Friday, December 17, 2010


Well, not really. I have a lot to say.
Nobody wants to hear it. Ever. But, I say it anyway.

I have times when the anger grows so rapildy inside, that I can't stop the overflow of thoughts turned to words.
I have many that I can't suppress right now.

I would like to physically harm people at times. I think we all would.

I would like to grab them by thier shoulders, and shake them til they can't see straight.
But, then, it's because of them not seeing straight in the first place, that I am at this point of rage.

Perception is everything. No one person can perceive anything the same way that you do. It creates a lot of frustration at times.

All I know is that I have passed the stage of being passive, and letting well enough alone. I have crossed the line toward pure hate. It may very well be UN-HOLY, but at this point, I don't care.

Back stabbing, stealing, lying...none of those are HOLY acts.

This person will no longer be a part of my life.
This is my Intervention, my statement to you. You have lost me forever. I will no longer sit passive and let you stab me in my back while you laugh. I will no longer let you hurt me. Wall is Up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Thanks-Mas!

My Husband and I both worked on Thanksgiving this year, so we never got to have a Turkey dinner. The kids stayed with my Mom, and she had made a chicken dinner, which a couple of the kids expressed as disappointing.
I guess you don't realize how a break in tradition really affects a kid until it's broken.

So, D received a free turkey from his Union this week. We decided that the next time we are all home together in the evening, no soccer practice, no swim lessons, we would make our Turkey Dinner.

When I told the kids this morning at breakfast, Lulu shrieked in absolute glee! And she's the youngest, yet already the tradition is engrained IN her. They were thrilled! Which triggered a question, as well.
..."But if it's not Thanksgiving, or Christmas...then what is it? What do we call it?"
Think quick Mom! Well...."It's Thanks-Mas, ofcourse!"
They giggled.

So, today I made sweet potato casserole, a chocolate cake, mashed potatos with turkey gravy, stuffing, french green beans, rolls, and ofcourse, a Turkey. The kids sipped on sparkling apple cider. We made coffee after dinner, and my Parents & Sister even came.

We made our Turkey Dinner!

My Chocolate Cake

My family recipe...Sweet Potato Casserole (really, it's yams)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Goodies

Every year I try to buy one or two new christmas decorations that call to me. Must haves.
This is just that.
I had to have it.
It's perfect!
I love how the price for Candy Canes says 5 cents. I also love that it's red. I love how the candy canes hang perfectly inside, not getting all scrunched together & breaking.
The next thing on my list is a vintage tree topper.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Heart Faces~ Pets Entry

My Entry for this weeks I Heart Faces photo contest, theme PETS.
King Oliver has slowly warmed up to the presence of our Christmas tree. He appears to be eyeing my Son's Nemo ornament. This was simply a lucky shot!

Candy House Caper

We finally made our Ginger Bread House.
One thing that always upsets me is the picture on the box of what the gingerbread house is supposed to look like, is never achievable. They never provide you with the proper candies in the kit to make your gingerbread house look like the one on the box. Lulu was upset because she wanted to make the windows the same. It was quickly forgotten once they started putting candies on the roof.

Maybe it was I that was most bothered by the lack of certain supplied candies, preventing me from creating a work of art. But, then it's not about me, it's thier craft and they made it just fine. They applied the candies as Mommy applied the royal icing.
Mommy made a crooked doorway and windows. Oh well.

Lulu's side of roof

The Boys side of roof

Lulu informed me..."I can't wait til you & Dad are gone then I am gonna eat all the candy off!"
Sounds just like something she said a couple year ago as we were making our ginger bread house. Candy Lou!
I WILL know it was her when I come home and find 1/2 of the candy missing off the ginger bread house, and her response is, "Hooooow did you knooooow?"

They woke me this morning exclaiming that they had found candy in thier stockings.
I had received a bag of candies from work, a couple santa shaped chocolates, a couple mints, and I didn't want them so I had dropped them in the kids' stockings last night, thinking, they would never know til Christmas.
I was wrong.
They woke up and found them first thing.
So, I asked how they knew anything was in thier stocking. Both the Boy and Lulu said,
"We check our stockings everyday!"
Well, now why didn't I know that?
Sneaky little Monkeys!

I also realize that I only have one last Lulu that believes in Santa.
The Boy has informed me over & over that Daddy is Santa. Thing is...really, it's Mommy. Daddy never does the shopping!
I'm gonna have to muzzle him if he keeps yelling that there is no Santa, because I will not let him ruin the magic for my Little Lulu.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Best & Worst of Christmas Past...

I was thinking of all the gifts in our past, gifts between my Husband and I. And some of the kids' gifts too that may have either been the best or worst gifts ever. I came up with a handful.

I'll start with the worst:

Our first christmas together, D did his shopping all on his own for me, no ideas, and no direction. I was very young, and maybe 116 lb. D gave me a white, ALL white, jogging suit. Now, if it had been black I would have worn it, but it was one of those things I smiled big for his benefit & then hid it in the back of my closet, fearful to return it and have him find out that I no longer have it, even though I never wore it & eventually ended up giving it to a friend of mine.

Our 2nd Christmast together, I had asked for a jean jacket. You know, a basic denim, button front, GAP style jean jacket. But, on christmas day, I opened up a box that held an oversized denim COAT, that hit me mid-thigh, was lined with plaid quilted flannel, and had huge brown marbled buttons all the way down. I felt like I was engulfed inside a bubble when I wore it. But, I hadn't the heart to say so, or to return it, and so I hid it in the closet with the white jog suit.

Almost every Christmas he also seems to get me JOVAN MUSK. I hadn't the heart to say I hated it at first, but after 10 years of it, I finally said...STOP. I haven't received a single Jovan Musk for 5 years. Hallelujah!

On to some of the best:

Our 3rd Christmas came...THE RING. He had me go look at rings with him, and all I wanted to emphasize was that I did NOT want your basic round diamond, I wanted a princess cut solitaire. He did well this time. I got my ring, it looked like I wanted it to, He proposed, all was good.

After that year, it seems everything I received revolved around cleaning or cooking.
I have received Magic Erasers in my stocking, Dutch Bros.Bucks, Coffee Punch Cards, Books, Gloves, A Photo Printer. One year He bought the family a new computer, and our first Digital Snapshot Camera, which was 1 month before the Boy was born...I took that camera over!
I've received...Dirt Devil Cone, a new broom (lame, but I still have that broom, it's the best one ever!) White merril nursing shoes when I was in nursing school. An external hard drive for my photos. Silver dime size hoop earrings, my favorite size. An electric blanket.
One year he went in with my parents & they bought me a Serger for sewing. Oh, and last year, his own idea...Seacret Hand Lotion/Nail Care kit. But, that was because he got one for his Mom, then it was BOGO, so he got one for his sister, and one for Grace, so I got one too. Still a nice gift.

Overall, He's done a decent job. Now, we shall see what evolves this year. He better out do Me, or atleast match my efforts.

As for the kids...
My worst purchases:
1. "Bargain" Karaoke lasted maybe a few months, microphones were cr*p.
2. A make up kit for a preteen girl...especially when you have a toddling girl that likes to eat lipstick & do her own eye makeup when no one is looking.
3. ANYTHING from the dollar store toy section
4. Plastic Barbie house or van or plane...plastic breaks fast & easy from small ppl constantly opening/closing doors/flaps.
5. Samsung MP3 for $ wasn't even worth the $25 deal
6. Bendaroos... they leave a horrid waxy residue on everything!

Some of the Best:
1. Playdough playsets
2. Legos
3. Lincoln Logs
4. Ipod Nano for a Teen (itunes cards to go along)
5. Books
6. Dolls
8. Video Games
9. Claire's Boutique gift cards for stocking for girls
10. Pop Beads ( Target has them)
11. Thomas the Train accessories for small boys
12. Polly Pocket
13. Build A Bear gift cards ( for AFTER the madness...)

Now, some of the best gifts I have gotten for D:
1. Clothes (I dress the man!)
2. Cabela's, Itunes, or Coffee Gift cards
3. Predator Call for hunting with the Boy
4. Almond Rocha...always in his stocking!
5. Socks & Underwear fill his stocking, again...I dress the man!
6. Hats
7. Ipod Nano
8. Walkie Talkies for Hunting
9. Hunting gear/accessories/clothing
10. Cologne, the good stuff...NO Jovan Musk.
11. Tackle boxes, fishing gear.
12. Pocket Watch
13. Carhaart Jacket

Now, Share some of your least & most favorite gifts!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What a Woman really Wants...or atleast, What Makes My Boat Float!

I recently saw a blog post by another blogger sharing her most prized splurges.

I started thinking...some of mine were similar to hers, but not all.

My splurges weren't necessarily for me alone, but to use to share with my family.

I would have to say Numero Uno on MY list would be my Digital SLR purchase. I splurged for sure, atleast, for me it was a splurge. I love it.

No. 2 would have to be my KitchenAid stand mixer which I purchased at Costco. I don't know how I did all the baking I have done over the years without it. I will never go back to a hand mixer.

No. 3...Laptop. I don't know why I was so hesitant in the past to purchase one, but now that I have it, it's so convenient, and so much more comfortable to sit in a recliner and blog, vs. sitting at a desk!

My future splurges? Definitely a Dyson. It's a dream of mine. Also, new stainless steel bottom freezer, with icemaker refridgerator.

I'm easy to please.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Santa likes Barbie's too!

So, we are down to just one little girl that still believes in the magic of Santa. And, boy does she! She ran to Santa's lap with so much exitement in her face. She lept up & told him how much she wants a Barbie house & car for christmas. She talked to him a little while, then grabbed her candy cane, and came running over to Mommy exclaiming "SANTA LIKES BARBIE'S TOO!" I had to giggle. She is so full of energy & enthusiasm. I can only imagine what she will dream about tonight.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Perler Love

I am in love, deep deep love with Perler Beads. Toss aside the Bendaroo's, Moon Sand, Glitter Glue, Playdough...I am addicted to Perler Beads. They are absolutely MESS FREE. No more moon sand scattered throughout the house, no more playdough stuck in my carpets, no more bendaroo goo residue on my mirrors & windows & dining room table, no more glitter glue splattered around the breakfast bar. No No NOOOOO.

Today we made some super cute perler bead creations with a perler set I found last night at Michael's that has instructions for sweet treats like cakes, cocoa, gingerbread men, cupcakes, etc. Right up Lulu's alley.

The best thing is that it keeps them busy for hours before they really need my help. All I have to do is iron thier creations to melt the beads together. Both of the small ones are big enough now to count out the amount of beads needed to create what they see in the picture. And, it gets ALL the kids involved. Even the big girls & sometimes Grandma.

Lulu & I made a cup of hot cocoa, a donut & a cake with candles, while the Boy created his version of a Bakugan from perler beads, and I have to say, he hit it pretty much right on...
(Please make special effort to view our creations & ignore my old, run down wood's one of those things the kids ruined...)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sh*t My Kids Ruined

So, I came across this book in a magazine called Sh*t My Kids Ruined. Which got me thinking about all the hideous destructive, humorous & enraging things my 4 kids have managed to do over the past 15 years.
Let's see...we've had the lego in the nasal passageway, the tiny gem in the nasal passageway, and lets not forget the light bright pegs. Why does everything go UP the nose?

~A swallowed penny.
~The crayon mural on the textured wall in black, neon green & red.
~Eucerine cream head to toe, in the hair, on the eyelids, eyebrows, and impossible to wipe off!
~Blue marker head to THAT was why Drew was so quiet in the back seat @ 2yo.
~Blue's Clue's applesauce, add a little milk to overflow the cup, turns into blue milk. When spilled on ivory carpet creates a forever blue carpet stain! I really raged on that one.
~Purple grape soda spilled onto light blue carpet...thank god for Oxi Clean by that time!
~A very collectible TinkerBell cookie jar dropped on the kitchen floor & shattered into a million tiny pieces by one 2yo Boy looking for a cookie!
~Black crayon ran down the entire length of the ivory hallway wall.
~Red & Green gummy bear goo stuck to biege carpet fibers...fairly NEW carpet too.
~Green Glitter Glue explosion onto the kitchen cabinets.
~Overflowed poopy toilet through the entire bathroom.
~Ofcourse, the occassional random poop in the tub.
~Potty training, poop on living room carpet...::gag::
~Half eaten lipsticks by small girls.
~Red Sharpy drawings to unfinished oak wood shelving.
~Broken keys in locks.
~Broken car door handles.
~Spilled RED icee in the car...Lulu fell asleep with icee in hand.
~A web of abc gum in the back seat.
~ABC gum filled in power outlet in backseat of van.
~3 girls at different stages with gum in hair...No, ice does NOT get it out.
~Dents in car from bow & arrow practice by Boy.
~Baby slobber filled cell phone, ruined screen.
~TV remote buttons somehow disappear right off the remotes!
~Projectile vomit on My queen size down comforter (needless to say, that was tossed out, no washing option)
~OODP...Leah, @ a few months of age, had the most horrendous out-of-diaper-poop (OODP) while @ the library, on my lap, baby poop running down my leg as I try to carry baby, and direct 1 yo out of library to car, also attempting to hide the poop, cuz I had no change of clothes for baby or Mommy.
~Red Lipstick left in a jeans pocket, ran thru washer/dryer, leaving red blotched stains on every pair of jeans!

I'm losing memory @ this point, but I'm sure there's many more. Never a dull moment with small ones!
One thing I have learned through all of this, is that there a few things that are absolutely necessary to keep in your home while raising small children.
1. Goo Gone
2. Magic Erasers
3. OxiClean
4.Fels Naptha soap (for laundry stains)
5.Tweezers ( to remove foreign objects from tiny noses)
6. A Padded Room ( For Mommy to throw her tantrum in before setting forth to clean, fix, or rectify any of the above named situations)