should have for breakfast. He was somewhat of a grumpy bumpy boy, but quickly began to giggle :)
I made the kids French Toast with Texas Toast, and my yummy saigon cinnamon from costco, as well as the vanilla my Dad always gets me from Mexico. Also, made some bacon, Leah LOVES bacon. The kids ate like pigs! They loved it all! Leah kept repeating over and over, in sing song...'I loooove bacon!" And, ofcourse, with a full belly came a ever so sweet, "Mommy, I love you!"

Grace had a friend stay over last night, and I love to try to figure out a way to scare them. Last time I happened to time it just right, by pure coincidence, I started banging on the trailer window while they were watching a scarey movie. Well, last night, they came in to use the bathroom once more, and I ran out as they were in the house, hid in the trailer, and waited....They came back, all cocky, talking loud, and sat on the couch, then I ran out, screaming, they nearly passed out! It was hilarous. I LOVE pulling one on Grace!

With all the time we are spending outside, the litle ones are ending up with band aids allover thier bodies...well, exaggeration, but really, owie after owie after owie...
D got out the quad the other night, and as Leah went to get on with Grace, her leg touched the HOT exhaust pipe, and I didn't know this until last night! She had a bad burn, and he never told me! I doctored it up as much as I could for being an old burn, but it was through epidural layer, blistered, I am very worried she will have a terrible scare from it. It looks terrible!
The boy somehow got a cut on his right big toe, a deep one, and today he has already fallen down and scrape his left knee up real good. I hate my kids looking all beat up, but I guess that's just what happens sometimes...

Due to working a bit more, D was in charge of evening time with the kids, and he was mostly letting them swim, and play outside, which is fine, but he failed to bathe any of them for days, over a week! Their hair was soooo stinky, and Leah's fine curls at the ends were fried! So, last night, I gave her her first little hair cut. It is a bit of bob. But, it gives her just the right amount of sassiness to somewhat add to her bubbly personality even more...I LOVE IT! Took a few pics to share...enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A few hours away...

This hot summer weather had the kids in the pool nearly all day, and my floors a mess of grass clippings and wet footprints!
It's making me crazy!
I feel like I'm mopping EVERY DAY!
Last night, I went out to eat with a friend, Angela, we had been wanting to go to a new restaurant in town called
Carino's Italian Grill . It was YUMMY!
We started with some very delicious bread, and salad. I ordered Spicy Chicken and Shrimp, it had this rich spicy sauce, mushrooms, green onions, red peppers, with penne pasta. It was so rich I had to take 1/2 home, D ate the rest.
And, ofcourse, I had an italian soda, strawberry with cream, my favorite!
We had about a 40 minute wait to get a seat, so we browsed at Old Navy clearance. I found a couple cute tank tops.
I haven't seen Angela in a few weeks, and since then I have gotten a bit of a tan from swimming with the kids, and weeding, etc. She looked at me, and said, "So, is that REAL tan, or is it spray tan?" Ha!

*Prior to going, D really gave me a hard time. He made sure I knew he was jealous, whatever you want to call it. We hardly do much without the kids except go to work. And, we just can't afford to go out to eat a ton like some couples. We'd rather be home anyway...but, I need time away some times. I don't give in much, and often I get this terrible guilty feeling for it, but I need it. I need time with friends once in awhile. He just doesn't get it. He was single in his 20's...I was going to nursing school, and popping out babies in my 20's. He has got to stop making me feel guilty!!! AUGGHH!!!
When I got home after being gone only 3 hours, the little ones came running, "Mommy! Your home!" Jumping up and down with big smiles and giggles, then on to begging for icecream. As if I had been gone for days! Drew pinned me, and said, "So, where WERE you?" More like, 'Mom, WHO SAID YOU COULD LEAVE WITHOUT US?'
You can tell I don't do much without the kids...
Well, gotta prep for nearly a week of dayshifts, and a graveyard in the mix...good thing the graveyard is time and a half...I'm just not used to it at all!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tons to tell!

Busy busy week here! I have been working what seems like a TON! I took on some extra shifts this month, since D said to, although he will deny that...making me a full time Nurse this month only. But, I will definitely appreciate the EXTRA money coming in next month from it. I will be lagging in hours next month due to soccer camps starting, and camp trips planned.

I am in dire need of a new washing machine, and a dresser, so one or the other or both will be purchased soon with my extra earnings. Nice to have it coming, with 2 time and 1/2 shift also.
Kids got back from a short trip with my Mom. It was so wierd to not have them here so many days. Glad to finally get them home. A few surprises though...Grace, being 13, seems to think she has a newfound increase of independence in her decision making. None of my cousins that they visited have children her age, they are smaller, Drew's age and younger. So, apparently she was treated more like an adult than I would allow at home. They have a pool at thier house, I told Grace to take her suit, she refused. Well, she took $40 of earned babysitting money with her, and when they all went to the river, she decided to buy a swimsuit. Only, it was not something I would EVER allow her to wear. I try to emphasize modesty, regularly. My dtr is only 13, not 16 or 18. I put my girls in either one piece, or tankini/boyshort style suits. NO bikini's. Especially not for my teen right now.
She bought the suit that in her words, 'I chose the one that would cover me most but didn't cost a lot of money Mom!' Ummm...I don't think so. She bought a red/white polka dot skimpy forbidden bikini. The top was strings with small triangles to cover her ta tas, and the bottoms where small hipster style bikini bottoms. NOT SOMETHING I WOULD EVER LET HER GET. But, she bought it, wore it to the river while there, and wasn't gonna let me know she had it.
I, being the intuitive Mother I am, started wondering what she wore to the river she spoke of swimming in. I was very upset about her purchasing it, in my opinion, she wasted her money. She knew better, and so...I took the suit telling her she will NEVER wear it ever again. She thinks I still have it. I can't return it, it's been worn 2x at least. I won't donate it. I won't save it for years from now. It disgusted me, and it was pure disobedience. I simply took it, dug around for my sewing scissors, and cut that suit into dozens of tiny little scraps.
She also had this idea she needs to, and should be allowed to wear make up now. We discussed mascara before she went on this trip with my Mom. I had told her, clear mascara only. No color, and definitley NOT black. She comes home with a tube of black extreme volumizing mascara. I confiscated this as well. She keeps insisting she NEEDS it. It is now in the trash. Another disobedient act.
I love my dtr. I know she is growing up, but she is trying to grow up way too fast! I am not trying to baby her, but what I am trying to do is keep them kids for a while longer than most parents do. I see so many young 11 12 13 yo girls running around with tons of make up on. It's so disgusting to see these young girls trying to look as if they are adults already. It's just not what I will be okay with. I do not think I am doing wrong by her. I just want her to be modest with her body, love herself for her natural beauty, and have self confidence without thinking/feeling she has to mask who she truly is for others to think she is beautiful.
She IS a beautiful girl. But, she is just that still, a girl. NOT a woman.
D felt I over reacted by cutting the suit up, but I think I needed to make a huge point, not to be forgotten. If she wants the freedom to purchase clothing with the money she earns, she also has to show me some maturity, and responsibility by making wise choices. This was not a wise choice. Enough drama...
Took the kids to visit cousins yesterday. Needed to visit my Melbamoo! Had fun. She babysits now, decided to quit her full time job this year and stay home. Good choice I think. Our kids grow up so fast, it's such a pity to have to miss it.

She is babysitting her new little nephew, whom I did not know was there when I arrived. He is only 3 months old, and sooo sooo sooo cute! I loved holding him. Leah never see's babies, we don't know anyone with a baby, and she is my last, so we won't have another one in our house.

I made sure to let her see this baby, so I held him out to her, and said, "Leah! Look what Mommy got! A baby!" She was busy playing kitchen at the time, and looked up, startled then started saying, "NO! I DON'T WANT IT! GO 'WAY! NO!" I was so shocked at her reaction. She absolutley refused to look at or hold the little guy. She acted scared. I tried to show her again, she asked, "Where did it come from?" Mel told her,from his mommie's tummy. She looked at him a bit, still not wanting anything to do with him, then started playing a bit more. As I continued holding him, and visiting, she blurted out to me, "GO PUT HIM BACK!"
I had to laugh. I mean, how crazy was her reaction? I just did not understand her not liking a baby. She plays with her dolls a lot, she has seen babies, not held them, or really been around them more than seeing them in passing at the mall or such. But, to be scared of or so openly disliking him?
After a bit, she finally warmed up, and came over to me, started telling me he needed a diaper, and a ba ba. She eventually asked to hold him, and wanted to feed him his bottle.
On another note: I am seriously considering a new tattoo. I have one to my lower back, but my idea this time is to get all of my childrens names in small script running together around my ankle like a little ankle bracelet. D says it will hurt terrible, and doesn't want me to do it, but I really want to. What do any of you Momma's have to say? Good or Bad idea?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Day at the Beach...Happy 4th!!!

What a beautiful day it was today! We got to the beach, it was overcast, a bit of rain, but by 1pm it was 70 degrees and sunny!
Leah had a blast! We went to the Marine Science Center where she was able to touch a starfish, sea anemone, and sea urchin, but she refused, go figure...she only stared at them and kept asking what thier names were. Very inquisitive.
We got some salt water taffy, which btw, I must say, the flavor I now love is Buttercream. It tastes just like real buttercreme icing...mmm mmm mmm!
Got D some oysters, he loves them. In the shell, and out.
Played on the beach a bit, the tide was coming in quickly, but Lulu was able to play awhile. She lost interest fast in building a sand castle. When she attempted to stand and let the waves come to her feet, she became very scared since it made her rock a bit.
She loved the tide pools, and grabbed handfuls of sand, tossing them into the water.
It wasn't long before she had a melt down over not wanted to walk the beach to look for agates, and a big walking stick. I wanted to write her name in the sand and take her picture with it as I try to do with all the kids, but she refused to have the patience for me and began screaming, "I don't want no more pictures!!!" Well, then, little miss lulu...Enjoy the montage!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just one Little Lulu?!!

So....after working 5 days straight, not being able to be home with my kids, my Mom takes 3 of them away from me for the next week!

I miss them, and I need some time with my laughing boy!

But, honestly, I will say, it is soooo much more calm around here with only one sweet little Lulu to care for, and play with.

We went to the riverfront festival this eve, shared an elephant ear, and she climbed on a few inflated playthings for a bit. She had fun. It was so easy to deal with just her. I was almost, dare I say? BORED!

I let her eat oatmeal for dinner, and she passed out on the living room floor with a movie in hand that she had just picked moments earlier. It was so cute!

Tomorrow we are headed for the beach!

It's the 4th, but I am 3 kids short, and D will be sleeping for a NOC shift, and my sissy are spending the day near the ocean waves, making sand castles, and searching for agates. Ahhh!

I plan to take along the rebel and try to get a few fun shots of Lulu on the beach. I'll share my shots tomorrow night!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who am I...REALLY?

Lately, I have been pondering many things. Who AM I? I keep coming to this.
At work I am all together, focused, organized, accomodating. My mind is totally absorbed by my work.
At home, I'm more lax, a completely different person I think.
I don't open up to many people. I prefer to be called Victoria by anyone that I work with, or is a mere aquaintance vs. long time friend or family. And, I've found, I really dislike it when someone at work does decide they have the right to call my Vicky. It's a bit too personal.
My husband calls me that, my parents, sister.
I do my best to put forth my best side, and do good toward others.
What blows my mind, is that I continually come across people that are determined to disrupt my calm.
People that have nothing better to do than start sh*t, then sit back and watch as it unfolds. I AM SO SICK OF THOSE PEOPLE!
I want nothing more than to do my best job providing care as a nurse, be the best wife I can be, be the best Mom I can be and raise my children to be amazing people. More and more, I like my husbands ideas about how he wants to live.
Off in a log cabin away from everything and everyone.

Anyway...Leah is here at my feet saying how she has green eyes, and that "You have green eyes too mom, 'cause you ate you dinner!" Gotta go!

Friday, June 27, 2008

A HOT Sunny afternoon & 48 pics later...

My Best were these 6 of the littlest! A bummer, but hey! I am with them most, so they seem to be the most photogenic ones of the 4.


Drew had a friend stay over last night, making a 2nd sleepover in 2 days. DID NOT GO WELL! She was terribly rude, and very much a brat! I had had it by 10am, and got showered to take her friend home early. I was honestly so embarassed by how she behaved! I even told her to say she was sorry to her friend, she flat out refused.

Now, I know my Drew acts extremely unbecoming when she is over tired. She was just so. HOWEVER...I am not willing any longer to make that excuse for her. Something clicked in me today, and well, I think, she is now 8 years old. She knows right from wrong regardless of whether she's tired or not. So, from now on, I told her that will not be an excuse for any of her behaviours. I will not tolerate it any longer. That she is fully aware of what is right, and will recieve no more chances when she is displaying bad behaviour.

I think I have been a bit soft on that girl. I know I have. My parents tell me, I deny, but I see it now. I just gotta put my foot down quite a bit harder now. Drew is not one that enjoys getting in trouble, in fact, it distrurbs her being greatly. She is very stubborn, and strong willed, but she hates getting in trouble, or being under any form of restriction.

When we got home, she made extra special efforts to reverse my disciplinary decision, to no avail. I will not give in.

I was just simply SO exhausted today, I made her take a nap along with that boy, and Lulu.
Then, I tried to lie down on the couch and rest my eyes for a bit so as to better prepare myself for the busy busy afternoon/evenings that inevitably arrive around here.

HOWEVER...Grace would not turn off the Wii, Lulu kept getting out of her bed and into her toybox. Then after telling Grace to get outside and weed or something, she kept coming in and out the door, waking me to ask me unnecessary questions, the phone rang, Grace started using the can opener, and microwave...AUUGGHHHH!

I truly nodded off so briefly it put me in a worse mood than prior! Why can't I even take a short little nap myself???

I have also been working with Lulu a bit more on potty training. I got some more 'gems' from the $ store, and so far this seems to be the trick for my little princess.

She loves them! She WANTS them! So, she was dry most of the day today, and went potty 2x, as well as wore a pair of pan tees for 1/2 the day with no accidents! YES! She gets 3 gems every time she goes potty, I figure 3 'cause she's 3.
I just hope she will continue cooperating this time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something I Found Interesting...

I saw this on the news. Thought it was very important to know, really. Although we need to be careful of our childrens exposure to sunlight, UV rays. Our children do need the exposure to some degree to be healthy. Vitamin D is formed through our skins exposure to sunlight. So, let the kids play bit without sunblock before you slather it on for protection from sunburn. Watch the video!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Few Frustrations & The Fabulous Four

Today was a very frustrating day. D will not seem to do anything about the pest we have messing around with all of my flower beds. And, it seems to mainly be just MY flower beds. He just shrugs his shoulders, and says, "What am I supposed to do?"

It is so very frustrating!!!
All the beds, and especially my front one, are mounded, cracked soil, like something tunnelling, a gopher? a mole or moleS? WTH? Whatever it is, I want it gone gone gone!!!

(Blood Leaf plant above, one of my newest added plants)

On top of it all, I took Drew to a birthday party today, and while driving, I noticed my gas gauge was looking off, in comparison to miles driven. It was below 3/4 tank, yet only 84 miles driven since I filled it on the 17th. I stopped to get gas, to top it off before we head out of town for Gracie's 13th Birthday party tomorrow thinking I'd only need to add another $20 at most, but the bill was over $30!!! I'm sure it had been cyphened somehow, somewhere in the past day. As if gas prices aren't high enough, someone has to go and steal from me!
I got a locking gas cap. Hopefully that will deter any thief.

Took this pic today, of MY FABULOUS FOUR! Turned okay I think. Not the greatest lighting today, but it was nice out.
Grace is officially 13 tomorrow, June 23rd, at 6:47pm I believe. She can party early, but she is not 13 until evening in my book. That girl was my 14 long hours of labor birth, NO EPIDURAL. The most stubborn one. STILL IS!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Another Busy Day...

I had these grand plans to drop everything and drive off to the beach for the day with all the kids in tow...but, unfortunately, I just couldn't!
We were all out of basic groceries, like bananas, milk, PB, eggs, etc...I HAD to go get groceries.
Also realized, I was overdue for an oil change, and today was a special price, so I had to get that done. Took advantage of the free car wash afterward, and it broke the arm on my hatch windsheild wiper! Good thing it's summer, right?
Also way overdue on rotating my tires, and checking tire pressure, I never did go back last fall after my new tires were put on to have them check the torque. Uh oH!
Then, I found out I could get a new set of hubcaps for my van, one fell off last fall, for a decent price, so got those on order.
Took Grace to do a bit of birthday shopping with a $30 gift card at the mall...Leah PEE'D on the floor of the store!!!
Grace was looking at flip flops, and I took a walk down to another store, she comes out with platform sandals that a woman would wear! I RETURNED THEM RIGHT AWAY! What was she thinking???
Got some Rose Water cold cream on Bath & Body Works clearance for only $3.75!!!
Got Little Lulu a few new pairs of earrings.
Got everything I needed to get today at Costco, thank the lord for that store!
I could not feed this family if it were not for bulk shopping! Did forget the stinkin' Ziplock baggies AGAIN!!! Augghhh!! Always something.
Off to COOK DINNER, work on figuring out my Camera options some more, and try to play with my new Photoshop Elements program. No classes around here till fall!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thankyou Donna!

Sharing the Love

I received this award from Donna, over at Blessings of Love blog.

This button was created by Memoirs of A Mommy Blog to honor the donor who saved her son, Noah's, life with a heart transplant.

Her hopes are that in passing this award, we are creating more awareness of the importance of organ donation.

I will pass it on to Margo, Motherbumper, and Sher!

A Beautiful Day on the Lake!

Yesterday we took the kids to the lake to go fishing in the boat. We have not yet made a full family trip in the boat, but it went way better than I ever could have expected. Little Lulu did not whine one bit! She loved it! She stood right up near D at the steering wheel with the wind blowing through her hair, taking it all in. What a trooper! She even wanted to fish, so D helped her 'hold' a pole and reel one in.

We found a great little spot that seemed to be a frequented camping spot with some logs to sit on so the kids could eat lunch, and small spot for the kids to wade in the water. Tons of trails, which the boy took NO time at all to set of exploring in search of a monster, cougar, and dinosaur! He found a stick to use as his weapon, and began exlaiming, "Whoa! Look at that footprint! That's huge! I think the monster went this way!" D tried to hide and scare him by jumping out when he came along one path.

When we were wading around in the water, I being very weary of something touching me, suddenly SOMETHING was touching my leg, I jumped! Only to turn around to that boy standing there laughing hysterically with a twig in his hand that he was poking me with! THAT BOY!!!

The scenery was beautiful! D let Grace steer the boat while we fished, that had her feeling so so cool! As much as she protested going along, insisting she be allowed to stay home, she got right in on the fun, and ended up wishing she'd brought her swimsuit along too. Typical teen!

I hadn't even planned on going along at first. It was going to be just D and the boy. I was looking forward to elliptical time, mopping, getting caught up with laundry. But, the more I thought about it, we NEEDED to get out, with all of us together. No video games, no bickering kids at home, just one day out.
It truly went so well, I could not believe it.
Not to mention, we all got a little sun :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What comes around TRULY goes around...

I am so shocked right now! I don't even know what to think.
At work tonight, 2nd med pass, I started on my 1st cart, and here comes the DNS, Administrator, and one RCM.
I was very curious as to why they would be there so late.

It's been awhile, but we hired a nurse this past year. One that I just simply do not get along with. Nothing too personal, just karma I guess. I knew she just wasn't someone I care to know. I was pleasant, spoke to her as much as I HAD to. When I go to work, I do just that, WORK! I am a nurse, I do not have time for petty S*IT!

One day a month or two ago, I go to work and find out this LN, and a few aides had started some stupid, idiotic rumors including me in them. Saying I had said things about many other workers that I had not EVER said at all! At first I was furious, but after thinking a bit, I knew all would work itself out.

Anway...I have come to realize, if I wait just long enough, that person will end up moving on one way or another.
And, tonight, what happened? Exactly that.
I saw our DNS going to get this LN's belongings to give to her, and she was escorted out of the building by our Admnistrator.
I say...None too soon.
I am so ecstatic right now, I want to jump up and down, and scream and yell, and do a little crazy dance! If I were a drinker, this would be the night to par tay!