Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lulu!

Today my sweet Lulu is 4 years old! I picked up some ColdStone Creamery sweet treats cupcakes on the way home for a mini party. (The party is actually next weekend at a Carousel!) She is so excited!
As I was putting the candles on her cupcake I told her, "I changed my mind, I want you to stay 3. You can't turn 4 now." She did not at all like this...she responded, "NO! I have to be 4 cuz my 3 has melted, it melted down down down and now it's gone!" All with hands in the air, and a look of absolute desperation in her face. That Lulu...she's the last one, and here I am watching her toddler years melt away. I love you Sweet Lulu!!!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It just slipped out...

As I was making my bed this morning, the tot's playing, I heard Lulu holler, "HOLY CRAP!"
I was quiet for a minute, then I hollered to her as I heard the Boy whispering, "Uh oh, I think Mom heard you!"
Then, that Boy, quick covered up for her, saying, "It's okay, Mom, she really meant to say Holy Cosmos!"
Yeah, right!

Also, saw this on a license plate today, made me think...
Get it?
And, If you really wanna laugh with your preteen (which is very hard to do, believe me!), check out these two books...
C D B?
C D C?
Drew and I just cracked up, and I even had a hard time figuring some of it out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's YOUR favorite donut?

Our Library recently gained a newly renovated building to use, and it is amazing! We visited last week, the tots LOVED it! And, I mean, really REALLY LOVED IT! So, did I! I went ahead and paid the $10 for the annual fee (I'm outta city limits, folks!) just to check out childrens books. It's SO worth it! Our story time guy is the best around too!

I checked out a ton of books, and one newer one that just caught my eye, hosting a much loved subject of my tots...DONUTS!

It's called 'The Donut Chef', and if you haven't checked it out or bought a copy, you must! It's the perfect childrens picture book! Great rhyming, and bright colorful pictures. I LOVE READING IT! They begged for 2, 3, 4 times in one sitting!
Another must read by the same author is...
'The Red Lemon'.
I am so going to miss the preschool years once they're gone...what excuse will I have to read books like this anymore?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Boy

At nearly 2, while on a walk, The Boy dropped on all fours to examine a snake in the road. Dead as it was, he had his tiny little face right down there, inspecting. HE IS THE BOY! No question about it.
The Boy loves to fish. He loves to shoot his toy guns, pretending to hunt like Daddy. D spends time with him teaching him about fishing and hunting, and takes him out on adventures as weather allows. However...for this Boy, it's just not enough!
With the recent sunny days we've had the kids have been outside playing a lot. Supposed to be in the back yard, but somehow The Boy ends up playing in the ditch by the road out front. This time of year it has quite a bit of water flowing down through it, and the weeds/moss are starting to grow.
He's been building a dam in his lake he tells me, so 'the fish' can't get away. Also, Lulu tells me there is 'seaweed' growin' too, and that Lulu, well, EVERYTHING she says is relayed with such extreme enthusiasm, so you can just imagine the excitement in her voice while telling me this.
This morning Boy got out early, "to make a bobber" for his fishin' pole so he can catch the fish in 'the lake'. The Lake a.k.a. The Ditch.
Now D is freakin' out all over me for 'letting' them play in the ditch....
UMMM...I repeatedly tell them to get in the back yard, AWAY FROM THE DITCH! I am not an idiot.
I'm sure it's not all sanitary (good thing that boy also obsessively washes his hands!) , but I know my husband played in that same ditch when he was a boy, and honestly...let's ALL just be glad The Boy is not running around the house in his many sisters dresses vs. playing in the ditch water, pretending to fish...I definitely got me a boy through & through!
Thankyou Lord!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

"I'm big cuz I'm 4!"

Little Lulu is turning 4 this month. I just can't believe how time has flown by!

She is at such an adorable age, and still being "the baby", she is ever so sweet to me! I hate that she is growing up at times, although I know that's the way it goes.

She has found she can climb very high on "the spider thing" at the park, loves playdough with a passion (Mommy hates the mess!), and has been showing everyone how good she can twirl, she calls it her 'super duper bestest ballerina twirl'.

I just love this little girl!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The LONG & SHORT of it...

This is me, on a good hair day anyway...
I have had my hair cut shorter, sorta a-line for about 8 months now. I have really gotten used to the quick dry, easy management of it but I have begun to long for my locks!
I can't stand the inbetween hell of growing it out, I love not having to put a clip, pony holder or barrette in it EVER. Straightening it is so much easier while short...But, then there is also the fact that with the rain, and cold nasty weather come a ton of frizz. It's just in my genes. Thanks Mom!
I use Fekkai glossing gel from Bath & Body Works daily, and straightening gel to help some, also Frizz Ease Straightening shampoo & conditioner...but, it's starting to get all outta control lately. Maybe I need a day or two off of the dryer/straightener, some deep conditioning treatment...whatever the case, it's so NOT lookin' like this pic lately, I'm SOOOO hatin' it! I JUST WANT MY LONG HAIR BACK!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bubble Boy

The Boy in tub, and I'm pouring Mr. Bubbles bubble bath in, creating a gazillion bubbles...Boy toots, BIG, and simply states while giggling uncontrollably..."That makes bubbles too!"

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Motherhood...who ever said it would be easy?

I am blogging out of PURE frustration this very day! I have had it to the absolute end with a certain Mother I have had to deal with for years.
I have tried to be the 'bigger' person, lay low, be passive if you will. I have tried to be friendly, become aquaintences, play the middle field.
But, it has come to a point that I simply just do not care anymore to be the kind, passive person in this ongoing feud.
God help me, I am simply going to state my mind in any situation that arises.
No more will I ignore.
My dtr is at a terribly impressive age, and I will not allow another child with ill ways to distract her any further.
Another child that finds it okay to be repeatedly voicing sexually suggestive comments to strangers, teachers, etc. A Mother that texts her dtr horrible, hateful things. A little sister from the same family that says to my dtr,"You are an F*ing B*tch" when she walks in the door to thier home.
There are NO limits in this family, no boundaries, and certainly NOT enough of the right kind of discipline.
How can a full time stay at home Mother have, 3 such incredibly disobedient children? This, I just cannot understand.
I work part time, 2-3, sometimes 4d/wk now. I love my job, and I won't give it up. At the same time, I am very much involved with my children. I love them, and want nothing more than to have them succeed.
I am so sick of everything that occurs with my dtr and hers, being pushed on my dtr. When, and I swear this to be true...her dtr is the initiator of all things that end up happening with them.
Yet, this Mom is in pure denial, always has a different version of the story when, I recieve the call from the principal with full description, somehow the story changes by time she gets the information. She even tries to go so far as to tell me when I shouldn't be displining my dtr. As if she can influence this.
I just can't stand her or her ways, and I am done!
Move on, crazy lady!

"Only as genuine Christian holiness and Christlike love are expressed in the life of a parent can the child have the opportunity to inherit the flame and not the ashes."
Stephen G. Green, as quoted in the mini book "On Raising Children"