Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm still here...

Life is busy 'round here!
So much for keeping the family healthy...we've pretty much all got a real whopper of a cold passing through, only mine seems to stickin' around, and I'm near ready to visit the MD for some ABO's. Trying to put it off as long as I can, silly me, I should know better, being a nurse and all, but then again...I also know my body well enough to know when I've had enough, and apparently, I haven't got there yet.

Preschool Co-oping is keeping me very, very busy. Beau just turned 5, Our 9th Anniversary was yesterday, and I just turned 32. It's a busy month!

For Christmas D got me a Sookie Stackhouse book, the book/series that my newest favorite show True Blood is based upon. I LOVE IT! So much that in the past month I have read through the following 6 books, and am now working on the 8th. Eagerly anticipating the 9th in May, and hopefully by Christmas the 10th!
Something had to bring me back from my Twilight withdrawals, and that is exactly what they were. I was so bummed when that saga was over!
So, to all those Twilight obsessed Mom's out there (come on, raise your hand, I know your out there!), there's more to obsess about, and it's True Blood...on T.V. (HBO), and a huge books series by Charlaine Harris. Much more adult directed, Viking Vampire Eric nearly takes Edward Cullens space in my book!

Well, off to cook dinner...
The Camera has taken a back seat lately, too busy to shoot! Here's a couple of my fave pics for the week...

The boy, lettin' ya'll know he's 5!

Little Lulu...contemplative & beautiful!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009....I hope!

I'm still the mess of all this holiday fuss. Grumpy, and overwhelmed.

After 2 weeks with kids all home, I am so ready for them to return to classes!
What a busy December we had, with the scabies, flu bugs, computer virus issues, winter storms, and Christmas.
In all gifts given to the children, only one came up defective, a dollhouse for Leah, and it's replacement should soon be on our doorstep, hopefully this coming week, it was quite a nightmare trying to even find another. So it goes! I don't think she even realizes what she got, honestly, so it will be like christmas all over again when I get it put together finally.
D did a great job this year in choosing MY gifts. He took my hints well and I received Photoshop Elements 7, as well as an external hard drive, for my pics. He stuffed my stocking with a $20 Human Bean gift card (I love thier Mexi Granitas!) 2 paperback novels...WHICH HE CHOSE of them being the 1st in a set of the Sookie Stackhouse/TrueBlood series of books by Charlaine which I am now completely addicted! Bye Bye Edward Cullen... Hellooo Bill Compton!
I got D the 1st 3 seasons of Deadwood, he is SO into western shows, and newly disovered this series on HBO the past fall. He is now in Deadwood Heaven.
Grace received her much desired IPOD NANO, yellow. Drew ended up with a LeapFrog Crammer, and loves it! A sub for her requested MP3, thinking she is just NOT ready, way too good at losing things. D got Beau a fishing game for the Wii, and the boy loves it!
I got so caught up in video recording our christmas this year with my new Sony Handicam, I completely forgot to take pics, so this year, I have no christmas gift opening-surprise pics, which really irritated me since I have the Rebel this year, but what can I do now?

Grace now has braces, a whopping $5K to make create her perfect smile...I sure hope this is the only child that needs it! When they first went on December 4th, she said, "Mom, now I look so ugly!" I said, with humor, "What do you think my goal was?" lol. Do braces even really ward off the boys? Here's to wishful thinking...

D and I are getting along the best we have in forever, and I am so greatful for that. When you are with someone for so long, 13 years to be exact, you tend to get way too relaxed in how you treat, or react to the other. Simple things, like the kiss goodbye, disappear d/t the chaos that is a family. I pass out at night from pure exhaustion, often before we even kiss goodnight, and we virtually never even hug eachother, and we certainly don't hold hands. Daily tasks, and the business of caring for children become the priorities, leaving NO time for you, as a couple.
This month, we are coming up on our 9th married year, and I just cannot believe it has been so long. Time really flies. I met D when I was 18, I will be 32 this month. D is 42. There are no more babies, just the rearing of the ones we already got. But, it's not getting any easier, not so much harder, but definitely tons busier!

I have NO new years resolutions, I never end up meeting my end anyway. I just hope that I can keep up with my family, enjoy them, laugh with them, surprise them, and keep them healthy in this new year.