Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just me Whining

I guess it's really the thought that counts, but I am having such a hard time with this. Our 6th Anniversary. My husband was scheduled to work, and I had accepted that, made other plans for the day with my Boy. We went and saw a model train show at the mall. We had a blast. On the way home, my husband informs me that he took the night off for our anniversary. However...he did not say a word about doing anything. He took Drew to a birthday party she was invited to, came home, watched TV, and we did nothing. I was excited, thinking since he took the night off, he would have plans to take me to dinner. But, no. No dinner, no plans. It really hurt my feelings, quite honestly. I am still hurt. It was no more exciting than any other day. I cried a little as I dressed for bed in the bathroom. He offered to get me a Carl's Jr. burger, but I just wasn't even hungry at all, so he took the girls. My mothers day was a flop last year. My birthday was so -so, and our anniversary was nothing special at all. I know that I should just simply be happy that he stayed home with me. My upset probably sounds horribly selfish. And, maybe, I should have made plans. But, afterall, he is the Man, is he not supposed to take the incentive to impress me, the Woman? I don't know anymore. The little things like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, I think are what keep you going to some extent. Something to look forward to, something to get excited about, anticipation, the hope for surprise. I just don't see alot of that in my life anymore. It's mostly blah. No real "WOW" events. I want more than average everyday norms. I want to be left speechless. I want to be romanced. I crave spontanaeity! Growing up really sucks!

Friday, January 27, 2006


On The Cheek

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Picture Day

Today we went to the mall and had the kids' "christmas" picture done at The Picture People. Since Beau Michael just turned 2, I also had his birthday picture taken. TPP have a great selection of props, and this year they have a choo choo train. I wanted to have Beau driving it with Leah in the back. Well, didn't quite work out like I had planned. Leah was not having it, and tried to climb out of the train, and she fell face first out onto the floor hitting her forehead. So, no choo choo photo. But, we did get one of all the kids together looking ever so beautiful, I think. My handsome made such an adorable face. And, I had his picture taken all alone in the airplane, with his airplane sweater and pants on. He is so big now. All of them are just growing so fast, so big. I sure am gonna miss these 'little' years. The thought of my babies all growing and away from me is terribly heartbreaking. I just love them so much!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


My son insisted on a choo choo cake, so we had Nemo balloons, partyware, favors, etc...and then a choo choo cake! He loved it! Wanted it all for himself. One thing I did not even ponder, is that he decided to drive the choo choo edible sugars around the cake on the decorating gel track! Ha! The cake was a mess by the time everyone got a piece. I so love that boy! He had sooo much fun. Running, playing, eating his favorite food "pizza", his own pop, and his choo choo cake! He got a train table, jay jay the jet plane toys, choo choo's, cowboy boots, an animated/musical 'horse on a stick' as I like to call it. I just can't believe he is already 2! But, what a Handsome 2 he is!

HE'S 2...boohoo!

♥ ♥

Friday, January 20, 2006

Let me just say this again...

This boy of mine is simply AMAZING! The things he does, the things he now says...he just dumbfounds me most of the time. Today, I had a meeting at work. I took the babies. Both were very well behaved. On the way I picked up a Dutch Bros. coffee, but left it in the van since I was one hand short of being able to carry it in with me. When the meeting got started, suddenly Beau went rushing over to one of the other nurses, yelling, "HEY! MOMS!", I looked over to see him reaching for HER Dutch Bros. cup of coffee! Ha! I guess he does pay alot more attention to detail than I thought.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Puddle Stompin'

I took that boy for a walk today. It had stopped raining, so I put on his rubber boots, and rain coat and we walked down the road a bit. He did not hesitate to stomp in the first puddle he saw! And, as we went along, he got braver, and started walking through the ditches in front of all the houses along the road. He was super stubborn too when it came time to head home. Even though his socks were all wet, and he had fallen on his butt backwards, so his pants were all wet as well. He just had a blast stompin' in the puddles!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Brother Beau

This morning, the babies were wide awake very early. Leah was a busy one, and likes to get into the cupboard with my cookbooks, and my Beau knows better, so he started pulling her by the leg saying, "NO! lee-la, NO!" It was too cute! I had to take a picture.

A Breathtaking Moment

Today my Grace went shopping with Auntie for a few hours. I was napping when she left, the babies had gotten up at 5am. When they got back, and I saw them walking up to the door, I had to just stop a minute, and take a second look at Gracie Mae! She looked so pretty, so grown up! I don't know if it was just the way she had her hair pulled back, or her height next to my sister, (she has grown a bit!), but I just thought to myself, "WOW! She is so beautiful!"

Hello God, it's me...

Just want to say, 'Happy Birthday' to my GG! I love you GG! I miss you!

Girls Day Out

This past saturday, a friend and I went ALONE shopping out of town. She needed to find something for her brothers wedding, and I just tagged along for a chance to get away for the day from kids. A nice break. We had a blast! We got there just as the mall opened, looked around, had a coffee, some lunch, got free facial massages, and makeovers at Meier&Frank (which was sooo much fun!) I never knew that some of the products they used even existed! It was amazing how they took pencils, and drew on our faces to make them look not only lifted, yes!, but shimmer, and shine, and GLOW! Ofcourse these things are outrageously expensive, just 18.00 for the pencil called, "high brow", or "eye bright". And, another 26.00 for the face powder called, "Dallas". Ridiculous. But, I tell ya, they do work some magic!
We hit major clearance at JC Penney, jeans for 10.00, l/s tops for 5.00. Can't beat that! We had so much fun, we just lost all track of time! I think we could have spent a full 12 hour day there.
It was great to get out, and do my own thing for the day, but as always, there had to be an absurd twist to it all. When we were leaving, I got no farther from the mall than a block or so, and we heard this strange popping sound like it came from under the van, and then I lost all power to it! I could not break, I had to think quick and put on the E break, and hazard light mid-DOWN hill mind you! I was so scared. Turns out , the rotor came loose, and it just had to have a new screw, and be tightened back down. I sure hope this NEVER happens EVER again! What a way to end my 'stress free' day.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

This shirt says it all!

I was rifling through the girls' boxes of stashed away clothes, and came across this tank top I got for Drew on clearance last summer for this coming summer. I had forgotten all about it. It just fits her to a T!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I miss...

...reading books without pictures in them.
...the sunday paper, and a nice cup of coffee without a baby hanging off of one boob grabbing at my coffee, and newspaper!
...nice warm, bubbly evening baths!
...a shower before noon, without someone knocking the door down trying to find me.
...adult conversation.
...watching a movie from start to finish.
...my skinny self.
...my husband (sometimes,ha!)
...crafts with the big kids (babies are so absorbing!)
...my Grandma Georgia.
...actually going away for Our Anniversary.
...just being a kid!

Beau Micheal...

what shall I do with you boy?! How busy you are, how crazy, how WILD! Flipping light switches off and on a million times while standing on a diaper box, or pink play kitchen chair! Throwing all of your food on the floor just to reitterate to me that you are "DONE!" Wiggling, and laughing hysterically, falling limp like jello everytime I try to change your diaper, and dress you, making me ever SO frustrated!!! Dragging all of Drew's clean laundry down the hallway as she makes a very lame attempt at putting it away. Analyzing and disposing of every choo choo I give you as I lay you down to sleep, declaring, "NO, THOMAS!" Getting out of bed, and turning on the light at 10pm, and being found by Mom or Dad lining up your choo-choo's on your bedroom floor! Freezing at the sound of a diesel truck driving by our house, (while inside of the house). Sneaking the box of cheez-its and hiding behind your crib, or the coffee table eating them first thing in the morning. Watching 'Polar Express' every chance you can get. Come running telling Mommy, "Mom! Lee-la, poop!" every time YOU poop your diaper! Hurrying up to hide the evidence of a mess made, and blaming it on 'lee-la' when you aren't quick enough!...I could go on and on. You WILD little boy! "I name you King of all WILD THINGS!"... "I'll eat you up, I love you so!"

Victoria's Reasons Why...

Beau getting into everything! Even the girls' jewelry boxes!
Beau having food fights with the floor!
Leah now finding everything in the cupboards! (As sweet as she may look!)
Beau's everyday, every meal highchair mess!

...I need a break once in awhile!

Drew's New Do

I cut her hair all by myself! She needed a trim anyway, and asked if she could have shorter hair, I didn't want to go too short, but I think it turned out really cute! She says she looks like the girl in the "MATILDA" movie.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Funny Little Things

Beau Michael was singing the 'Hot Chocolate' song from Polar Express today while he was eating his breakfast in the high chair. As I listened closely to him, he was actually singing, "hot hot hot hot choo choo! hot hot hot HOT choo choo! HOT CHOO CHOO!" I just laughed! It was too funny that what he got from that song was 'choo choo' vs. 'chocolate'.

We went to town today for a milk run, and I didn't have time to nurse Leah once more before we left. By 11am ( and I had to be home by 12 noon) she had taken her hat, and nursed on the ball at the top until she fell asleep in her carseat!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Boys and Toys

The other day I was playing with Beau and Leah, some wooden blocks from the older girls that you can make flowers out of. I was showing Beau how to put the blocks so that they ended up looking like a flower. It has to do with colors, shapes too. Well, he watched, said, "WOW", but once I got done making 2 flowers with him, he took one apart, keeping only the stem, and flower center on and, like a boy, started jabbing it into the air and making these funny sounds like he had a sword or something?! It was so funny! So strange how it is engrained in him, the boy, so opposite the girls. Everyday he surprises me.

My Twin

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Little Leah Lou is just starting to do so much more now. She is pulling herself up onto furniture, and toys, pushing buttons on toys and realizing how to work them on her own. She is gabbing nonstop, and gets sooo excited when the girls get home from school, or Beau wakes up to greet her with his, "HIIIIIII LA-LA, HIIEEE!" It is so precious to hear him in his little high pitched voice, so happy to see sissy in the morning. The other night I gave them both popscicles in thier high chairs, and Leah was in heaven! Her first popscicle. So now, everytime Beau gets one, Leah fusses for one until she too gets one. If I give Leah a gerber cookie, Beau must also have one too. I can see how being so small together will make them close. He adores her, and she loves him. I will be so sad when the baby days are all over. I wish I could just bottle them up and keep them little forever!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Bedtime, Shmedtime!

The boy is just not cooperating so well anymore with staying in his toddler bed. Since discovering the ease with which he can get his own self out of his bed, then out of his room, and back into the living room where the choo choo trains are kept, HE WILL NOT STAY IN BED! I think the past few nights he has arose an average of 10x, only to be shooed back to bed, as he yells, "more ba-ba, read me, pee-pee, CHOO CHOO!" Anything he can think of the get out of bed. It's driving me crazy! This has to get better, or I think I might have to put the crib rail back on!