Saturday, April 30, 2005

Still weeding

Today the hub is functioning on 4 hours of sleep since he finished his 2nd night shift this morning, and always demands to be woken at noon. We all, myself, the hub, the boy, and the 14 year old spent the morning out weeding. Well, the boy didn't weed, but he tried. He sat with Bubba, our dog, and very nicely patted him on the back and laughed. He also played in the coupe car, but got very angry when it wouldn't move. We got the entire front yard done, and are almost done laying down the new bark. The hub traveled into town to get a bit more. Heather took a break to 'tan' out in the backyard. I took a break to breastfeed the baby, and feed the boy. He just about took up a permanent residence in the high chair today! I thought he'd never get done.
My husband is now able to hold the baby without fear of her screaming her head off, and today he swears she coo'd at him. He was all excited, and just had to rub it in that she did this to him first. Just as the boy said Dada instead of Mama first, which he had to remind me of.
Last night the baby played, "hold me so I can go to sleep, or I'll scream!" And she did, until midnight when I finally just had to put her in my bed, or I wasn't going to get any sleep!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Just a typical day

Today was a slow start. We stayed home, the kids playing, watching TV. I got some weeding done, which needed to be done VERY badly. I still have plenty more to do. Amazingly I was not summoned inside to feed a baby, or change a diaper once during my time outside. I finished before either awoke from their naps. (Well, finished 1/8 of the weeding anyway.) I just don't know how I'm ever going to get it all done. The 14 year old was supposed to be helping with the weeding, she got up before she showered and went out for a total of about 10 minutes then returned, "It's raining." It was sprinkling. But, you know how it is when your a teenager. Heaven forbid the rain touch you, you might melt! Then she had to take a shower, and get all clean, which meant, she couldn't go out again once it stopped "raining", she might get dirty! She did manage to do french manicure to her toenails...She showed Dad, all he had to say was, "Oh, glad to see that got done instead of all my weeding!"
The girls are staying the night with Grandma, the boy heard us talking and was waiting all afternoon to go to "MA'S" house. He kept running to the door with socks in one hand, and a shoe in the other. Poor thing. I've gotta start spelling everything out again! Or just not mention a single idea, or event until the moment that it is going to happen.
I made the 4 year old take a nap today. She was incredibly nasty. Shockingly, she awoke from this nap, even more so. How does that happen?
The baby is really trying hard to get me to hold her for her to get to sleep, we are starting this thing all over again! Cry, cry, cry...whimper...silence(could she be asleep?)...scream...cry,cry,cry...and so it goes, on and on. I can only dream of going to bed at 8pm, when I am at my most tired, and sleep without waking once till 8am.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Little discoveries

The boy discovered his shadow today at the park. He stood there, half eaten apple in one hand, barefoot, looking down, then looking up at me with a look of confusion. I said, "It's Beau!" He stared kicking his feet as if he thought he could somehow kick off his own shadow. It was so cute!
This afternoon the baby was lying on my bed, content, looking around, and discovered her hands. She kept looking at them, waving them in front of her face, making a fist at times. She's already growing bigger. Boo-hoo!

The library...again

We went to storytime today again, and it was actually a wonderful experience this time. I had it under control. Used the double stroller instead. The baby slept through it all, the boy listened very well to the stories with some occasional wandering around to "visit" other toddlers and give them hugs and kisses. The 4 year old even had fun, regardless of her protest to going to storytime "again".
When it was time for the puppet show, all of his attention was focused on these stuffed dolphin and alligator puppets. At one point the man making the puppets talk became very loud as part of the show, and the boy jumped, it scared him a little. After the puppet show he was interested in where they came from so he decided to go disappear behind the puppet tent thing, I don't know what you call it. He just had to know where the puppets go after the puppet show!
We went to the park afterward with a friend, and the boy went wild. He went down the slide all alone...on his belly! Drew went to play in the sand, and he followed her. I took off his shoes and he stepped in, put his hands in it then pulled them out, held them out to me and looked at me saying 'uck'. I think he was reminded about an incident not 2 weeks ago when he got into the bag of sugar and spilled it all over the kitchen, and he came to me hands out then, with sugar all over his hands, also saying 'uck'. But, he got over it and started playing along, digging the sand with a shovel, and all.
A garbage truck came by, picking up trash from the houses next to the park. Handsome saw that truck and made a run for it! He was gonna cross the road all alone to get to that truck. I caught him, and we stood there watching the garbage truck pick up garbage from 3 houses. He was soooo intrigued.
Today was the easiest, most fun day I've had with them for awhile. Very little stress. Just pure FUN!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hi ho, Hi ho, into town I go!

We ran into town today for the 'Blade Trinity' movie for my husband. He refused to pick it up on his way home from work, so I had to drag all 3 youngers in the movie store, the boy running wild as soon as we stepped in the door. We made a trip by McDonald's since we were in town already, I thought the boy would love the play structure, however, all he did was scream bloody murder as the 4 year old tried to get him on the slide. So, for the first time, I had a toddler content to sit at the table and eat all of his lunch, (which was chicken nuggets). I was amazed.
We also made a stop at the fabric store for some yarn. My husbands coworker's wife went into labor at 6 months. Her water broke while she was going pee, and a leg fell out, it was breech, and an arm was broke being delivered, it was a boy. My husband said he weighs 2lb. 6oz, I think. So, I had to pick out some yarn to make a baby blanket for the baby.
My baby slept the whole time gone and is still asleep. As soon as we got out of the van, the boy took off running with one look back just to grin at me and giggle as he made his way to the backyard. One of his shoes fell off on his way, and he just kept on going. Little stinker.


The baby slept from 10pm-4:30am, woke to eat, then fell asleep again, and is still sleeping and it's 7:30am!!! And to make it even better, the boy never woke last night screaming for a lost binky!!! I feel so refreshed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My daughter wore her much sought after shirt to school, I had told her, "Grace, of all days, please pay extreme attention and try very hard NOT to get anything on this shirt!" She promised, "MOM, I will." Well, she come home from school, I look at her, and my immediate reaction was, "Did you try extra hard to get it dirty, or what?" She had a stain about 1 inch wide in a brown color crossing her belly at the bottom most edge of the shirt. She goes," Well, I was the clean up person today and we did water colors." So, today I attempted to clean it. I had to srub with an old toothbrush over and over. It appears to be back to new, but there is a faint brown line remaining. Hopefully it will come out next time.
The boy has been extremely whiny today, and demanding to be held almost every moment he is awake. He is teething. It hurts him so badly that he is now eager to allow me to apply teething gel, vs. his usual refusal. I was trying really hard to get it all around the gumline so it was covering the entire area where the newest tooth is coming through, it's an eye tooth, and he bites me, hard, 2 times. I didn't expect it, and it made me kinda mad. But, he had no idea. Then I gave him a frozen teether, and off he went. It held him for awhile, but then he started in again, down for a nap he went.
Today my 9 year old has a friend over to play. They got off the bus, and after about 20 minutes they say, "can we go to her house instead, it's more fun", I'm thinking, 'why did you have her come over to your house, if you only want to play at her house?' "Well, she has a quad, and we want to play on her trampoline." Neither of which we have. It's nice out, so I gave in.
The 4 year old wanted to play next door with the nieghbor girl that's her age. Before she left I told her to clean up her mess. She spent a good 5 minutes sitting on the floor NOT cleaning up, then came out balling, saying, "I'm wasting my time." I said, "What?" She goes, "I'm wasting my time to play with Nicole." I'm thinking, 'then get busy, and finish cleaning up the mess'.


Today I have decided to stay in my PJ's, and watch TV. I never do this. Me and the 4 year old watched a movie, 'The Dust Factory', pretty cute movie, PG. She sat through most of it, the boy had to lay down for a nap shortly after starting the movie. He was into everything. So, I asked him if he needed a nap, he shook his head 'yes', and went running to the fridge for his ba-ba.
Last night after the hub returned from his grandiose fishing trip, which brought home 2-20lb. ling cod I believe he said, I told him "I'm going to leave now." His response was, "You can't leave!" I said, "Why shouldn't I be able to leave?" He goes, "Well, maybe I want your company." I said, "That really doesn't matter, I need a break." My 9 year old pipes up, "That's not nice Mom, Dad works alot, and he was fishing all day, so you should stay home and spend time with him." WHAT? After giving him the rundown for the boy, "vaporizer, vapor rub, nighttime diaper, vitamins in bottle", I left. Just for 1 hour, when he was gone fishing for a total sum of approximately 24 hours over sunday and monday. And you know, once the fishing is done, there is still the drive back to shore in the boat, clean up, the drive home, the stop for beer, then once home, more clean up, the packaging of the fish, putting gear away...the night before there is about 2 hours or more spent re-doing the fishing line in each pole, making sure he has all the right gear together, sitting ready at the door so all he has to do is get up, throw on some clothes, and leave. It's a day of no shower, no shave, just pure man-stink, adding a little fish stink to it.
So, I left, I spent some time trying to de-fry my mind by looking around at Big Lot's with my Mom. It didn't really work, I returned home with my mind still full, only to drive up at 9:30, 1 hour past the girls bed time with lights still on in the bedrooms. MUST I be home to put them to bed? On school nights, bedtime is 8:30pm. He knew I was mad, and he goes, "What, I didn't know it was already 9:30." The 9 year old, who by he way always has something to say about everything, goes "I'm not in bed yet because Drew won't go to bed, I kept telling her it was bedtime." I will give him credit for the kitchen being clean, since when I left he was in the middle of frying oysters after just frying fish, and sealing the remaining uncooked fish at the same time. I hate cleaning up oily pans, and stinky fish juice.
As I was settling the baby down, he kept probing me, "WHERE DID YOU GO?" I didn't want to reveal, I wanted it to be my little secret. But, he just kept on, so I finally said, "I was with my Mother." He still wasn't satisfied, so I had to tell him exactly WHERE we went. After changing the babies diaper, I fed her once more, she finally laid down by 10:30pm, and so I just climbed into bed, turned over, covered up, and faked immediate sleep.

Monday, April 25, 2005

The hub's fishing...again

The hub went fishing again today, leaving me with 4/5 kids, 1 was in school, the teen was ill so she stayed home. I spent this morning, once again, wiping snotty noses, administering tylenol, and changing poopy diapers. OH, and killing flies in the kitchen as the boy watched laughing from the high chair. The babies were so whiny, each with their own annoying, and piercing cry that I wanted to start crying mid morning with so much to deal with and NO help. But, then here comes handsome toting his 'kitty', looking up at me with his big blue eyes as I'm trying to vaccume, and all my frustration just melted away.
We got out today to take the baby to my 9 year olds school for her to use her as her 'show and tell' subject. All the kids ooh'd and aah'd, and the teacher just had to hold her. Handsome just climbed up into a desk and thought he'd stay awhile, giggling with a binky in his mouth.
After that, we made a trip to the grocery store for milk, it was on sale! Ended up with a cart full of other must haves, all food. During checkout the baby starts screaming bloody murder, luckily a friend who works there grabbed her out and calmed her some so I could check out. Had to pull one out and feed her in the car before I could head home. All the way home she screamed and screamed, making my boobs leak and leak. I just wanted to quietly dissapear and take a short vacation, no kids, no groceries. Just me, calgon, and a great big margarita! Yeah right, not gonna happen.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday Shopping

My mother in law came down last evening to stay the night and see the grandkids. We gave her the photo taken yesterday and she loved it. The girls did such a good job, all genuine smiles, and the boy took some coaxing to cooperate, but finally sat just long enough to be a part. It really did turn out to be a wonderful picture.
Today, after a morning of cleaning up dried up snotty noses, (the boy and the baby both have runny noses,) I made it out of the house to take a look around Gottschalks, a new department store here. My 9 year old triggered the idea. At school this past week she saw a girl that had a certain shirt with a purple line in the middle, and ties on the sides, all white, and this shirt came from Gottschalks, she's been talking about this shirt ALL week, so we found it there, and it was a whopping 35.00!! There was a sale, and so it was 30% off, then another 15% off at the register, so my mother in law decided she would get each of the girls one outfit, my 9 year old had to have that shirt, and then she picked a pair of capri pants that matched. The 4 year old picked something cute, with Grandma's help also.
Me and the boy took a look around the shoe store, it's BOGO, so we found him a pair of sandals, 'Finding Nemo' ones, he just loves fishies, and loves Nemo. He watched it a couple weeks ago, it totally captivated him......for about 20 minutes. Nonetheless Beau knows who Nemo is. They light up when he takes a step, it's so cute!
We also made a quick trip to the grocery store, I needed to pick up a few things like band aids, shampoo. I actually found Nemo band aids for handsome only, the girls will just have to use the regular ones. He 's only little once, and if what he like is fishies, then by golly, I'm gonna find everything fishies for this boy I can. Afterall, he's the only one.
I also bought double stuf oreo's. I think I'm addicted. Not good for the post pregnancy waist line, but I can't help myself. In fact, Kmart has them 2/4.00. I just may have to go buy some there too!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rain Rain go away, today is my kids' picture day!

Today started out full speed ahead. Baby woke up ready to eat at 5am, the boy woke also, but laid back down for 2 hours, then woke for good at 7am, ready to rumble! He was full of himself giggling, bouncing, begging for his tippy. We sat in bed a little longer, then I was up making breakfast for everyone. A free for all really, nobody had the same thing, the kids love that.
Then I started picking up the house as the baby slept, and wandered into the 14 year olds room to check if she cleaned it before she left yesterday to a friends house. She did, well, her version of clean. It was still a mess in my anal, obsessive-compulsive mind. So, I decided to run the vaccume over her carpet, picking up cotton swabs, hair pins, pony holders, dried up craisins, and paper scraps. She had mascara stains on the carpet, pop spills, etc. Went ahead and oxy-spot cleaned those. While I'm doing this, without my knowledge, the boy apparently grabbed a tube of toothpaste from her room, next thing I know he's comes down the hall rubbing his hands together which, by the way, are covered in Crest. He made Crest handprints on the doors, and a few toys. Thank goodness he didn't put it in his hair, today is picture day!
Then I'm going through my CD's for a hundredth time trying to figure out which one's have been missing, since the boy always takes them out and hides them. My 9 year old helped me to figure it out, both 'PINK' cd's. So, I took a peek in the 14 year olds CD changer, and to my surprise, there they are. Don't remember being asked to borrow them, and the CD cases are nowhere to be found. This makes me, a very anal person who likes to keep track of everything and keep order to most things, very angry. First of all, she knows she must ask, 2nd, seems she lost the cases. We must have a talk.
As I mentioned today is picture day, with the cousins (2), so 7 kids aged 1 month, 15 months, 4 years, 9,9,10, and 14 will be expected to cooperate for a group photo. This is an idea me and my sister in law came up with for a surprise mothers day gift for my mother in law. All of the grandkids together. Ofcourse, the clothing is spring themed, so sandals, no sleeve dresses, and it's raining! Yesterday was 70 degrees or so, nice, hot, we got yard work done. And today of all days is nasty. Oh well. So it goes.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Calm and quiet

Well, today was a very calm, quiet day. Babies, (and Husband) napping in sync. I was able to work on a blanket for a friend, and get a small amount of weeding done. I say small because, my husband insists that I wheelbarrow the weeds to the back yard corner as I go. I would get all the weeding done much more quickly MY way, which is weed it all and dump some other time. The boy joined me during my weeding, digging through the flower bed with his little hand shovel discovering tiny treasures such as a pine cone, to which I swear he exclaimed, "WOW". Then he found an acorn which he had to dig pretty darn deep to find, I saw him with his head practically buried in the dirt leaning over trying to get it out. He stopped everything each time he heard the sound of a truck driving by. He's all boy, that's for sure.
I introduced him to baby einstein today. One of our check outs from yesterdays trip to the library. It's baby dolittle, about animals in, outside, and around your house. He loves it. It's amazing how those videos hold the interest of wee ones. I never had seen one of those videos before. I think I'll check a few more out next time.
Well, not too much to say today. Surely as soon as I close this post, some horrifying event will occur. This must be the calm before the storm...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Boy

Today we ventured outside of the "cave", and went to storytime at the library. It was an amazing feat for me to have all 3 youngers dressed and fed, as well as myself ready to roll by 10 :15 (storytime is at 10:30) I usually don't make it out of here, when I attempt to, before 1pm. All during the drive to the library I debated on how to keep 'the boy' restrained. See, I went to the library last week, him walking and baby in carseat. It didn't go so well, didn't want a repeat of that. So, I debated double stroller, or umbrella stroller. Hmmmm...well, Drew, the preschooler could push the umbrella stroller, but it has no storage for the diaper bag. The double stroller is much more handy, but also MUCH more space consuming and there are alot of people at storytime to weave through. Went with the umbrella stroller. He did pretty well. I took him out of it once we made it into the storytime area, he remained in the room, no exit seeking, actually enjoyed the reading, oh, and the puppet show afterward. He was entranced by that. Afterward we made our way over to the kids area to check out some books, and let the 2 play, do puzzles, etc. 'The boy' went straight to the train table. He emmediately started ripping apart the wooden track, not understanding that he then would not know how to put it back together. Another boy came up to play, trying to put it back together when all of the sudden, unexpectedly (atleast I did not expect this from my sweet handsome boy) 'the boy' began hitting this other boy. I looked at him in surprise, and said "STOP!" He stopped. But then he began banging the wooden track on the table like a hammer. He was very reluctant to stop that, so I hoisted him up in one arm, carseat with Leah in the other, as he kicked and screamed, people staring. Needless to say, he ended up back in the stroller. We made our exit.
After getting home and taking a long nap, 'the boy' then decided he wanted "OUT". The hub took him out for awhile then had to get to work, so I bribed him with popscicles to stay in for atleast a little bit. We all had our dinner, then "OUT" we went. He has these adorable little size 5 rubber boots I found at a garage sale, he grinned as we put those on and then made a run for it. I think he covered every inch of grass, gravel, and bark available for exploration with undescribable energy. He put "gas" in the little tikes coupe, found "treasure" amongst the rocks. I tried showing him how to blow the 'fuzz' off of a dandelion to make a wish, he watched, then attempted it himself, only his version required putting the dandelion in his mouth, which he quicky realized didn't taste too good and began spitting it out while combing his tongue with his fingers to get all of the 'fuzz' out.
Once back inside, it was bathtime. When 'the boy' takes a bath, I may as well put on scuba gear. He is a fish. A dolphin I think. He splashes so much that our small bathroom floor becomes a lake, and after all is done, I appear as though I took a swim. And this is one time when the word "STOP", by the time it meets him eardrum, is translated as "GO".
Oh, 'THE BOY', he is truly an amazing creation. And to think that I took part in all that. When he smiles, his big blue eyes smile right along. Don't get me wrong, I love all those girls too, but there's just something special about 'the boy'.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I make it look way too easy

Hurray! Since my husband did not have to work dayshift today, I was able to get the baby to calm herself to sleep last night so that she would sleep in her own bed and NOT mine. She fussed and fussed again, tried to make me feel guilty, but I persevered and let her cry it out, and she actually slept from midnight till 5am. YES!
Today was his switch over day to night shift, so he was very LAZY, sleeping alot to prepare for staying up all night. Usually he would sleep in till noon and get up, but since the baby came it hasn't worked that way, and today we had a phone call from the 14 year olds high school office telling us she did not show up for 1st period and that "mom" called her in sick for the day, thus they had her marked down for an excused absence. Well......I said 'NO', and had to wake up my husband to let him know. This was about 9am. Shortly after I wake him from his slumber, they call back to say, 'oops, our mistake, she is in class right now'. Then around lunch time we get a phone call from the grade school concerning the 9 year old. Seems she was found in possession of a cell phone which was taken from her and kept at the office. They say to me " We would appreciate you telling her not to bring it to school again, so we'll keep it here for her to pick up and take home after school." I almost had to laugh. Okay, so last night she asked us if we had an old cell phone for her to use to play, we say sure, pull it out and say first off, "This is for home, do not take it to school." She agrees, but apparently did not intend to follow the rule in the first place. So, my response to the office lady is, "Well, we already told her not to take it to school." As she walked in the door from getting off the bus, I hold out my hand, she hands it over, and now she may no longer have it to play with. Only fair I think.
Now on to why I titled todays post 'I make it look way too easy'. As I said, my husband was home for the morning and afternoon. Amazingly, Leah was an angel, sleeping more than usual, not fussing near as much, and Beau took an extra long mid-day nap, making it just so that I end up with this alottment of extra time that I NEVER get, and all while he was here to witness it making him think I have it all under control, no help needed. As soon as he left for work, I try to start dinner for us here at home and baby starts screaming to eat, toddler starts screaming for food and chewing the heck out of his hands, he's teething. So I throw him the high chair after giving him a dose of tylenol, hand him a popscicle to bite, pull out a boob and start breastfeeding the baby while I stand there cooking with the other hand! If only he were here then.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sleepless nights, busy days

Well, today went pretty well, however last night was a horror. I've been trying like mad to get the baby to sleep at a decent time so that I can get to bed, and also get her to sleep in her own bed, not mine. Well, she fussed and fussed, and FUSSED until 11:30pm, the only thing to calm her down was a tit in her mouth, she finally fell asleep on me, but awoke 1 hour later screaming. The entire night was waking babies, the boy woke at 3am, only to be followed by the baby at 3:30am. She finally slept after a feeding until 8am. So, I get up and on the counter is a little note from the HUB, saying, 'you should take Drew, and Beau to the sitter so you can take a nap with Leah', Drew is my 4 year old, Beau the 15 month old. I stood there thinking, he's crazy! Pack up the kids to drop 2 off, only to return home with the baby (who is the main one interfering with my quest for sleep), without the gaurantee that I will get a nap, only to leave the house yet again to pick them up? I don't think so. So, we ho-hummed around here, in PJ's mind you till noon, finally making it out of the house to get a couple gallons of milk. I did get bills sent out though, and made a decent dinner. All while the baby slept. Now, how does he think I'd get anything done if I slept when she did??????????

Monday, April 18, 2005

Let's get it started!

Okay, here we go. I have been inspired by a friend who recently started a blog as a way for her to keep a running record of her daily parenting dilemma's all while homeschooling her children. So, I decided, given that I have so many kids to keep track of and so many silly, horrifying, frustrating incidences day by day, that I would like to journal all of them in this blog so that it may allow me the chance to step outside at times and review my day and possibly be able to laugh, or cry about things that may have made me insanely angry at that moment. So, enjoy as you read day by day.