Friday, June 30, 2006

She Walks!

Leah is finally starting to take some of her first few steps with confidence! I am so ecstatic! It is so cute! She walks with her legs slightly spread apart, very slowly, not more than 5 steps at once, but she is getting there. Beau thinks it is so funny, he just laughs at her, saying "Mom, 'ook! E-yah walkin'!" Unfortunately, this is just one more sad reminder of how quickly they grow. No more babies for me. I will miss it for sure. Sleepless nights and all. I just love my babies!
Baby With Bear

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Last week my son, whom I sincerely adore, happened to push the CLEAN button on my oven just before we went outside to play. I did not realize this until an hour later when I smelled some terrible burning smell as I approached the back sliding door. Now, I realize not everyone does this, and I will not any longer, but I had 3 pots and pans in the oven. We have small cupboards, little storage space. Needless to say, they burned up! Two of them were new to me for Christmas last year too! I had to turn off the fuse to the oven just so it would cool down enough for me to open the door and remove the pans to take them outside. The handles were all cracked and flaking off, ash was all over the inside of the was a nightmare! top it off, tonight, that Boy was so anxious to get a sucker from our cookie jar, (which WAS, my treasured Tinkerbell, Pouting Pixie, cookie jar I purchase on clearance over a year ago from that he dropped the top and completely busted off both of her wings! It is broken! FOREVER! Why MY stuff? Why my Tinkerbell????? WHY? I guess it is just a material object, and I should not really care. But, I right quick looked on Ebay to see if I can even ever replace it, but, not for less than a good $50.00!!! I only paid $19.99 in 2004! How insane is that?! I did let him know that he must not touch 'mommies pretties', and without hesitation, he said 'I sorry mommy' . I just melted. Screw the damn cookie jar! Who really needs one anyway?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dummy Mommy!

Yesterday I had my Fitball Core class and it had been of for a couple weeks, so I had not been going to it. It was great! We did power abs, hamstrings, triceps, and biceps. I really felt the workout. And, BOY, do I feel it today too! I am so sore, I can hardly walk, my arms are barely holding up so I can type! And, oh, MY BACK! I gotta keep on top of this workout stuff. Jack is at work, so how on earth am I gonna deal with my little Leala? (monkey on my hip!)

It was also SO hot yesterday that I just decided to throw modesty to wind, and jump in the pool with the girls in my FAT swim suit. I was also stupid enough to stay out there WAY too long sunning, and now have a terribly red upper back and face! My back in burning, just a slight brush of my shirt and it starts to sting like mad! I must be CrAzY! I have just been thinking back, watching my oldest daughter turn into a brownie, 'gosh, I can get tanner than her!" Atleast, I did at her age. Well, now I just burn. BURN, BURN, BURN! And it is miserable! No more sunning for me for awhile. Dummy!

No Pain No Gain

Monday, June 26, 2006

Drew's First Fish!

Drew caught her first fish this past week in Montana! Wow! It was a 19 inch Rainbow trout. She doesn't look proud or anything does she?

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!

Monkey cupcakes for the Monkey girl!

Grace with her prize Monkey! Hee-hee!
Leala enjoying one of Sissy's cupcakes!

Striking a Pose!

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Gracie is just growing up so fast, so beautiful! I can't believe it when I look at her sometimes, she is so big now. Where did the past 11 years go?
Happy Birthday Gracie Mae!

Leala loyal one

Friday, June 16, 2006

"Teasure huntin' "

Today we got up and out of the house to do a little garage saling with a friend of mine, or treasure hunting as I have explained to my boy. At one of the first sales we came upon, they were selling baby bunnies, and chicks. He noticed this right away! Without hesitation, he held each and every bunny, AND chick. We had to pull him away screaming! Then, he found a 'vintage' tonka digger truck that he could not live without, regardless of it's rusty old paint job, and he won't let it go! I figure, maybe, I could do some paint repair, but then, it's probably gonna be splashed through mud puddles, run through the gravel, and pushed through dog poop, so why bother? He likes it just the way it is anyway... I also came across a very old version of The Wizard of Oz, it's a huge hardback book, great condition, for a whole quarter! WoW! My find of the day. Got a few other small items, but nothing too amazing. It was fun, though. I think the boy is hooked on "teasure huntin' " now! My little garage sale buddy!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pretty Precious

Yep, it's a boy alright!

My Husband recently went fishing with one of his buddies and brought home his catch for the boy to see before he fillet'd it. Quite opposite of any of the girls, he quick put on his rubber boots, and ran outside to see that fish, and just reached right down there to touch it's head, and all! EW! GROSS! My first instinct was to tell him to "STOP!" But, then, what else is a curious little boy to do?
Too add to his "boy-ness", everytime Daddy gets out the lawnmower, or even mentions mowing the lawn, Beau gets out his 'mow the lawn' play lawn mower and takes off for the rubber boots following Daddy outside and right behind Daddy and the lawnmower, which I have to pull him back from, screaming!
Oh, and the other evening we were all out back in the yard, Boy, again, 'mowing the lawn', but Daddy was at work, so he was on his own mowing around the outer edges of the yard, and I saw him stop at one of the trees, then he yelled, "MOM, A SNAKE!" I ran over to him so he could show me, and the boy reached right down there to pick it up!!! Scared the u-no-what outta me! Again, I said, "NO, STOP!" To which he responded so appropriately, "WHY?"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

She's Growing Up Too Fast!

Last night, Grace went to her first dance. It was at our local Boys and Girls Club, and chaperoned by what I was told to be many parents, one of which was a police officer. Well, let me tell you, I have no respect for any so-called, 'police officer /parent' after hearing what went on in front of thier eyes!
Grace was so excited about this dance, wore the dress we had gotten for her 5th Grade recognition, and went with about 4 other friends. But, she came home completely disgusted with what she saw AND experienced. She said, and I quote, "OH MY GOSH MOM, there was so much innappropriateness there. There were gays, lesbians, perverts, was so gross. Boy's were coming up to me and humping on me, and I was getting so freaked out, I tried to run and get away, but they followed me and Kam everywhere we went, and OH, those chaperones did nothing, they just acted like nothing was wrong. It was NOT a dance, it was just a wild party!! I do not want to go ever again."
I was so upset hearing all this from her. Ofcourse I protested her going in the first place, but I also know that she needs to experience things in order to understand why I say no. And, I was assured by the Mom taking them that there would a police officer/parent chaperoning which was the only reason why she agreed to let HER daughter go, so I gave in. I hate this growing up stuff!!! GO WITH YOUR INSTINCT, ALWAYS! A great book to demonstrate this is, "PROTECTING THE GIFT" by Gavin DeBecker. I read it years ago, and still think of it each time I question the safety of my children.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Best Web Code Website Ever!

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Monday, June 05, 2006


Well, another birthday party down, one more to go for the year. Drew is a whopping 6 years old now! We celebrated her birthday this past saturday, she wanted to have a pool party. We were recently given a 13ft. trampoline by a close neighbor, and so the girls swam, and jumped non-stop. It was a chore just to coax them out of the pool to have cake!
She had a blast! Made out on the gifts, AND birthday money, a few cards with $6.00 in them.
I had gotten up at 5:30am the morning of the party to get a head start without the babies at my feet while I baked the cakes. By cakes I mean, 1-11x9, 1-8 inch round, and about 18 cupcakes. I was determined to make my version of the Family Fun Mermaid Cake. And, I did! About 5 hours later, it was done. (give or take a few interruptions once the babies woke). It ended up being almost as long as the picnic table! It was surely a site to see! And, all those little girls loved it! Amazingly enough, not a bite of cake made it past party time. It was devoured by all!
Now I can say, "I made the Mermaid Cake, you know, the one on the family fun website?" Hee-hee. I'm sure Drew will remember it forever. I know I will...I've never spent that much time on any cake!