Friday, November 30, 2007

In the Holiday Spirit?

This year has been so odd for me. I just am not in the spirit. If being in the spirit means, eager to shop, bake, decorate. I do have the tree up, but there are so many more things to drag out from the attic to decorate. Honestly, I don't even want to drag it all out. I think a tree is good enough, isn't it? Well, the stocking's too.

DH is so upset with my faux tree, he's declared war! He's told his coworkers he plans to piss on it! Oh, DH, that is just not nice at all! My tree is just fine. His initial response to Beau's excitement showing him the tree, "Oh, that smells just like a fresh cut tree..." GET OVER IT! A tree is a tree. Only with this one, no mess, no worry to water it, no mess, no struggling with hanging the lights, and, Oh! Did I mention NO MESS?! Personally, I am thrilled with it. I just don't see the point in cutting down a tree, paying $40 for it only to have it dry out, die, and MAKE A MESS IN MY HOUSE! Oh anal, OCD me... Beau and Leah can't wait to get up in the morning to step on this lovely, convenient little pedal/button that turns the tree lights on. They love it! The only thing I don't like, the lights are still, never blinking. I loved the old tree lights, how they had 7 different settings, I loved the slow blink, and fade. Oh well...

I did get the kids' ornaments for this year. Grace is so obsessed with her hair, she got a mini blowdryer/brush ornament. Drew, a talking soccer ball/goal ornament. Beau, cars, as in Lightning McQueen cars. And, sweet little Leah Lou, fairytopia Elina and bibble. My sissy got me my Tinkerbell! THANKS SIS! Every year I get a new tink. I think I have atleast 6 or 7 now.



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Go Elf Yourself!

Saw this on the Goody Blog. Hilarious! Check out my ELFS here. Then make your own!

Faux it WILL be

Every year my husband gets a tree that's too tall, brings it into the house, and saws the top off on my living room carpet! This irks me so bad! I hate the mess.
Every year my husband leaves me to take the tree out by myself. I had it last year. The mess was horrendous. Dragging that dry thing out through 2 rooms left me with 2 rooms covered in needles! Our shop vac died on me 1/4 of the way through clean-up, I was left to sweep most of it, just so I could feasibly use my indoor vaccume to clean up the rest. I had a breakdown! I balled my head off as I swept. Never again will I go through that much time cleaning up.

I went out and bought a fake tree. Got a great deal, 75% off, I think I only paid around $25 for a 7.5 ft. pre-lit tree. The EXACT height we need. Ditched all my old, mostly broken glass bulbs in pink/moss green/white, and my angel topper broke. When I bought my tree last year, I also bought a tree skirt, another thing that I purchased for 75% off, I paid under $5 for it. The other day I went and got some new bulbs. This time, a wine red color called woodland, and gold. I still have to find a topper, not too worried about it. And, I'm not done decorating it. I want to try using some ribbon, and bead garland. It looks pretty, and I've never used it before. I think I will only add on my ornaments this year that coordinate, and the kids' annual hallmark ones. Maybe my tinkerbell collection, but that's it.

DH hasn't seen it yet. He told me he was not putting up 'that' tree. Well, DH, I did it for you! Mwahahaha! Faux it is, whether he likes it or not this year!

To be a Mother...

As a mother, you try to do your best to keep your children healthy. And, in almost all ways, succeed if true effort is expended. I am very concerned about my childrens health. Being a Nurse, I know a bit more than the lay person, or Mother. But, sometimes, things still get by my watchful eye. Just as well, I can no better prevent certain things than any other Mother. This said...
My 7 yo dtr has been having episodes of bowel incontinence since early July. She has been hiding her underwear from me in corners of her drawers, wearing the same ones for days at a time to prevent my finding them. She locks the door to the bathroom to prevent me from coming in, and if she forgets, she flushes the toilet before I get close enough to see any results. This is affecting her daily life, her ability to focus at school, and I can see the worry in her face daily. She has had extreme urgency and frequency of urination as well within the past few days. I have talked with her over and over, getting nowhere with her. She doesn't tell me what she needs to. She continues to hold her bowel, and it is now to the point that she has an impaction. The impaction is rather high, in the area of her colon (left abdomen), large, and firm. This was not there just a week or so ago, I had felt her abdomen, it was soft. And, for the past week or more, I have been having her take 1tsp. to 1tbsp. of mineral oil once a day in her juice, and forcing fluids on her. This impaction is what has been recently causing her the urgency and frequency of urination by putting pressure on her bladder whenever she sits down. My dtr does not sit down to eat but 2 bites of a meal before she is up and running to the bathroom. She goes to the BR atleast 2x during a meal, every meal. She is full rather quickly. Her teacher called me at work the other day to tell me she had gone to the bathroom at least 20x in that school day. NOW I KNOW WHY.
So, now I have been instructed by my doctor to continue giving her the mineral oil, but to add to her daily routine a dose of Miralax. Also, to give her an enema, hopefully bringing that impaction down nearer for me to assist her with removing it. Which may even possibly require a suppository as well.
I feel so bad. I feel like it's my fault in some way. But,I know it isn't. I have been doing what I know to do to help her, and urging her not to hold it so that this would not happen. Many kids go through this type of thing, I know. But, I just hate that it is my dtr going through it.
Have any of you Mom's out there had an experience similar to this with any of your kids?

Tagged: 8 Random Things

Sher, my christmas ornament exchange partner, has tagged me for this Meme. To list 8 random things about myself. I may have done this before, or something similar, but here goes.

Instructions: When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

1. I failed my written drivers license test 2 times
2. I grew up wanting to have 10 kids!
3. I have worked in health care for 10 years
4. I love Starbucks coffee
5. My favorite cereal is Quaker OHs!
6. I love gum, my fave is Wrigley's Big Red
7. I have seen Cindi Lauper, Gwen Stefani, Dave Matthews Band, and Brandi Carlile in concert
8. I have used Noxema face wash since I was 13, never straying from it, only switching to the exfoliating one(like you wanted to know that huh? lol)

Ok, now I am supposed to tag 8 people...I'm sure I can't, but I'll try
How about a few of the blogs I stop in to read:
Donna @ Blessings of Love
Margo @ A Mixed Up Momma
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Andrea @ The Laughs will go On

Boycott Golden Compass

I found this video on Comcast news. I rarely watch TV, so I missed this. But, it is worth watching. If you are unfamiliar, The Golden Compass, is a movie based on books written about atheism, and killing God. The intent is to make this movie so appealing to children, and families, unaware that it is loosely introducing the idea of Atheism to your children. The overall goal is to make not just this movie, but sequels 2 and 3, the 3rd movie being the one in which God is killed. This is dependent upon the success of The Golden Compass. All 3 movies being based on books written by Philip Pullman, an Atheist himself. It is so disturbing to think that anyone would candy coat Atheism. I am one Momma NOT taking my children to this movie!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Headed to OR

Yep, headed to the operating room. I'm going to have a cholycystectomy. Not something I enjoy thinking about. But, this is not open surgery, just laparascopic. Hopefully all goes well, and I will be back to 'normal' ASAP. Surgery date is going to probably be 12/10. Same day surgery, few days recovery. Gotta get some help with the kids...

Holiday Photo contest

I entered a Holiday Photo contest at SuperMomz . This is the pic I decided to enter. I changed it up to black and white to take away from the glare the sun had, which had created some blurr to the right of the pic. Please take some time, if you don't mind...Vote for me here!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pics here already!

I already got my Shutterfly prints of the Holiday Pictures I took this past friday! What an amazing turnaround! I am so happy with them. This was a great experience. I took the kids near to our home to take the pictures, edited them all by myself with Picasa2, then ordered prints in wallet, 4x6, and 5x7 sizes for family directly thru Picasa2, using Shutterfly to process and ship. I spent a total of 13.83, give or take a few cents, including shipping, and got them in 3 days time! Drew said, "Mom, it was much funner having you take our pictures, I hate waiting in line!" And, Beau keeps telling every one about goin' to the forest to take pictures, and wearing his "big man" clothes. I will never go to another studio! Enjoy the pic of Beau making his 'popeye' face...he kept doing this, not sure why! I did not print this one.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Working too much?

I worked back to back, last eve then again this morning. Got to bed my midnight, then up at 5am to go back. I love my job, that wasn't the issue. I am beat, but cannot rest during the day, I just can't. Beau let me know what he thought, "You should not be workin' again Mom! You need to stay home!" Gotta love 'em! I am always home in the morning. Funny how they get so used to that, and how much it disrupts thier routine for me to be gone...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Pics

I finally got all of the 4 together for some holiday pics. The area I chose turned out to be much muckier than I had thought the closer to the trees we walked, so we had to take many of them far from the trees. But, we had a lot of fun. Nice sunny day, with an icy wind. The kids handled it great though. Beau was quite the character. Very silly faces. You can see a little of it in the pics. I had found the black suit jacket for Beau at Goodwill believe it or not, it was under 2.00. When I got him dressed he kept saying over and over, "I'm a big man!" So cute! I did not post all pictures, but most. I think I am going to use the very bottom row, 2nd pic in from the right, of all 4 of them for the christmas cards. Not for sure yet. Enjoy! Just roll over to enlarge picture.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

*Beau and Leah full of giggles after their "Nap"

We had a wonderul (well, mostly) Thanksgiving dinner. I say mostly since, I had planned the day to include a nap for the little ones BEFORE we left for my Grandma's house, allowing for me to finish cooking, and get ready myself. I did get done what I had planned, the girls had some TV time without B&L taking it over with movie demands. But, as quiet as they were, they DID NOT NAP! I was so mad. I know that when Beau, especially, does not take a nap, he is a terribly mouthy, rude little thing. I was dreading taking him along. I love that boy, but I become so embarassed by his behaviour when he is over tired. And, he said some things I cringed at. I knew he would. Made me so mad, but it was out! I mean, how can I control what he says when he is like this. I have absolutely NO idea what he plans to say, or thinks about, so by the time it comes out of his mouth, it's too late! Sorry Grandma!

Dinner was great, all the kids ate well. And, my Grandpa, who hardly eats anything, actually ate all of his BIG plate of food my Grandma made for him. That made me happy. My Grandpa is getting older, he is having trouble walking around, a big fall risk and he is a very tall man. He has a walker, but he refuses to use it. He still has quite a bit of wit about him, and I'm sure it is partially a pride thing. I see this with a lot of elderly men, as a nurse. They are very proud. Debilitation, physical decline, often hurts their pride to be placed in a position of being unable to care for themselves as they did before. And, no matter if I were to say to him how important it is to use that walker, I saw him stumbling, he would still refuse.

It is really sad to see your grandparents declining. My Grandpa has alwasy been a very soft spoken man, a very talented man. He was a singer, played, and still does sometimes play, guitar very well. He had a band when he was younger. My kids have always enjoyed listening to him play guitar for them when they were small. Mostly Grace, and Drew remember this. Beau and Leah came along after he stopped playing so much, although, Beau would love it too for sure.

As we were saying grace before dinner, Beau kept giggling. Do any of your children do this? I am bad, I do not say prayers with my kids for every meal, and I really need to get back to taking them to church. I have failed at this. I have gone sporadically, but not regularly as I should, they need it. I need it. I would love for my little ones to be able to recite The Lords Prayer on their own. So precious are they, that HE hath given to me. I Thank the Lord everyday for my children. My Family. I am very blessed, and today, not more than any other, I Thank God for all I have.

Most years, I join that horrendous crowd of extremely rude, and greedy shoppers waiting in line for Target, Fred Meyer, Kmart, or Toys R Us to open up. All the while, freezing my butt off, and wishing I was still in bed. This year, however, I'm not gonna do it! My bed is a much more desirable place to be at 4am anyway. We are totally downsizing Christmas this year as well. I purchased a fake tree last year after my breakdown over all the clean up I ended up doing BY MYSELF, after taking the tree out BY MYSELF! I swore I would never be vaccuming up 2 rooms full of fallen pine needles ever again! Each kid has one 'gotta have it' request, and that's the only thing they will recieve. We are in no hurry to get those items either. So, this black friday, you will find me in my nice warm bed, sleeping while all you other MAD people are freezing your butts off waiting in line for an hour or more, then being pushed around by other MAD shoppers on a mission with their little notepads and pens in hand, cussing at random persons to get out of their way, then standing in line for an hour yet again to check out. No, I won't miss it, not one bit!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Giveaway at 5minutesformom

5 Minutes for Mom is having a giveaway for a darling Pink Princess pedal car, or retro record player. Check it out here! There are also many other giveaways, up to 13 different things you can win! Worth a try.

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes

Pomegranate 7up?

I indeed did gather up enough energy after my sleepless night to venture out to the grocery store for a few last minute Thanksgiving groceries, and ofcourse, diapers, laundry detergent, foil, air freshener...the list goes on, it always does...
I came across this new, limited edition 7up! I personally, love my pepsi, but I can't seem to be able to drink it as of late. This 7up has the added flavor of pomegranate! I LOVE POMEGRANATE! I just hate the mess it makes when you cut it open. I love to eat the seeds with Christmas dinner. And, it's good for you! It has antioxidants in it. I am going to save this 2 liter for our dinner tomorrow.
Another thing we love for Thanksgiving dinner, if we can't make homemade dinner rolls, is King's Hawaiian rolls. They are so yummy! Something the kids love too! I am getting so hungry for a big Thanksgiving dinner now. I really hope I am able to eat it without any pain coming on.

Update...Yummy Recipe

Had a terrible, sleepless night due to recurrent pain in my chest, spent morning feverish and vomiting ;) I am not too pleasant today. Got call from MD, looks like I have a few gall stones, and so I now have an apptmt to consult with a surgeon.

B&L are demanding something to eat every stinking 10 minutes! What is up with this?

Leah found the diaper rash cream, and, well, she decided she needed some lipstick and lotion on her pic.

Gotta go pick up a prescription for pain meds to get my by till the appointment on the 28th, and pick up some random food items for Thanksgiving. I hope I can atleast eat some turkey and salad! I am making my MIL's Sweet Potatoe Casserole, recipe below:

4 yams, average size (I use 3 large ones usually)
1 cup Sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup butter
3 Eggs
1/2 Cup Milk *only if too thick of consistency when mixed
*Preheat Oven to 350 degrees

Bake yams whole until soft, then remove from oven, let cool, and peel, chop smaller in bowl.
Add all ingredients except the milk, mix. Add milk, if needed to thin.
Once all mixed together, pour into baking dish, sprinkle with cinnamon, bake for 35 Minutes at 350 degrees, add marshmallows on top, then bake a bit longer till marshmallows melt.

This is so yummy! I would never eat yams, or sweet potatoes until I had this the first year I spent christmas with my Husband. The kids even love it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"It looks like hot chocwat Mom!"

I returned the torn pillow cases, only to find they did not have any more in the same color. Oh well, I did find some that were as close as I could get to the comforter I had chosen. I think it goes well enough. Need some throw pillows to accent, maybe that's where I can toss in some color? I just can't stand floral comforters, I love solids. Same with my clothing. Simple, solid color. What do you think? I like the dark brown color, we had a khaki one before. I like this one a lot better. Kids say it looks like hot chocolate! LOL.


Had my abdominal ultrasound today. I'm thinking whatever is going on with me, has nothing to do with my gallbladder or acid reflux. I have had the pain another few days in this past week. It is coming on so randomly, mid chest, sometimes radiating to my back. I was talking to my Grandma, who has esophageal spasms, and everything she experiences with one of her episodes sound identical to what happens to me. I have been taking pain pills to function, but this is not what I want to have to do forever. I will find out the results of my abd U/S in a couple of days. If everything comes back negative, I guess I will then have to see a gastroenterologist to further test me. DH says it's time to trade me in for a newer

Being out and about so early thing morning, I went to look for a new comforter. Last winter my down comforter became unusable after my son vomited on it during his illness with c-diff. We have been using a loaner from my Mom until I found one I liked.
I love the colors dark brown, and blue/aqua type blue together. No bed SET I found did anything for me, and it was really hard to find something at Ross in a King size. I finally found a dark brown faux down comforter at Target, then got some new white sheets, very nice 300 TC, and some blue pillow cases for the top pillows. Sort of MOD, I love that look, straight, clean. I was so excited to get home and make my bed, but when I opened the blue pillow cases, one was half the size of the other? and one had a big torn hole on one side...bad Ross deal..needless to say, takin' it back! I hope they have more in the same color!

Sunny day, very cold, but sunny day today. Maybe I'll be able to get those outdoorsy holiday pics done when the girls get home from school!

I get frequent emails from Parent Center, you should take the time to read these articles...
7 Medications you Shouldn't Give your Children
What you Should Keep in your Medicine Cabinet

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Crazy 8

I wasn't really tagged per say, for this Crazy 8 Meme, but I am always up for a random blog idea. And, nothing to terribly exciting has happened for me this weekend :(
So, trying my best, here goes...

8 things I am passionate about:
1. Our God
2. My Children...being a Mother is all I thought about in childhood
3. My Husband, well, I try to be passionate
4. My Job ( I love being a Nurse, I was meant to do this work)
5. My Friends, the few I am close to
6. Taking pictures of my Family BY MYSELF, I will never go to another photo studio!
7. Taking care of my Home, Yard
8. Sleep, which I seem to lack in quality and quantity

8 things often said by ME:
1. "Come on!"
2. I Love my children
3. "Good Lord!"
4. "Are you kidding me?!" Beau loves this saying this one.
5. "Stop it!"
6. "Are you serious?" Must say it alot, Leah is now using it on me!
7. "Be quiet!"
8. "Will you calm down?!"

8 books I plan to read, or recently read...
1. Your Bodies Many Cries for Water, by F Batmanghelidj, on loan to a friend right now.
2. Re read, PROTECTING THE GIFT, by Gavin DeBecker
3. The Bible
4. A Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren
5. The Mermaid Chair, by Sue Monk Kidd
6. The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd
7. YA YA'S in Bloom, by Rebecca the ya ya sisterhood books!
8. To kids, T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, my Grandma Georgia always read it to my sister and I when we were young.

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Travel to another country
2. Vacation on an Island
3. Go on a Cruise to Alaska
4. Learn to dance, salsa/ethnic style of dance
5. Build a Log Cabin home, my husband wants one very bad!
6. See my sister marry, and be an Aunt to her children :)
7. See all my children finish college, and marry, be a Grandmother
8. Reunite with "lost" family, see grudges forgotten

8 songs/albums I can listen to over and over...
1. I hope you dance, by Leann Womack
2. Apologize, by One Republic
3. Brandi Carlile, The Story
5. Beautiful Boy, as sung by Celine Dion
6. Dave Matthews Band, Under the Table and Dreaming
7. 1-2-3-4, by Feist
8. I have always liked the B-52's, Love Shack

8 things I look for in friends:
1. Honesty
2. Compatability
3. Cleanliness
4. Fun
5. Nonjudgemental
6. Maturity
7. Kindness
8. Reliability

8 things I've learned over the past year:
1. To let some things go
2. To be more calm
3. That I need to give in a little more, sometimes
4. That I can leave the house without making my bed, I'm a little OCD
5. To spend less, shopaholic talking
6. That I need to pay more attention to my Husband
7. That the preteen drama queen, does indeed desire my approval, love
8. That I 'appear unapproachable', I am more serious now than ever, I guess I need to relax a bit more?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is THAT?

The preteen drama queen has been searching for a certain purse. I have no idea why she needed another, she has 3 or 4! I have never been one for purses, I hate carrying one, really. But, I carry a very small black one since I have to.
We went shopping, she had her own money, she went off to a store named DEB, and came out with this absolutely hideous giant blue THING! Totally initiated an 80's flashback. I would not be caught dead carring this thing around. She, however, thinks it is the "coolest thing, like...EVER!" She is so one for getting all the attention she can, not a shy one AT ALL. And, she has indeed toted this thing to school everyday since she bought it. To her, well worth the entire $13 she wasted spent. Wonder what she'll think 6 years from now at the age of 18.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Ornament Exchange

This looks like so much fun! Blogger Donna had this posted in her blog, so I joined in. You can too, just go here and read the instructions on how to join in! You don't have to have a blog to do it, so Mom, go ahead and check it out!!!


The day actually cleared up to be an amazingly sunny, beautiful day yesterday! No rain...oh how nice it was! I took the little ones to the park. They loved it! Being cooped up is no fun, and being the Mommy to the cooped up ones is even less fun! Beau and Leah had thier own say about it...

A SCARE: I had gotten them lunch, and we were sitting on a park bench eating when another Mom pulled up in a minivan. She came around the van holding a small guy, must have been about 1 1/2 or 2, and she began unbuckling a baby. I wasn't staring by any means, but I turned my head just in time to see this horrifying event!!! She turned to button her boys jacket, AFTER having unbuckled the baby seat, and this baby came FLYING HEAD FIRST STRAIGHT DOWN! I was stunned! She left the baby, head down, wedged in the corner of the slide out door until she finished buttoning the boys jacket!!! I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS! She did not gasp in horror, she did not act in any way as if this upset or disturbed her in AT ALL. It seemed as if it might be a routine thing for her, she just acted calm, normal. I WOULD HAVE BEEN HYSTERICAL! What mother woudn't not have reacted??? Even Beau and Leah noticed and when the lady came walking over carrying the baby, they were right by her side saying, "What happen to the baby? Does she have blood? Why is she cryin'? What happen?" The lady just calmly said, "No, she's okay, she just took a little tumble!" LITTLE TUMBLE? I beg to differ...However, I could not see any signs of injury to this little one when I was talking to the Mother. Amazing!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The cold bug seems to be making it's rounds here as of late. That boy is probably exhibiting the worst of it. Poor guy! I most always get skipped, not sure how, but I do. DH, oh man, he most always gets it the worst. I actually think he just enjoys the attention, and laziness that illness ALLOWS him.
Not making matters any better is the weather we are having, and will be having for atleast another week. RAIN, RAIN & MORE RAIN! I hate it. I really do. I've learned to deal with it, but I hate it. I had planned to take the kids out to a great wooded area nearby, and try taking my own outdoorsy photos of the kids, and possibly a family pic, for christmas cards. Not sure if DH will go for it, he's not one for allowing me to take his picture. In any case, this is all put on hold due to insane amounts of rain. And, wind to go with. Strong winds. Which also coops me up in the house with 2 highly energetic small children.
I am seriously considering the purchase of an art easel, and paints. Surely the paints won't be recalled due to lead?! Who knows anymore. I am growing so very angry with the US government, and their lack of regulation. Simple enough to understand the recalls on magnetic toys and AQUADOTS, we all know toddlers love to put anything they can get ahold of into thier mouths. THIS is also though, something a parent is responsible for preventing. We, as parents, however, CANNOT PREVENT NOR PREDICT AND THEN AVOID EXPOSING OUR CHILDREN TO TOYS WITH LEAD PAINT! Had there been no recall, we would never have even suspected it. But, these frequent recalls of late, they are so overwhelming. We have Dora, Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank engine...what's next? What most loved toy is next? I am scared to death to buy anything for my kids for christmas for fear of yet another recall. And, really, what better time to release poisoned toys if it is at all intentional BAD CHINA
than at the most revered time of the year when toys are purchased by the million, trillion, bagillions!
AQUADOTS tops the list of all recalls, I would have to say. This is something I had planned on purchasing for my 7 yo. dtr...that is until this recall. Thank God I did not buy it. I might be one of the Mom's with a toddler in GHB induced coma!!! Remember Lite Brite? My oldest dtr loved to eat those little pegs. She would find them everywhere, and right into her mouth they went. I found all of them, and tossed that thing in the dumpster! No more Lite Brite in my house, and that was just a choking hazard!
Oh, what to do, what to do.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Deed Monday

I saw this at the Goody Blog. A great idea for this upcoming holiday season. Something I think I will definitely plan on doing this year. Great for a church group, or childs school to participate in. We have a few soup kitchens locally that I could take them to, and I'm sure my kids would love to do this! I challenge any of you that read this post to try and do the same, then we can post pics of our decorating, and finished cookies, and how it all went! Leave a comment letting me know if you plan to participate.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Goal...

I just don't see how so many women can have multiple children, and end up so thin. I grew up in a family of mostly portly women. I was very thin as a teen, 100-110 at a hieght of 5ft 1inches. I was a very active teen. Then babies and college hit me, along with various other things that created much stress as of most recent. Stress makes you gain wieght. It does.
Most of the mothers of my dtr's friends are these skinny minnies, they dress as if they are 21 again, some even wear so much make up they look like clowns! Although I have lost some wieght, I still need to lose more. And, frankly, being around these women makes me feel so disgusted with myself, so depressing really.
It is something that only I can change, and am working toward, but, man, I wish it would happen so much faster!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Upper GI...ugh!

Early this morning I had to go have my upper GI. The stuff they make you drink is so nasty, and they dictate how quickly you have to drink it. First they give you about 2 oz. of this terribly fizzy stuff, then tell you NOT to burp it up, but that it will feel like you need to, just keep swallowing. That was not easy. Then they give you about 4 oz. very thick barium, boy is that nasty, and this you have to drink very quickly. Last, but not least, they have you drink this thin barium, as much as quickly as you can. I felt like I was going to vomit! The whole thing, overall, didn't last more than about 20 minutes though. I do not find out the results, I don't think, until monday. Wish it was sooner. (crossing my fingers) I haven't had any trouble all day yesterday, or yet today!
UPDATE: Just got a call from my MD, looks like the upper GI is totally, if the pain comes back, I have to be seen again, and have the abdominal ultrasound to then rule out gallbladder issues. Would rather pain did not come back ever, but gotta get this figured out somehow.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Flu Shots & Icecream Cones!

Today was the Flu Shot clinic. I had made an appointment to take all the kids in for a flu shot, but...the girls absolutely freaked out on me! Grace became extremely upset, stating it should be her choice if she gets on or not, and Drew just started balling her head off! I, by no means, think my 12 year old dtr has the right or understanding to make this decision. It is my decision as a Mother, trying to do my best at keeping my children healthy, whether or not they get a flu shot. However, I did read more into the suggested age groups, and decided that it was not so imperative that the girls receive one at this time. If, however, in the future, it becomes much more important that they do, THEY WILL!
I did keep the appointment for the tots, and so...we get there. They do not realize yet that both of them are receiving a shot. Leah was first. Poor thing, she started balling when I began pulling down her pants to reveal her thigh. Beau hid in the corner, watching, and saying, "Weah, are you scared? Weah, it's okay, you don't have to cry!" Such a good big brother. But, it was the worst idea to have Leah go first while he watched the nurses and I holding her down, as well as seeing the needle. As usual, Leah did cry, but quickly recovered once I put her back down.
Beau then began scooting further and further into the corner, realizing it was now his turn. He looked horrified, and I had to reach back and pick him up. Little did I realize just exactly how strong that boy has become. He fought back! He tried to pull his pants back up as I was trying to pull them down. I had to hold his arms and keep his face from looking down. One nurse per leg, holding him still, his thigh muscle's ever so tense, that stinker still managed to wiggle when the nurse injected the needle, making it even more painful for him!
*I am a Mom that has ensured each and every one of my children received every vaccine. I am proud to reveal this, regardless of the uproar of parents that are refusing to fully vaccinate thier children in light of the recently discovered connection to Autism. I fully believe that a flu shot is very important at this young age. I would be absolutely devastated if either one of them came down with the flu, and became so ill that they ended up in the hospital on the brink of death, when a simple flu shot could have prevented it. Not willing to risk it. Especially not after Beau having had the terrible bout with C-diff last fall, lasting nearly 2 whole months. My son has also had RSV, which was equally as scary.

I had promised Beau and Leah, that once we got done at the doctor, we would go for icecream. Leah loudly proclaimed that she was going to have pink icecweam, and Beau, chocolate. And, they did not forget, even though each was focused on thier 'owies' once back in the van. Seems icecream can completely remove any memory of having had a shot! Well, at the very least, it can distract them for a bit.

So cute Name Your Tune CD

Blogger Andrea over at 'The laughs will go on..." is having a great little contest for a CD from Name Your Tune. A great CD that uses your childs name in each of 14 songs! My sweet Leah Dee would love this.
"Children will hear their name more than 80 times throughout 14 much-loved songs."
I'm a sucker for any giveaway I can enter for!

Wordless Wednesday~AQUA DOTS RECALL

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just another day...

Had my MD appointment today...I must go through with an upper GI. I am so dreading this, but to my understanding, all I am having done is the Barium Swallow. Yucky stuff, but I have got to find out what the problem is! So frustrating having epigastric pain, preventing me from eating, and keeping me so uncomfortable that I cannot even sleep. Until then, I am taking a Prilosec in AM, and Tagamet in the afternoon, and Sucralfate before meals. Trying hard not to give in to my coffee desires! Funny: As we entered the doctor's office, Beau emmediately began telling the receptionist and nurses "My tummy doesn't feel very good." Like we were there about him, lol. Then, once in an exam room, he said it one last time, and Leah pipes in, "I pooped in my diaper wast night!" Okay...enough already...
Lacking so much sleep over the past few days, I nearly fell asleep driving...NOT GOOD! Being that the little ones woke very early this morning anyway, I laid them down early, around 1pm for a nap, and took a nap myself! Boy, did I need that! So cute, my son is understanding that something is not right with Mommy, and said to me at dinner, "Mommy, are you feewin' better now?" So sweet! Love that boy!
Very lazy day, but I did make it out this evening for random groceries...apples, bananas, grapes. I usually have to buy about 15-16 apples, or more, and about 3 bunches of bananas. I have a big family! The checker looked at me funny, and said, "You must have a lot of kids!" Um, yeah, I do. I just never had anyone make a comment on how much of something I buy.
I had a friend with me, and we decided to make a quick stop at ROSS to check yet another time for those Olive Kids Pirate twin sheets to go along with the comforter I found there for only 14.99...and guess what? I FOUND THE SHEETS! The only package, twin size, and only 8.99!!! What a deal. I am so excited now to get a twin bed set up for that boy! If you aren't familiar with Olive Kids bedding, this set is a steal at my cost. It retails for around $100! Yeah, super ridiculous price, huh? Thank heaven for ROSS!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bad Day

My day did so NOT turn out the way that I had planned, or rather, expected it to go. At about 1pm, the 'reflux' kicked in. Not the everyday reflux I've been having, but rather PURE FIRE! I could not move for about 3 hours. I gave in and took one of my percocet that I have prescribed for ovulation pain that I've had since my tubal after Leah. It did NOTHING! I sat in agonizing pain, unable to sit, or lie down, or hardly walk for 2 hours, luckily tots were napping. Grace came home and she helped out, got them up when they awoke, and such.
My DNS (director of nursing services, my boss basically) called me to inquire if I would work evening tomorrow, and I told her what shape I was in, she has reflux too, and what an absolute angel she was to come to my home and bring me some Tagamet and Carafate, and demand no repayment from me. By the time she got here though, I had taken another pain pill, and luckily, it had finally started to offer some relief. 4 1/2 hours of excruciating pain! I cannot take another day of this! To the doctor I go bright and early 9am tomorrow morning. If the solution is an upper GI, well, I guess I am willing this time have no other option...Thankyou Daddy for taking Gracie to her last VB game!
Thanks to all the halloween candy, it's been diahrrea all day for the little house smells like shit poop!


In case you haven't noticed, I have joined NaBloPoMo, along with a few other bloggers I read almost daily. It's pretty simple. Basic stuff really. I am setting a goal to blog everyday, and also read and return comments to other NaBloPoMo bloggers that stop by to read my blog. I think I blog most everyday anyway, but this is a challenge to ensure I take the time. I do often get busy, (I'm a busy Mom of 4 people!)but there are many things I should blog about, even if they don't tickly your fancy. They are just part of my story, my life, my insanity!

Monday Madness

This week...2 dentist appointments, flu shot clinic (more on this another day), 1 work meeting, 2 basketball practices, 1 volleyball game, and 1 basketball game.
I wake up this morning, time change right? So Grace did not set her alarm correctly. Thank God for Mommy, since I get up at 6:15 every weekday to make sure she gets up! I get lunches made, and go lie down for a 1/2 hour, then get up to wake Drew. Get them off to school.
In getting Beau and Leah breakfast and changing a diaper, I remember I had the flu shot appointment, for sure it was today, I run to check the calendar for the exact time. It is now 9:13am. I notice that it is not the flu shot today, but the dentist for the girls at 10:10am. I AM STILL IN MY PAJAMAS! So are the little ones! I quick, call the schools to have the girls waiting at respective times, different schools...and take the fastest shower I have taken in atleast a year, since Leah no longer gets into various things while I shower. I got out the door at 9:46, luckily, I do not have to travel more than 5 miles for this appointment. Pick up Drew, then Grace and we enter the door at EXACTLY 10:10AM! Whew! Did not want to reschedule that one!
Now, I am trying to figure out how to go to my work meeting at 2:30pm, be home by 3:40pm for buses, yet also get little ones napped, and all fed before 5:30pm, and then start cleaning up and getting ready to go to the volleyball game by 6pm. I hate these days!
Okay, so no go on the meeting, reflux came on full force, and I can barely move to type! I am making some hot tea, and hoping for some relief soon with little ones down for a much needed nap!...I cannot stand too much more of this! *Yes Mom, I did call the doctor!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

What to do with leftovers???

My DH is a human garbage disposal. If there are leftovers to be eaten, you can bet he devours them one way or another. I have taken day old spaghetti and made him a spaghetti omelet (me...puking) at his request. I am now sautee-ing onions to then add to the shredded leftover roast I crocked the other day, so that he can make it into a sandwich...I swear he was drooling over the phone as he made this request today!

My girls

Yesterday was Drew's 2nd basketball game, and boy did she rock it! She was 'in' most all of 2 games, and whenever she got the ball she took it full court and went up, making a perfect basket. This happened 2 times. She is a pro. I hate to feel as if I may be bragging, but there is just something about Drew. She has always had some talent.
I just had parent teacher conferences last week, she was labeled T.A.G. this past school year, scoring 97/100 on a test that they give all 1st graders. Basically, if they score greater than 90 then they are T.A.G. Drew specifically was labeled 'talented and gifted'. In the parent teacher conference, the teacher was going over a paper specific to T.A.G. students, and Drew will be moving up to a more challenging reading group, still 2nd grade level, but more intense, it will draw more on understanding the stories vs. just reading and answering basic questions about the book. She also stated that Drew is a very quiet student, and although she may take longer than the other students to get started, she always fully understands her work, getting 100% correct 99% of the time.
This has followed over to sports, she is shy to start, slow to understand, but then once it clicks, she runs with it! Literally! And, she comes out ahead. I am so proud of her!
Grace made out with a 3.7 GPA, sporting five A's, and two B's. Very impressive. This year has been a much better year for her, being that one particular girl is no longer a 'friend'. Oh, the drama!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Favorite

Beau loves fishing! He tries to make everything, every play activity into something that has to do with fishing. I found this great little puzzle/game at Target! He loves it, and has played with it so much! It is so simple, a 1 year old could do it too. The pole has a magnet on the end, and each fish has a magnet on top of it's body. Fishing fun, with problem solving of which spot each fish fits back into once they are all caught!

Crock it!

I grew up with a southern cookin' Momma. We frequently ate fried pork chops, and fried or mashed taters, chicken&dumplins. Always had gravy. My Mom saved the grease from cookin', and she always used a cast iron skillet. I remember her 'seasoning' them inbetween use. In our fridge, I remember seeing jars of pigs' feet, and cows' tongue, GROSS! My Dad being of hispanic origin, we did also eat a lot of enchilada's, taco's, etc. I never would eat the Menudo (which is made with cows stomach, and smells terrible), though!
I do not own a cast iron skillet, I HATE GRAVY, and my husband refuses to eat any fried meats. We mostly cook baked potatoes, or mashed (Drew won't eat any kind of potatoes). He BBQ's most all of our meat, unless we cook breakfast. We eat a lot of fish, since my husband is an avid fisherman, when he gets time to go. I, more frequently than not, do cook tacos (beef & fish)...the kids love 'em!
One thing I do do that my Mom did, is use a crock pot. I LOVE MY CROCK POT. With 4 kids, and 2 in sports with so much running around, the evenings in my life are the most hectic, and dreaded time of day! I love to throw my meals in the crock pot, and forget about it for the rest of the day!
My Mom gave me this simple little idea, she tried herself the other day, 3 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS:
1 MEDIUM Beef Roast
2 cans Cream of Mushroom soup ( I found low sodium!)
1 package of onion soup mix

All of this goes into the crock pot in the morning, onion soup mix first, then lay roast in, and top with mushroom soup...cook on low all day!
She made mashed potatoes to go along, and a vegetable. I prefer salads, but you can add anything you like to this meal! I tried hers, and it was soooo good, I am making it myself today!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Feelin' Good...

...about losing some wieght! I have gone from a tight 16 down to a loose 14. By loose 14, I mean, my 14's are loose, but a 12 is still snug. I can really tell a difference in my face/neck, arms and belly. I love knowing I am making progress. You would not believe the difference in how people respond to you when you are as overweight as I was. My target wieght for my hieght is 115-125 lbs. I was up to 201lbs!!! I was overstressed, drinking way too much pop, sugar coffee's, eating terribly, and too busy to exercise with tots running around, that was my exercise! I am down to 170lbs. So, a loss of 31lbs. and need to lose another 40 to be most comfortable.

Happy Halloween

I have always loved Halloween. I have loved sewing costumes for my kids, hanging up the decorations, baking cookies, carving pumpkins. But, this year, I don't know why, but the enthusiasm wasn't there for me. For one, I haven't sewn a costume in a few years. This was something I used to look forward to, and perhaps was what got me excited about Halloween in the first place, since I started making costumes atleast 2 months ahead of time. And, this year, I bought prepared cookies to bake (so not me) instead of making sugar cookies from scratch and letting the kids cut them out and decorate. I just had no energy to do this. And, due to the whole pumpkin patch experience, we never got a pumpkin to carve. Just didn't feel the same. And, trick or treating, to me, seems ever more ridiculous. I mean, we send our kids out door to door, to strangers, to beg for candy, basically. Then, we suffer the behavioral repurcussions from them having devoured this candy.

Total Sugar Overload=Extremely undesirable effect on a child's behavior

Nonetheless...we trick or treated. The youngest 3 did. Drew was a Renassiance Princess/Queen, Beau&Leah were Lilo&Stitch. Very cute. Many laughs on Beau's. I took the little ones to my workplace, they had a small party, games, and many residents had trick or treat buckets to hand candy out. They did great with saying 'Thankyou'. I was impressed. A coworker(StarWars obsessed) was dressed as Darth Vader, his baby boy was Yoda, lol!

From there we came home, had dinner, then all of us went to my parents for them to see the kids in costume and trick or treated in their neighborhood. Very few houses were handing out candy, which was fine, but B&L were nearing overload, and so DH took Drew a few blocks away to 'THE HOUSE'. This is a house in a nearby neighborhood that has some very strange draw. The lady that lives there dresses in a very realistic Witch costume, has 'monster mash' and various other songs blaring out her upstairs windows, a huge blow up skull on her front yard, and various other decor about her yard, the catch...she truly only hands out one piece of candy, nothing more. There is always a tremendously long line. We never could have waited in this line with B&L, so DH took Drew. This lady gave Drew her piece of candy, then told her she was 'special', and then handed her this fiberoptic witch headed light wand! She also turned to my DH, and said, "You, Big Boy, meet me at ____ at 9:30?" When my husband returned to tell me this, I was in shock! I cannot believe she said that to him! Hmmm...maybe it was an act??? Whatever, it gave DH reason to feel 'special' for a little while.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!